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How do we matchup against San Diego?

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    Originally posted by bolts_fan View Post
    Come on now... even you have to admit the Chargers are not playing as they should this year. What wasn't normal? How about SD running game? As much as the Broncos lament the fact that you have no run game, your team is still ranked #12 in rushing. SD ranks #28 in rushing. I don't care how many RB's got injured and it's not all Jay Cutler... you take out his total rush yards and the Broncos are still WAY ahead of the Chargers. Many reasons for that really... Tolbert is not the blocker that Lorenzo Neal was. LT had a toe injury from the first game of the season after coming back from a knee injury. Clearly not normal.

    The other thing is that almost everyone except the Broncos expected you guys to finish right about here. Either 8-8 or 9-7 -- either record is a possibility after this Sunday. Many Broncos fan posted these numbers in the offseason as their expectation of what your team would do. Guess what? Now that we're at the end of the season, the Broncos are about where they're supposed to be.

    It's completely different with SD... they were expected to do much better than 8-8 or even worse, 7-9. Even Broncos fans reluctantly admitted it.

    Frankly, in SD losses, the game was always close. Not so for Denver... when they lose, they lose big. Also, the fact the SD has dominated Denver in recent years. No TD's from you guy last year... 6 points total in two meetings. 6 points!

    Sorry man, it's not a sense of entitlement at all. But you do have certain expectations. It's like Tiger Woods... we all know he's great but he's not entitled to win the US Open or anything but he is expected to play at a high level. If he isn't then everyone knows it's not normal.
    Maybe the Charges are playing as they should this year. It's true everyone expected more from SD this year, and didn't expect much from the Broncos. But, maybe the Chargers are not as talented as people thought, and the Broncos are better than people thought they would be.

    The Charges have been mostly healthy this year (except Merriman) and they still have to win the last game of the year to finish .500 and go to the playoffs. This is against a team that leads the division, that has a huge IR list and are on their 9th running back. The beat up, young Broncos have a chance to win the division against a more experienced, healthier, "more talented" team.

    I see a Charger team that is on the down hill side, and a Bronco team that is up and coming.

    Considering the injuries the Broncos have, SD has the advantage in this one. But, the Broncos have signs of greatness, so it should be an interesting game.


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      Good Bronco Match-Ups

      A couple of key match-ups favoring the Broncs haven't been mentioned:

      Cutler's ability to rush vs. River's lack of mobility

      This has been a key for Denver as their running backs have seemingly been playing Russian Roulette. Cutler is 55 attempts /196 yds vs. Rivers 27/73. I look for some big 3rd down conversions on Cutler scrambles or QB draws.

      Charger's D having real problems covering opponents tight ends

      SD's undersized soft-coverage saftey play has led to huge games by opposing TE's. The added concentration on Marshall and Royal will only add to this advantage.