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  • There's always next year- the beauty of sports

    The timeless creed of Cubs fans, Senators fans, and even chargers () fans. There's always next year. It's a great thought isn't it? No matter how much it stings we can look to the draft, look to free agency, and imagine for months the season to come.

    Sports defeat is never final. Even after a collapse like this we can point to our young talent and high upside and ponder with a faint smile what might soon come to be. As the anticipations steadily rises from the combine, to draft day, to a thursday night in september that now seems years away we can succumb to blind optimism and drink the cool-aid.

    "Imagine Peyton Hillis and Derrick ward in the same Backfield!"
    "Moreno would make this offense a juggernaut!"
    "Harris, Clady and Kuper will be a great core for the next decade!"
    "What will Royal do for an encore!?"
    "Haynesworth or Peppers?"

    We get to dream these dreams all summer, thinking about them more and more often as the avs fade, the nuggets choke, and the rockies do their thing. That's whats awesome about sports, that hope is always present.

    So cheer up folks, this team has alot of potential. And there is always next year
    Get well soon Peyton, Denver loves and saltues you :salute!:

    Thanks for the memories Mike. Good luck, you will be missed. :salute!:


    • I saw him on the field.... he wasn't inactive.


      • i agree we have lots of young talent we just need a veteran leader and a new defensive coordinator our running backs will be back and as long as injuries like this year dont happen over the next three years we probably will win at least 2 over the next three years


        • We need changes.

          We need to do changes, but also we have to look at the big picture and not just focus on what’s wrong. Whether you like it or not Shanahan made this offense, he brought Cutler, Marshall, Royal, Sheffler, Clady and Hillis, and has made successful any RB who has been plugged in, on our rushing scheme, and we depend so much of these stars on offense, he might be still our HC and DC. You look at the hole picture, we may not find someone who coaches QB’s better than Shanahan, He worked with Elway, Steve Young, he took Brian Griese, Jake Plummer and now Jay Cutler to the probowl.
          Being said that.
          We can’t get much worst on defense, we can’t stop the run, we can’t stop play action, we can’t stop the pass, and that’s because of two main reasons.
          1.- We don’t have a leader on defense at the LB position, we need someone, who leads with the example, someone tough, talented and vocal.
          2.- A DC who put the players on his place, not only to remove that tag from their faces, that says “Hey, I’m soft”, but also, put them in the right position to be successful, someone who really knows what he’s doing. Obviously Slowik is not and will never be that guy.
          I know that was obvious at the start of the season, and the one who did nothing about it was the very same Shanahan. I’m upset with him too. But I still believe that this team does, can be changed from night to day with these two changes…
          BTW. Now that we’re not leaving things to the luck, I also believe we need a very talented RB a first-round-talent, if we can plug anyone even cell-phone salesman and make them shine, I want to find out what would happen if we brought a M Lynch, a D Williams kind of talent in there.