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    Someone has to pay

    Alright, dont really know who, but someone has to pay. The game against buffalo was just stupid. They had so much fire in the 1st quarter and then it all died. They were blitzing like crazy, not giving edwards any time. its like pope was the only running back on the planet. because he gets hurt you just abandon the run. its stupid. you cannot win in the nfl if you cant run. we have proven this all year. its not shanahans fault people get hurt, but it is as far as gameplanning goes. denver has shown all year if you dont run, you dont win. as far as the defense, i have no idea. we have great players and yet are one of the worst to get on the field. shanahans fault, maybe. defensive coordinator maybe. game plan shanahan. i love the guy, he brought us a title. but i just dont now. maybe it is time for a change. i know tatum bell and selvin young are prolly never going to amount to anything, but when you give one guy 8 carries and 1 guy 7, it aint gonna work. JMO :salute!:


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      Originally posted by stickyicky420 View Post gm
      2.definsive coordinator
      3.a solid pro bowl level rb

      I agree 100%. Shanny is a great offensive mind, but he is crap at evaluating defensive talent. I wouldn't say he needs to be fired, but he should be stripped of his GM duties. We need to bring someone in (like the Phins did with parcells) who is a genius at spotting talent. New Defensive coordinator.....I think we're all in agreeance that slowik should be gone. We need to bring somone in that is proven. This bend but don't break crap has been going on for too long. Also, lets get a RB in the 1st or 2nd round...looking for the late round gems just hasn't panned out here lately.

      If shanny does leave...I hope we go after a drill sargent coach, like cowher.


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        I think we may be alright with torain, the problem is abondoning the gameplan all together. you need to have a little confidence in the depth chart. defense just sucks plain and simple. maybe denver should get rid of slowik, and bring in gregg williams. great defensive mind. torain, hillis, we have young guys with pretty good football talent. we need defense in the first round. big defense.:salute!:


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          The Titans went through this with Fisher a few years ago and look how thats turned out. granted the whiffed with their #3 overall pick, they have a solid strong team. Give Shanny his time, Rome wasnt built in a day. (well, actually it was, by Chuck Norris, but thats beside the point).


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            To all those wishing shanahan gets fired, remember what happened the next season in Pittsburg when they was calling for Bill Cowhers head.......championship
            Go Hard or Go Home


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              This lemmings rush to the sea is ridiculous. The Broncos have a 7-9 season followed by (at worst) an 8-8 season and peopl;e are slitting their wrists.

              We have people who just want someone to pay. They don't care who yet they expect the result to be automatic wins. Ridiculous!

              We have people wanting to take the GM role from him after three of our better drafts in recent years. Ridiculous!

              We have people wanting us to have run more in the Buffalo game when our number 1 and 2 backs were so banged up that they are now on IR. Run the ball with who? Ridiculous!

              Look at Shanahan's record. His teams win a lot of games. Several posters seem to want to win all the games. Pick whatever coach you want and that isn't going to happen.

              Historically, any dominant NFL franchise goes through periods of ebb and flow. Those franchises usually reach lows far below 7-9. We haven't and it looks like we are on the way back up to the top. How far back do you set the franchise by firing the coach and starting from scratch. We haven't had those years of players taken in the first ten draft picks for a new coach to ignite.

              Check the poll below entitled "If we lose this week do you want Shanahn back in '09". I think it will give an indication of what most fans think of Shanahan. It is currently 149 for keeping Mike and 37 for dumping him.
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                I have said it in a few of the threads that were exactly like this, both last year and this, and will say it again here:

                Mike Shanahan should be given Tom Landry tenure. He can run this team into the ground as far as I'm concerned.

                We need better defense and running games as well as some answers to strength and conditioning to prevent muscle and tendon injuries.

                None of this matter anyhow because WE WILL WIN.:salute!:
                vote HILLIS in 2009!