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  • TD Goes To Hall Of Fame

    Davis to be inducted in to Hall of Fame

    Broncos Update -
    December 3, 2003 at 9:55am ET
    Denver's all time leading rusher, Terrell Davis, is going to be inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. Also in today's news read what the Kansas City Chiefs are thinking about the rematch with the Broncos, who are bent on revenge.

    Fierce stretch run awaits - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
    Wednesday, December 03, 2003 - Broncos coach Mike Shanahan "takes 'em one game at a time." He claims to forsake the art of scoreboard watching. He swears he's not even aware of the current AFC playoff situation. OK, fine, but with only four weeks remaining in the season and the Broncos' playoff hopes in a precarious position, it's only natural to take a peek into the future.

    Charges draw attention of stadium board - Denver Post - Jason Blevins
    Wednesday, December 03, 2003 - Charges by regulators that Invesco Funds Group was involved in market timing has drawn the attention of the board that oversees Denver's Invesco Field at Mile High. "The board is concerned and will continue to monitor the situation," said Matt Sugar, who is authorized to speak for the district. "It appears at this point that these were isolated cases, but it certainly is something the board is watching on behalf of the taxpayers."

    Bowlen stands behind Broncos - Rocky Mountain News - Clay Latimer
    December 3, 2003 - It's a good week to be Pat Bowlen. That always will be the case whenever his Denver Broncos come off a season sweep of the hated Oakland Raiders . But the season as a whole has been a sometimes uplifting, often frustrating affair for the team's owner. At 7-5, the Broncos are on the fringe of the playoff race heading into Sunday's rematch with the 11-1 Kansas City Chiefs at Invesco Field at Mile High, and Bowlen knows better than most that the stakes are amazingly high.

    Hall elects Davis, Roy - Rocky Mountain News - Sam Adams
    December 3, 2003 - Terrell Davis and Patrick Roy headline the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame's Class of 2004. Davis, whose career with the Denver Broncos was shortened by injuries after eight seasons, and Roy, who spent eight years as the Colorado Avalanche's goalie, are two of six new CSHOF inductees elected Tuesday.

    Blown chances haunt the Broncos - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
    December 3, 2003 - On Oct. 5, the Broncos and Chiefs were 4-0 before they played at Arrowhead Stadium. Clinton Portis had 141 yards rushing with one touchdown; Priest Holmes finished with 97 yards rushing and no touchdowns.

    Game got Chiefs going - Kansas City Star - Joe Posnanski
    Wed, Dec. 03, 2003 - The 15-1 train chugs into the big, bad Denver week, and what do you know? It seems that Broncos players and fans are still complaining about a missed clipping call or two during Dante Hall's astounding punt return back in week five. Which leads to the question: How long can someone whine about one missed call?

    Close calls count - Kansas City Star - Ivan Carter
    Wed, Dec. 03, 2003 - Want to know the difference between the 11-1 Chiefs and the 9-3 Colts? How about red-zone offense? All that kept the Colts from gaining a huge win Sunday over the Patriots was 1 yard, when running back Edgerrin James was stuffed on a fourth-and-1 blast up the middle on the game's final play.

    Vermeil Verbatim - Kansas City Star
    Wed, Dec. 03, 2003 - Comments from Chiefs coach **** Vermeil's weekly news conference Tuesday

    Chiefs Notebook - Kansas City Star - Ivan Carter
    Wed, Dec. 03, 2003 - Sunday's game at Denver presents several intriguing possibilities for the Chiefs. A win would wrap up an AFC West title, give them their first sweep of the AFC West since 1995 and move them one step closer to wrapping up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

    Davis Selected for Colorado Sports HOF - - Andrew Mason
    Tuesday, December 2, 2003 - Although Terrell Davis isn't officially retired, he's headed for a hall of fame. Tuesday, the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame announced that team's all-time leading rusher will be inducted as part of its six-member 2004 class. He becomes the 21st former Broncos player, coach or administrator so honored.
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    Although this is great to put TD in before Elway really chaps my butt. Elway was the best QB to ever play the game!

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    I don’t know who makes the decision on these inductees but it goes to show that its not how good you are for a long but whether your team did something during your tenure. Elway does deserve recognition before Davis. Elway 16 years of Hall of Fame playing, Davis 7 (only 4 productive) years of possible HOF playing.

    As for the NFL HOF I have a hard time putting someone in the hall who only played 4 years, and if a super bowl MVP makes you a HOFer then I guess Dexter Jackson, Desmond Howard, Larry Brown, Mark Rypien, Otis Anderson and Doug Williams belong in the Hall as well. I know Bronco fans will say he is the greatest back but part of being the greatest back has to do with longevity.
    Doak Walker (50-55) and Cliff Battles (32-37) are the only two offensive players that have ever made the hall with 5 or less years. That’s probably why the Broncos kept him on the extra 3 years that he was injured most of the time.
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      Originally posted by LLChiefsFan
      As for the NFL HOF I have a hard time putting someone in the hall who only played 4 years
      I agree. As great as TD was he just didn't have enough time in the NFL to be considered for the NFL HOF. He still deserves the Ring o' Fame in Mile High though as he has broken nearly all RB records during his short tenure with the team. It's too bad that he blew out his knee tackling someone on a Griese INT. Thankfully, Griese's gone (not that I blame Griese for TD blowing out his knee - that was just plain bad luck for TD.)


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        I think that TD deserves to be on the ring of fame but as far as the NFL HOF, No. I agree with the reasoning behind the denial here.

        GO BRONCOS!!
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          Originally posted by horseface
          "Although this is great to put TD in before Elway really chaps my butt. Elway was the best QB to ever play the game!"

          Are you saying that Elway isn't in the Colorado HOF...because that's all TD is being inducted into. I'd be willing to bet Elway was inducted years ago...and will be in the NFL HOF soon enough.
          You kno what after reading that over again you are right I was confusing CO hall of fame with NFL HOF thanks. :o