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  • Originally posted by jonny1 View Post
    Ah, revisionist history . . . or does 3 out of 4 picks in 2006 not qualify?

    Or last year, Barrett, Larsen, Powell, and Williams - drafted; Robertson, Clemons, Fox, Haggan, McCree, Woodyard signed as free agents . . . .

    Complain about the quality all you want, but to say Shanahan ignored defense is ridiculous.
    So you draft and sign a bunch of scrubs and that means you aren't ignoring the defense?

    Robertson was Shanny's "big fish" to help last years defense, and not only has Robertson underachieved his entire career, Shanny knew he was only going to play 60% of the snaps anyways because we didn't want to give up an extra pick for him. The truth is when your defense has been as consistently bad as ours over the past 3-4 years, you've done something horribly wrong on the defensive side of the football, via coaching, FA, the draft, etc.

    To make matters worse, Shanny was even going to "ignore" the fact that he had hired an unqualified DC in Slowik at the end of the year, and that is one of the major reasons he was fired.


    • Originally posted by Ryan Clady View Post
      Not quite, he has to improve our defense to be considered a good hire for us.

      Plus, Singletary probably deserves more of the credit, as he was the D-coordinator under Nolan and thus more closely involved with the defense.

      It is encouraging though.
      I agree with that 100%