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Name three players of Broncos past to bring back some balls to the Defense!!

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  • Name three players of Broncos past to bring back some balls to the Defense!!

    For me this was a tough one due to the fact there are many great players that have come through Denver on the defensive side. The was Simon Fletcher, Mecklenberg, Gradishar, Al wilson, Tom Jackson, Atwater, Dennis Smith... So let's break it down like this.

    Three players that would bring tenacity, swagger and some kill or be killed attitude to the defense. In short a don't &@^% with the Broncos personality.

    Here are mine...

    Steve "The Smiling Assassin" Atwater . You all know him and love him, for the obvious reasons he is on here. People were flat out scared to run across the middle on him or break through the line of scrimmage knowing he is on the other side. I remember a line backer saying once that if you have a ball carrier wrapped up, you better get him to the ground quickly because Atwater was comin and he'll hit ya right in back of the head to finish the job.

    Bill Romanowski. :brick: You either love this guy if he is on your team and hate him if he is not. But all in all everyone respected him and feared him on the field. He let you know who's field it was no matter who he was facing. His work ethic and along with his die hard attitude far over shaddowed his skills. But he was always around the ball or laying a hit on someone. Plus I dare someone to tell him that.

    Tom Jackson. Good Ol' Tom Jackson, the fastest guy on the a linebacker!!! Great instincts and could hit, I know he was a little quiet, but he had a self assurance almost cockiness that the whole defense seemed to absorb. Constantly disrupting plays and around the ball and if he ever got a turnover, look out, no one would catch him including some wide receivers. Him knowing all this, he still cut the sleeves of is uniform to make it look like he was running faster than he really was.

    There are definately more choices out there and that is why I am asking your top three players.

    Let's have a little fun and take it easy this off season and see how it all pans out.

    Go Broncos!!! Orange and Blue Forever!!!
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    1.)Al Wilson
    3.)John Lynch (during his good years)
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      In the trenches

      Keith Traylor and Trevor Pryce was the only DT combination that I have ever seen in Denver that controlled the line of scrimmage. Traylor did a good job of eating space and stuffing the run. Trevor Pryce may have been the best all around lineman Denver has ever had.
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        I choose Ed McCaffery. He laid some people down during his day! I know he isn't defense, but he put a hurtin on some people.
        Bill Romanowski was a mean SOB. And then he'd spit in your face. Don't want to get tangled up with him.
        Dre Bly... Just kidding! My third would be Karl Mecklenburg.

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          smiling assasin

          albino rhino

          simon fletcher


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            Karl Mechlenburg

            Bill Romanowski

            Al Wilson


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              Lets see...just for pure balls & motivation, gotta go with:

              1: Romo, all the way. If he were half as mean off the field as he was on it, he'd be living in a cell.
              2: Atwater....seeing a guy take a running back/wide reciever/QB's head off at the shoudlers is just a great motivator.

              & for my 3rd choice, I'd have to go old school & say:

              3: Lyle Alzado. A thug before thugs were socially acceptable.

              Thx for the off-season thread, I was bored

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                Tom Jackson. Good Ol' Tom Jackson, the fastest guy on the a linebacker!!! Great instincts and could hit, I know he was a little quiet

                Tom Jackson!?!! Quiet?!?! LMAO


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                  Tom Jackson

                  All three were hard-nosed, tennacious, and PLAYMAKERS (the #1 thing missing from our D imo).

                  Now, my dad would tell you Rich "Toombstone" Jackson, Billy Thompson, and Gradishar.

                  Of course the way we played last year, I would settle for Le-Lo Lang, Greg Kragen, and Glen Cadrez!


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                    Bring Back balls to the D

                    1. Romanowski - on the field he was Mr. Hyde off it Dr. Jeckel
                    2. Mecklenburg - went balls to the wall every game
                    3. Atwater - crucial FFs and stops on downs because of his brutal tackeling, my favorite Bronco but, not sure others weren't as hard hitting and nastier.

                    Good thread CP to you.
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                      Oo Oo me too

                      1 Romanowski. Obviously.
                      2 Atwater. Even more obviously.

                      not so obviously, and no one else has picked him:

                      3 Neal Smith. :salute!: NFL films chronicled it all with their documentary on the 3-year Bronco Super Bowl run and pointed to NS as one key F/A that came in as the D's missing dominant pass rush link and leader (Griffith at FB was the other) that helped them win b-t-b Super Bowls.

                      After all, they'd been scorched by Mark Brunell in what had to be one of the most heart wrenching playoff losses ever, against Jax at MHS, with Broncos pass rushers mere inches from disrupting MB's uncanny timing. Neal Smith helped fix that deficiency, he had the swagger, so he gets my #3 vote.

                      hon. mentions: +1 on Traylor and Pryce as a combo.
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                          Atawater, Gradishar, Wilson


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                            Originally posted by pitnlala View Post
                            Of course the way we played last year, I would settle for Le-Lo Lang, Greg Kragen, and Glen Cadrez!
                            Le-Lo Lang! I agree, that kid had a nose for the ball, like Gradishar, and could tackle, like Atwater or D Smith.

                            (my long-time Bronco fan gf is over my shoulder and she wants me type in Atwater, Wright and Romo as her choices)
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                              1.) Dennis Smith
                              2.) Lyle Alzado
                              3.) Bill Romanowski