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Any excuse for this throw??

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  • Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
    You gotta be kiddin me...
    a little too far huh? lol


    • Originally posted by Justblaze2729 View Post

      Yeah our running game was lackluster ...yes our defense sucked and cutler had to take alot more risks than most qbs would want to keep up with the opposition but is any reason at all to make this throw????

      Take a look at the score ..its the play around 2:10

      I actually got responses on another thread from the cutler defenders that this throw is legit because of how bad our defense is
      It's easier to defend his throw then to defend the reason for making this stupid thread.

      :salute!: !!Get well soon!!:salute!:


      • Originally posted by Justblaze2729 View Post
        Dude if you saw me while i read some of your guys responses you would see a huge smile on my face and at times you might even hear laughing...its hilarious at how deep you guys will go to find stats to defend cutler

        keep it in the pants homey im not sure but i think your the one thats tearing up just because i criticized your boyfriend

        17 - 20

        This coming year i do see us getting about 10 wins so im not the enemy champ
        About 10 wins huh? Without so much as a single free agent signed or a single rookie drafted?.......About 10 wins, huh? A new defensive system and a new offensive system?.......About 10 wins, huh?

        I don't need stats to know Jay Cutler is an outstanding QB, I prefer the Eyeball Test, and right now that test is revealing just how completely ignorant you are to the state of this football team.......Cheech.......
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        • Originally posted by Justblaze2729 View Post
          give me your defense your running game and delhomme and you get our defense our running game and cutler for the forciable future and its a done deal
          Apparently you didn't see Delhomme in the playoff loss to Arizona, thus proving you have zero idea of what it is you are talking about.

          5 Int's Cheech, it was by far the worst QB performance of the season.......You are thoroughly Clueless.......