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Name three players of Broncos past to bring back some balls to the Defense!!

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    Originally posted by DenverGators94 View Post
    Thank you, I was really surprised that no one was talking about him on this thread. D-Will would be number 4 on my list. (That night set the broncos back 3 years. No one would be talking about trading champ if we still had D-Will)
    Sorry, but I don't think D-Will (RIP) belongs in this thread. I saw all the games he played and he was average at best. Death I believe has overestimated D-Will's talent. I know I'm gonna get slammed for this post, but if you leave his death out of the equation and look at purely his play--average player.


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      Originally posted by JDAcord View Post
      For me this was a tough one due to the fact there are many great players that have come through Denver on the defensive side. The was Simon Fletcher, Mecklenberg, Gradishar, Al wilson, Tom Jackson, Atwater, Dennis Smith... So let's break it down like this.

      Three players that would bring tenacity, swagger and some kill or be killed attitude to the defense. In short a don't &@^% with the Broncos personality.

      Here are mine...

      Steve "The Smiling Assassin" Atwater . You all know him and love him, for the obvious reasons he is on here. People were flat out scared to run across the middle on him or break through the line of scrimmage knowing he is on the other side. I remember a line backer saying once that if you have a ball carrier wrapped up, you better get him to the ground quickly because Atwater was comin and he'll hit ya right in back of the head to finish the job.

      Bill Romanowski. :brick: You either love this guy if he is on your team and hate him if he is not. But all in all everyone respected him and feared him on the field. He let you know who's field it was no matter who he was facing. His work ethic and along with his die hard attitude far over shaddowed his skills. But he was always around the ball or laying a hit on someone. Plus I dare someone to tell him that.

      Tom Jackson. Good Ol' Tom Jackson, the fastest guy on the a linebacker!!! Great instincts and could hit, I know he was a little quiet, but he had a self assurance almost cockiness that the whole defense seemed to absorb. Constantly disrupting plays and around the ball and if he ever got a turnover, look out, no one would catch him including some wide receivers. Him knowing all this, he still cut the sleeves of is uniform to make it look like he was running faster than he really was.

      There are definately more choices out there and that is why I am asking your top three players.

      Let's have a little fun and take it easy this off season and see how it all pans out.

      Go Broncos!!! Orange and Blue Forever!!!
      You've all forgotten about Chicken--Tyrone Braxton and Darrien Gordon--who always had a knack for coming up with ints in big games.
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        Al Wilson and Steve Atwater


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          Originally posted by mct1967 View Post
          Sorry, but I don't think D-Will (RIP) belongs in this thread. I saw all the games he played and he was average at best. Death I believe has overestimated D-Will's talent. I know I'm gonna get slammed for this post, but if you leave his death out of the equation and look at purely his play--average player.
          I saw all the games he played also, he was way above average, small guy that hit harder then he looked like he could because of his size. Also we don't know how good he would be right now. After his death we had to go out and get Dre Bly. SI had a redraft and had him going as the number one CB over Pac Man. Pac man was an overrated propect at CB thats for sure, but had D-Will not have been killed he would be right up there with the top 5 CBs in the NFL. We had the best CB's in the leauge when we had Champ and D-Will manning the feild.
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            Steve Atwater , Karl Mecklenberg , Tom Jackson. There were better players than these three but none that I remember with as much influence on their teamates. Maybe Randy Gradishar. But he lead more by example. Maybe Lyle Alzado. But I've never forgiven him for going to the Raiders.
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              Might catch some smack for saying this, but Darrent Williams.

              He played with fire, heart, determination and leadership.

              As a rookie, I saw him get in Nick Fergusons face after Nick missed on a play.

              I don't know what he said, but afterwords, he slapped Nicks helmet, as if to say "Now let's play some D man!"

              A rookie trying to up the play of a veteran REALLY impressed me. Especially one who's only 5'8".


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                i wud put marshall as a cb
                hillis at linebacker
                and cutler at fs!!!!!! gonna try it on madden!!!!!!

                oh then ild put bailey at reciever
                Barret at HB
                and dj williams at fullback!!!!
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                  Darrien Gordon, Steve Atwater ,Neil Smith
                  I am sorry about my spelling and grammar . Please: understand i have dyslexia , but I love my Broncos.:go:


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                    Steve Atwater
                    Al Wilson
                    Niel Smith (We desperately need a pass rush)

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                      Not going to take the time to read this whole thread now, and I'm certain my nominees have already been posted.

                      Nonetheless, I'll go on the record as saying:

                      Romanowski, Atwater, and Gradishar

                      ...with a WildCard nod going to Trevor Pryce.
                      They're your teammates, now.
                      Best of luck, TT!
                      ...Always a class act - in any uniform.

                      sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

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                        1. Steve Atwater – His hit on Okoye ended the reign of fear the Nigerian Nightmare had over the AFC West. What a fearsome hitter!

                        2. Al Wilson – It’s no coincidence the Denver defense dropped drastically when he was injured. He was one of the baddest defenders Denver has ever had. He was low key and unassuming during interviews, if his personality was a bit more fiery (like Ray Lewis) he would have been one of the league’s superstars. He just showed up every day, and did his job. One of my favorite Broncos of all time.

                        3. This one is tough. I’m going with Dennis Smith. A safety tandem like Smith and Atwater would do wonders for this defense!! What a tough, hard hitter. WR’s and TE’s would fear the Broncos with Smith and Atwater prowling the open field!

                        Honorable Mention:

                        Romonowski, Mecklenberg – Romo was a crazy man, Mecklenberg was a very intelligent player. I’d take Mecklenberg over Romo just for the fact you knew Meck would keep himself in control at all times, with Romo you always worried he was going to do something very, very bad


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                          John Lynch and Al Wilson would be nice. :-)


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                            1. Steve Atwater
                            2. Bill Romanowski
                            3. Lyle Alzado


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                              I'm gonna do something a little different. Going to suggest three players who are former Broncos AND still play the game.

                              Trevor Pryce - One of the best DL we ever had, could easily start inside or outside for us right now.

                              Deltha O'Neal - Not better than Champ or Bly, but would make a good nickel back. He's got experience and if you look at his body of work, he's better than our third best option.

                              Kennoy Kennedy - Ok so I'm stretching it here a little, technically he's a free agent at the moment as he was cut last year by the Lions, but he hasn't officially retired either, to my knowledge. The guy could play ball and IIRC the main reason we let him go was because he was a free agent and wanted a long term contract that we weren't willing to pay out for. Certainly better than any safety we have at the moment, other than maybe the rookie, Barrett.

                              Current Alternate - Since I broke my own rule, I'll give an alternate who is still active. Gerrard Warren. Not great by any means, but better than half of the players we currently have on the DL.

                              I will note that, given the guys I suggested, other than Pryce, who's still IMO a top 10-15 DT, the rest is just a small improvement over what we have now. Kind of sad that most of the great Defensive players that we had over the last decade are out of the league already. Anyone remember the awesome DL we had in the super bowl years. We only had one or two great players on that line, but we had a great rotation of about 8-10 guys who all played selfishly and IIRC we had probably the deepest line in the NFL. That's a big reason we played good defense those few years, because our defensive line was usually still fresh well into the second half of games.
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                                1 - Atwater = Fear. Something No opponent has downfield on us currently.

                                2 - Mobley = Finally we have a LB at the right place at the right time. Versatility along with toughness.

                                3 - Howard Griffith = Big F'n Hole. = Ball possession = Rested Defense = Overall Toughness improved for whole D.
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