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    Originally posted by BucFan123 View Post
    so basically with the talent the bucs have on d he should come in and have immediate results?
    I'm not sure he will have immediate results. He's going to give the TB defense more disguises, and be more aggressive under Morris. There getting a little away from the TB 2. Either way, that defense needs an overhaul.

    I'm also a Bucs fan and watch every game. I know Brooks played hurt last year, but one could argue he was a reason why their defense was so bad towards the end. i think he's done in terms of playing at a high level. There defense will need some adjustments to get back to where they want to be.

    As a bucs fan, Bates is a great hire. He's had success everywhere he's went except Denver(nobody's had success in Denver because of Shanahan), and his defenses have been driving forces of successful teams.

    I think the bigger question in TB is what's going to happen with that offense. There's a lot to be desired in terms of talent, especially at the skill positions in QB and WR.


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      I was actually very surprised to read this. Jim Bates' D is quite a departure from what Tampa has been running for so long ... especially on the Dline. Bates' D requires 2 big DT plugs in the middle. Tampa's D has been built on speed and quickness up front. I read that Jovan Haye (one of the starting DTs last year) already is expected not to be resigned - he's 6'2", 285 so doesn't fit the mold.

      It's hard to find 2 big DTs ... that's why Bates failed in Denver. Everyone of the guys Bates wanted - Adams, Kennedy, etc - failed. Wilkenson - one of his first choices - didn't even report. Warren didn't adapt and was traded away.

      The bad news is that Tampa will now be in the market for the big DTs that the Broncos might be targeting as NTs. Luckily they were 9-7 and, therefore, will draft after the Broncos. But, starting in the second round with the rotation of 8-8 teams, it will be easier for Tampa to jump the necessary spots ahead of the Broncos. If, for example, both teams might be targeting a guy like a Ron Brace in a later round - Tampa will be in a better position to move ahead of the Broncos.