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What will be the deciding factors.

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  • What will be the deciding factors.

    What do you reckon will be the deciding factor in the broncos chiefs game. I reckon as always it will be turnovers. Whoever keeps turning the ball over will probably lose. Hey remember the broncos still have the number 2 defense in the afc.
    Please God don't let the Pats win the Superbowl!! AGAIN

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    Special Teams will be a factor. We can't be with that bull**** like we were against the Bears. Halo...on Dante.
    Take care of business Broncos.


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      I think for Denver, the key will be the running game. Shanny has proven time & again that if he can keep the LB's & safetys honest with the run, he will pick the secondary apart.

      For the Chiefs it will be their D. Stop Clinton & make Jake beat you in the air with 5 DB's.

      Turnovers and special teams are also important.


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        i'm going with the pass D. if green is able to pass on us all day, we're finished.

        edit: we'll "we're finished" is a bit strong. change that to things will be much harder for us.
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        go broncos
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          i think it will come down to simple execution. the broncos are a first down offense. we go for the first down and rarely go for the big play. we have to make sure every play is a positive gain. that means execution. if its 1st and 10 if jake drops back to throw, he needs to complete his 5 yard pass to rod smith or sharpe. if we run, portis has to get about 4 yards. just simple execution. then we will throw in some big plays.
          dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

          I tried to warn ya.


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            Jason Baker will have a lot to do with the outcome of the game. He's been punting horribly as of late. Who is returning kicks now for the Broncos? The first pass play for KC will also be an indicator.


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              Punt returns

              I think Smith is returning punts at the moment.
              Please God don't let the Pats win the Superbowl!! AGAIN


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                They've been putting Deltha O'Neal back on punts again. he has been doing it for the last 2 weeks now.

                The deciding factor will be field goal kicking. Lately, Jason Elam hasn't been the same since he pulled his groin. He was on his way to the Pro Bowl but missing some costly kicks will not get him the recognition he deserves.

                Morton Andersen is barely makes 42 yarders and in his haydays...he would clear 60 with no problem. So let's see what happens when these two square up!
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