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jim and jeff goodman fired

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    I didn't expect this at all. The drafts have gotten better, although maybe not on defense, over the past couple of years. The offensive drafting has been great. Now that we have the offense most in place, I would bet some people in the front office just didn't like what they saw in defensive player evaluations. Hopefully Brian, or whoever else they bring in, is real good at evaluating defense.


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      Well, maybe Bowlen has decided to admit that this team is r.r.r.r.r.r. rebuilding. I know he doesn't want to openly admit that while asking for $100 a ticket, but maybe he is feeling that with Xanders and McD that he has 2 very young guys that will grow and make a new face for this organization. I know he does not want to go throught this process again so bringing in new fresh talent that might stick around awhile comforts him. But it is puzzling firing your talent guys 10 weeks before the draft.


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        I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I personally hope we see some action in FA this year. We haven't seen many huge off season moves in recent years, so let's hope we land a couple good ones.

        Also, with all of the scrutiny surrounding Shanny's drafts (although the past 3 have been decent), we have become a little sensitive about poor drafting. I think that Xanders and McD will have a far shorter leash with the fans if they don't produce a quality defense in the next couple years.


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          What I take from the Rocky Mtn. News, it was a combination of the possibility of losing Xanders to another team, and rift between Jeff Goodman and XAnders.

          The bad part is the timing of this as the scouting dept. should be working 24/7 and we just lost 2 key players. Hopefully they bring in someone that has been evaluating players over the last year. I am anxious to see if they someone in mind or if there is a member of our scouting dept. that is ready to take over.

          More questions and drama! I will remain positive and hope for the best!


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            Originally posted by cutler7624 View Post
            I ****ing hate Josh McDaniels.

            Because he fired the Goodmans? As if.


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              Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
              I agree with this post in its entirety. Why allow the Goodman's and Xanders to sit in on and be a part of the hiring process for the new coach only to turn around and fire them.

              The usual M.O. in the NFL is to hire your GM and then your coach! In this case Bowlen made it clear he was keeping the trio with the elder Goodman having final say. The elder Goodman was supposed to be a co-equal with McD. Why wait the 6 weeks? There had to be some kind of fall out and I am not sure it isn't related to cuts.

              All of yesterday's cuts were offensive players. My guess is there was some discord when it came to the defensive players to cut. I think when we see defensive cuts in the coming days, it will be very telling.

              The bottom line is we now have a Salary Cap guy as our GM.
              Since we're all into conjecture and speculation, mine is that Jeff Goodman and Xanders had a blowup and Bowlen had to take action. Probably Goodman was identified as being wrong and he couldn't just fire the son without taking out the old man too.


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                Originally posted by Road_Apples View Post
                Since we're all into conjecture and speculation, mine is that Jeff Goodman and Xanders had a blowup and Bowlen had to take action. Probably Goodman was identified as being wrong and he couldn't just fire the son without taking out the old man too.
                Thats about the only fun in the offseason: speculating. Really, that is all we have. Even if an article came out we would still be left without a lot of the details.

                I cant say I think you are too far off. I still believe there was discord between the two regarding cuts of Defensive players. While the Goodmans receive all of the credit for our recent draft success, we are still without a stud drafted on D since Trevor Pryce!

                If they can't evaluate D and they get a say into who gets cut, that could be a big problem.


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                  Seems like a lot of chest thumping going on with Bowlen lately. The timing has me concerned as well. 10 weeks before the draft?!? Seems like Bowlen should have fired them when he fired Shanny. It wouldn't surprise me if something went down behind the scenes that made Bowlen show his muscles.
                  I agree we haven't had much luck in drafting defensive talent but I can't help but think that Shanny had the Goodman team focus on the offense more.


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                    Originally posted by cutler7624 View Post
                    In the front office. Are you telling me that the Goodman's did a poor job?????

                    They have only been here for the best 2 drafts we have had in the past 8 or 9 years.
                    Great logic.

                    "Who cares about actually winning games when you get have exciting players and 2 great drafts every 8-9 years."


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                      dont really know what to say other then wow im shoocked..... and speechless i dont know why we did this....
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                        Originally posted by Cutler4tw View Post
                        dont really know what to say other then wow im shoocked..... and speechless i dont know why we did this....
                        I'm sure his defensive track record had something to do with it.


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                          Originally posted by lancane View Post
                          Jim Goodman - Dumvervile, Crowder, Moss, Thomas, Williams, Powell, Larsen and Barrett.

                          Since being promoted from to the head of the scouting department Denver has had success offensively in the draft but has been mediocre regarding defensive additions, not one pick give maybe Larsen has truly impacted the team above the failings the year before.

                          Brian Xanders - In 2006 they had an awful draft, few picks as part of the Atlanta organization Xanders help sign fourteen undrafted free agents and of that group three became starters, not bad...the following year, the Falcons drafted Anderson, Houston, Nicholas, Lewis, Irons and Stone, not a bad defensive draft, better then Denver. They also had a pretty good damn draft in 08' which included Lofton in the 2nd.
                          The problem with this post is there are alot of assumptions associated with it.

                          a) Jim Goodman had been with the Broncos for 11 years, and had been part of alot of terrible drafts and offseasons, and then in 2006, they finally had a great draft, but then followed it up with another poor one in 2007. The 2008 draft shows promise, but is incomplete, because there are still too many question marks that have to be answered. So the question is, who was the real Jim Goodman? Considering Mike Shanahan had complete control, and Sundqusit was the GM until a year ago, who really knows what Jim Goodman was to the Broncos?

                          b) Xanders was a pee-on in Atlanta. He deserves neither credit nor blame for anything that occured during his time there. The truth is, Brian Xanders is an unknown quality, period, but we are going to find out about him soon enough. Personally, I am just glad it was not Elway named as GM, which I feared was going to be the case. At some point, the Broncos have to get out from under the shadow of John Elway, and bringing him back as GM would have been an act of desperation, IMO.

                          c) This entire deal is Bowlen's answer to the new management team of the Denver Broncos. I know he did not act in a irrational manner; he has been evaluating the entire organization for two years since he told the media he felt the Broncos organization was 'dysfunctional'. I think he took a long, hard look at the entire orghanization from the top down, and decided EVERYONE had to go, that new blood was needed, and he decided to go with talented, well-respected young guys in McDaniels and Xanders.

                          Now you have Xanders in place as the GM, and McDaniels as the Head Coach, and they answer to Bowlen. That's it. No middle men, no yesmen, Xanders and McDaniels, and frankly, I think it was about time this happened.

                          I don't know very much about Brian Xanders, but I trust Bowlen. I trust him because I believe he wants to win. I don't think it is about money for Bowlen, I think he wants to win, and since he is one of the most successful owners in the NFL, and has been over the last 25 years, he gets the benefit of the doubt from me.
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