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IMO Peyton Hillis is a FB, not a RB

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    I think we put hillis at FB and try to sign sproles with the offer of he will be a every down back. That will get him out of SD.


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      Originally posted by The other big D View Post
      I think we put hillis at FB and try to sign sproles with the offer of he will be a every down back. That will get him out of SD.
      out of my cold, dead hands.


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        People seem to forget that a FB can carry the ball just as much as RB.

        Hillis is better suited at FB because we simply don't have a FB that can even come close to the talent our danger level that Hillis gives us at that position.

        If we have a good RB (I really think Torain could be it if he stays healthy) it would give us two threats in the backfield that people would account for.

        Plus at RB we would actually be limiting Hillis's ability because as a FB he can audible into TE/WR positions and be a receiving threat... and lets face it the guy knows how to catch balls. Heck we can also do formations with FB/RB and hand off to Hillis instead of the RB to confuse them... it just makes defenses have to work that much harder to not be completely confused.

        Opposing defenses will also have to take the FB into account which means 1 more guy they have to be legitimately worried about containing.

        Basically it's going to let us chose our own poison... they put 7 in the box we run down their throat, 8 and we pass... as opposed to us HAVING to pass constantly against nickle formations and the like.

        Hillis did a great job at the RB position, but our offense would be far more dangerous with him at the FB and a solid power runner behind him. He is easily top 3 in the NFL as an offensive threat at FB.

        Simply put... it hurts our offense to have a lackluster FB and Hillis at RB than a solid RB and Hillis at FB. It's not hard to comprehend this at all.
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          Originally posted by mx_stiles13 View Post
          He's a bruiser when called on in the running game, but his skills make him a bigger threat plowing the way as a blocker. He's big and strong enough to be a force against linebackers, and his receiving skills would be best utilized as a fullback. Hillis could be a deadly option against any defense with the play-actions and rollouts.

          I compare him to Greg Jones with the Jaguars.

          I was just curious to see if anyone else would feel more comfortable at putting him back as the starting FB (a reserve RB option), while drafting a real running back around the 3rd/4th round, maybe 2nd (Shonne Greene )
          I agree... Hillis should be our FB... With Marsh-Royal, Scheffler, Cutler & our O-Line... we're basically one franchise back away from having best offense in football. Hillis would just Cutler another weapon, and something else for a DEF to fret over.

          NOW... I would only draft a RB in the 2nd-4th rounds... IF WE LOVED HIM, and we plug certain holes in free agency and premium DEF talent already gone.

          I wouldn't pass on Spikes or Raji in the 2nd, if they fell to us, but if it came down to drafting a 3rd round DL prospect... I wouldn't reach... just take BPA, even if that means RB.

          Look at this year's draft... lots of solid rb in the 2nd round. It was a deep class though.

          This is why I think SAFETY should be our first round... well, only Taylor Mays. If he's still there at 12... DRAFT HIM.

          1- We have some RB who may/may not be able to run the ball
          2- No can't-miss 1st round RB stud
          3- we have weapons on offense, need DEF
          4- If we play Woody at SLB, DJ is the mike
          5- Plenty of MLB free agents (Thomas, Vilma, Peterson)

          It just makes too much sense to draft Taylor Mays, then take LB or Rb in the 2nd round... UNLESS some cannot miss DL prospect is on the board.

          I actually favor dealing some 2010 picks and grab another first... Draft a guy like Orakpo or Raji... DL guys take time to develop, so why wait a year?

          We need both:

          1- Immediate help on defense... LB, FS
          2- We also need to rebuild our DL

          SO... this is best of both worlds.

          In my dream scenario... We draft Mays, trade in for another first and draft Raji, and then Spikes falls to us in the 2nd... We draft a RB in the third...


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            Depends on the formation, down and distance.


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              Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
              If Shanahan even thinks about drafting a RB in the first 3 rounds, Bowlen needs to fire him immediately.

              Denver ranked 2nd in the NFL in ypc.

              There is no RB that is going to come in and improve on that.

              Give me Hillis and his 4 yards a pop every time. A punishing runner like Hillis forces a S into the box, which is only going to open the game up even more for Cutler.

              Plus, defenses hate tackling a guy like Hillis, espcially as the game goes on.

              Totally agree. Hillis has earned the right to carry the ball next season. He also displayed the best BC vision out of all the backs last season too. ( see jest game ) Adding a guy like Sproles, would be a good addition with Hillis in the backfield
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                Originally posted by The other big D View Post
                I think we put hillis at FB and try to sign sproles with the offer of he will be a every down back. That will get him out of SD.
                i dont think sd will let go of sproles. lt is on the decline and they already let turner go. i dont think theyll make the same mistake again.

                i think derrick ward is better. not sure if the giants will let him go though. but if he's free id like to see the broncos make a play for him.

                i think itll be better to use the draft for defensive purposes than another rb. the team already has lots of rb. just got bitten by the injury bug.
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