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    read this the other day have to say kinda agree with him:cutler:


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      Originally posted by Dovsinlondon2012 View Post
      When Champ is healthy he is still one of the best, if not the best, CBs in the league.

      You all seem to forget against the Pats, Moss wasnt doin jack until Champ went down. The man can still play at a very high level. To me it seems sometimes that most fans around here see our players as trade fodder. Get what we can out of em and when they look like theyre of no more use, get rid of em to try to get some value out of em one last time.

      Everyone thats said "trade Champ, trade Bly" has never said who we'd get to replace them. They just want them gone. Sorry but that doesnt make too much sense to me.
      BURNED!!!!! I salute you buddy:salute!: cause really we can't trade our starting all starts up front,we can't get any pressure on the QB...if we solve that then that alone helps the DB's
      "Dude, I know what you mean, and I feel your frustration. Everybody only reads what they want to read. If you sound a bit negative about the team or a player, you will immediatley be flamed. They tend to get caught up on the most trivial bs ever
      It's a huge part of the culture of this board you just have to learn how to deal with. You can go 5-6 pages explaining to these people"
      I salute you :salute!: