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Jay Cutler is not pleased with the Head Coaching Decision.

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    Originally posted by Blue Thunda View Post
    I saw it on ESPN, it's somewhere in the rocky mountain news. He said he's shocked, and not pleased at all.

    If anyone can find it please post it on here. Do you think Jay would be pissed enough to want out of Denver?
    Im not pleased either, but the good thing that comes out of it is no more Bob Slowik, as much as shanny defended the guy here in denver, i would be suprised if he took Slowik with him to another job, and if shanny hires a 'real' DC with another team, then id be pissed because he wouldnt do it here.
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      He said, and I quote

      "I'm shocked, I'm disappointed...we had no inkling that this was going to happen"

      No one is fabricating. He's disappointed to lose his coach with no prior notice. I think he's earned that.

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        Originally posted by Broncos6FTW View Post
        Why would we lose Bates? Do you think he would go with Shanahan wherever?
        No, generally new head coaches and/or GMs generally fire the support coaching staff. It's a rather common practice.