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    Originally posted by Odendahl View Post
    Just wanted to start a positive thread for a change. I'm 100% behind Pat being the owner of the Broncos. I'm happy the best football team in the NFL resides in the city of DENVER (not L.A. or anywhere else).

    Well I can give you a fail proof guarantee that "the best football team in the NFL" does not reside in L.A.


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      Arthur Blank,Moras,Rooney>bowlen
      -Bronco in UT

      While I both agree and disagree with many posts in this thread I have to lean towards champ on this one. Jay really needs to learn how to manage the game better, and also to learn that you don't have to go for the big play EVERY time on every drive. There is something to be said to check the ball down and live to fight another day. -Great Post Cut the Excuses out please. sigh...

      Helll of a post