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Pick the winner of the Broncos vs. Chargers game #2...

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    Like RunYouOver, I feel confident about this game, though I have no reason to.

    Broncos 38
    San Diego 37

    Do not expect Bell and this practice squad guy to do a damn thing. This game is won on Cutler's arm.



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      Originally posted by BroncoRyan85 View Post
      Everyone is talking about how the Chargers are playing with a supposed chip on their shoulders from week two. I guess this is true but I think the Broncos are going to play some of the most intense football of their lives too. I find it hard to believe that Shanahan would allow his team to come out flat.
      What happened last week when you had a chance to win the division at home?


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        Originally posted by Boltheads View Post
        What happened last week when you had a chance to win the division at home?
        The same thing that happens every time the Broncos play a team they're "supposed" to beat. It's fairly common knowledge at this point - didn't you know?

        It's kind of nice being on the other side of the equation again...

        baphamet and MileHighHitMan summed up my feelings. I'm not going to risk disturbing this year's whacky law of attraction - not in a game like this.

        No equation, no formula, no score prediction...

        Just a prayer.... Broncos by 14+
        Winter is Coming!


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          Broncos 62
          chargers 3

          We need to add a "Broncos by 57+" option!

          Hopefully a couple of Broncos will do something disrespectful at the end so we can listen to the chargers cry about it for a few more years too
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            Broncos win by 14+ !!!

            A humble Jay comes off last week's game wiser and with a vengeance !!!

            Jay Cutler will make Rivers look like the true buffoon that Phillip is.

            Cutler will be focused and Rivers the jerk will implode.

            The Broncos smoke Norv's boys in a wild shoot out !!!

            GO BRONCOS !!!

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              All i know is Monday morning i will ethier have the best day at work or the worst day ever. I think we can win if we come out on fire and play a complete game. Gotta play great on special teams and hold sproles. Also we need to let Eddie Royal return kicks and actually get some good field position. If we fix the things we sucked at last week, "special teams, and Cutler makes the passes he missed" then we can win this game for sure. Go Broncos!!!! Make us all proud on national TV!!
              GO BEARS!!!!!!


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                Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post

                Hopefully a couple of Broncos will do something disrespectful at the end so we can listen to the chargers cry about it for a few more years too
                Man, I've had visions of Cutler shoving Rivers dancing through my head all week...



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                  Originally posted by Fat Joe View Post
                  Broncos win 34-17. Champ ends any hope in the 4th with a pick 6 a-la 2005 and catapults the Broncos into the superbowl. Yup.
                  Awww yeah! That would be sweet!


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                    San Diego Chargers: 30
                    Denver Broncos: 44

                    okay so maybe I am living in a fantasy world but you know anything is possiable, remember the saying "On Any Given Sunday" well anything can happen, the broncos could fall flat on their face or they can break every record in the book & win by an unseen amount or just squeeze by with a win, or lose by 2 playing almost perfect football, we wont know until Sunday night which I am so looking forward to the this game, and I am also nervous as heck but whatever happens if we lose by small margin/big, or win by the same I will be counting down the days until next season starts in August (preseason), and I will root just as loud, and hard as I did this year and all the years I have been a bronco fan. I will forever be a Denver Bronco Fan. & "IF" we dont win this game, than I will congratulate San Diego & their fans.
                    GO Broncos!!


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                      My prediction: Broncos win. Cutler has a 350+ yard game. Marshall has another big game, but Royal makes the difference this time. Defense plays like they did in the first quarter against the Bills last week . Why not?


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                        Unfortunately, this team proved it surely doesnt't deserve, or really even WANT to compete anymore. Losing at home to Buffalo? This defense has gotten progessively worse over the last 3 seasons, and I didn't think that would be possible.

                        Anyway, another blowout on primetime in front of the nation, GOD I HOPE I AM WRONG!!! 38-10

                        Crazy thing is, they have beaten some teams on the road they weren't supposed to.


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                          Voted Chargers by 1-3 points but it could be from 1 to 7 points imo.

                          Deep within my orange blood inside my orange heart I see the Broncos winning this game and going on to Super Bowl Victory.

                          Then my football brain takes over and reality sets in.

                          In all honestly this weekend's game can go either way. It could be a Bronco or Charger blowout or anything in between. Not just in a "anything is possible in the NFL" possibility but there is good reason to believe anything can happen in this game imo.

                          The Broncos have the players, talent and coaches to go down to SD and blow the chargers off the field by halftime putting in their 2nd stringers for the 3rd quater.

                          The Broncos also have the players, talent and coaches to go down to SD and lay a complete egg and come away with one of the most dissappointing bronco seasons of all time. Maybe top 10 but would probably not break top 5 imo.

                          I am going to assume the offense will not go into one of its funks it finds itself in so many times this season. This takes away a Bronco lopsided loss imo.

                          Once we get past that I think it comes down to our defense that can not stop an offense that does not stop itself.

                          SD's offense atm does not stop itself so our defense is in for a long day.

                          Broncos lack of running game. Best cure for poor defense is a solid running game. We have EVERYTHING we need for a real good running game except for a quality running back. Shanny hopefully learned two things this year....he can not plug ANYONE in at RB and do well and while he can plug allot of RBs in and do well they need to stay healthy.

                          Broncos get ball late but can not run the clock out. Put their defense on the field. Defense gives up game winning drive to SD. SD has a running game so they run off enough of the clock so the Broncos can not come back.

                          very best case reality scenario for 2008-2009 broncos....

                          We overcome SD but Shanny finds out he still has the Indy monkey on his back as Peyton and Indy completely dominate the Broncos in the playoffs. Maybe Shanny realizes we need either a) very good running game to beat good teams or b) good pass rush to beat good teams (least on a consistant basis)
                          Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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                            While completely unrealistic when looked at on paper and when looking at momentum, motivation, etc? I predict the Broncos win by 14+.

                            Call it a feeling. Say its because I have faith in Norv's ability to choke. State that its because Rivers and company have the ability to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. Use the logic that the Chargers will come in riding high on their winning streak and be overconfident.

                            You can use any reason you want. You can use stats, trends, and motivational ideas to negate my beliefs. Still, I have a feeling. Go Broncos