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  • After 13 Seasons?

    Today, on ESPN, reporters and Sportcenter reporters are now discussing the idea that Mike Shanahan should be fired if they do not make the playoffs this year! Everyone knows that Mike Shanahan and Pat Bowlen have been close friends for quite some time, but you can be certain that Pat's friendship with Mike will not keep him from making such a business call if that's what will get the job done next year! Here's a question for all the Broncos' players and Coaches to keep in mind as they PREPARE to go head to head against the San Diego Chargers this week! Does the Denver Broncos organization need a change at the Head Coach position, or do they need a change somewhere else, meaning, on the field? The contemplation of this idea SHOULD and MUST drive the Denver Broncos players to WINNNNN this week and throughout the playoffs for their Coach! I honestly DO NOT BELIEVE that the Denver Broncos organization needs a change at the Head Coaching position! We have a very young team, but I believe the end result of this year's season should reflect more so on the players' committment and abilities then the coaches. What do you think?
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    No. Just no.


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      I don't think we need a HC change. I still feel this team is on the brink of being very successfull and I think due to the amount of injuries and inexperienced players Shanny will get another shot.

      Look at Coughlin and Eli last year b4 they made their run, the media and fans thought it was time for a change.

      I know we haven't gotten it done in a long while ( 1 playoff win in 10 yrs) but I still think Shanny knows what he is doing and still wants to win with this team he has built.

      We also have a legitimant pro bowl franchise QB that with the right tools and coaching can carry this team for a long time.

      Go Broncos.


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        I think.....

        100 post rule PLEASE!!!!!!!
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          We hosted the AFC Championship game in 2005... Only one other team knocked the Pats out of the post season this decade... we were one of them.

          If we do not reach the playoffs this year... STILL... Two of the last three years... DEN was in a position to make the post season.

          Is it Shanny's fault they players choked? In 2006 & 2008... DEN misses the playoffs b.c they failed to win their final home game, against sub .500 teams (SF, BUF). I cannot fault Shanny... b/c in both those games... we marched up and down the field, but lost b/c we failed to score TDs in the red zone.

          Plummer and Cutler throwing INTs...

          SO... hard to say Shanny is terrible... when a bad year is 7-9!


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            All good things must come to an end, sorry to say but Shanahan has to go sooner or later. I honestly believe that if he does not make playoffs he will probably resign. I don't think that Bowlen will fire him, but I do believe that he will pull some power away from Shanahan basically forcing him to resign. I don't want to see him go but if that is what it is going to take to get this team back on top than it is best for the team. I just hope that whoever comes in to replace him will live up to the same legacy. When he does go it will be a sad day, he has brought a winning attitude that may have been here before but he accelerated to a higher level. :salute!: to you Shanahan


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              I am having a hard time understanding. Why is that no one understands that a team has to build to become a championship team? For a team to win they have to believe and trust in each other. Never mind the fact that players in the NFL get paid to play. It's not the pay check that produces wins. There are players that never even touch the field and still get paid. The HC is only the play caller. The players are the ones who have to execute the plays. Most plays don't work to the coaches liking because players half ass it and don't block like they're suppose to or run full force or what ever reason. Firing Shanahan is not going to solve anything. Cutler is only into his third year and Denver has suffered a great number of injuries. I'm sure Elway, and Manning and even Brady weren't every ones favorites when they first got into the game. Now fans just brag about how good they are now. It takes practice, time and patience to become a good QB, but even more practice, time and patience to become a great QB. No one wants to give Denver the time to develop into a great team. Everyone wants instant gratification and then when they don't get it, they cry and moan and declare this person needs to be fired or this person needs to be benched. I bet everyone on this message board couldn't do half of what a player in the NFL can do. All I know is that I am confident in Denver winning any team they play but I know things don't always go that way. That is life. If life was perfect every team would play in the Superbowl.
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                Shanny goes nowhere. Now that sundquist is gone we won't have another 2007 draft and Shanny will get the defensive solidified this years draft. If we had a running back like Hillis all the time this team would have clinched the playoffs a long time ago, but with no running game the other teams don't even have to game plan against us because they know all we can do is pass all the time. Shanny is definately not the problem and he won't be fired. The Lions i'm sure would love to be in our spot if they could.

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                  NO NO Mike is a proven winner . If Mike leaves we dont know what will get it might take years before we get another winning coach

                  Besides i think we will win Sunday SAN DIEGO IS ABOUT TO GET NORVED


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                    Originally posted by Fat Joe View Post
                    No. Just no.


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                      Shanny won't be fired...not this year.


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                        Shanahan's job is not in jeopardy. It should be, if the Broncos don't make the playoffs, but it won't be.
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                          Mike Shanahan is a good coach, but the Broncos right now need to go a new/diffenrent direction. Shanahan's time is up!
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                            Its a good thing that ESPN isnt Owner of the Denver Broncos, its a good thing Pat Bowlen runs things. Mike Shannahan can coach for as long as he would like to we can win 100 SB or 0, but I dont want Shanny gone.
                            GO Broncos!!


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                              I'm getting to a point where I can't defend Shanahan anymore.

                              He's a good coach, but at some point the results need to speak for themselves. I believe we will lose on Sunday, only because SD is a better all around team, IMHO, and have been riding a hot streak and are at home. If that does happen, yet another season of mediocrity from Shanahan.

                              If Denver doesn't make the playoffs this year, Shanahan will have made the playoffs only 4 times in the last 10 years.