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Due to demand. Who do you think was the greatest QB ever.

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    Originally posted by broncos4ever
    What do you expect??? Last time I checked this was a Bronco Message Board and most of us are die hard fans. Why would we not vote for the man who gave us many great times and led us to two championships and is a sure shoe in to the HOF. That does not make us "homers" that makes us loyal. A word you would have no idea about because it is not part of your vocabulary.
    Originally posted by broncos4ever
    Are you kidding, YOU DON"T KNOW THE TRUTH. The truth is not always the "truth according to Aardwolf".

    You make me laugh.
    Actually, there is a lot of TRUTH in your statement "Why would we not vote for the man who gave us many great times and led us to two championships and is a sure shoe in to the HOF. That does not make us "homers" that makes us loyal."

    That truly IS the reason that you and other homers vote for Elway and not one of the guys who accomplished so much more. "Loyalty!" You KNOW it's not REALLY true but out of loyally you are willing to be be less that TRUTHFUL, even with YOURSELF.

    But that not me! I find that I can have a far greater appreciation of the ENTIRE NFL history if I take a much LESS provincial perspective.

    I liked John Elway, the player, just as much as any of you if not more. But that doesn't mean I have to ignore the reality that there are many quarterbacks who accomplished so much more during their respective career's than he did. He's ONE of the greatest ever, somewhere in the top dozen, probably. But certainly not THE GREATEST. That honor would HAVE to go to one of the guys who acomplished MORE.

    That is, IF you want to be HONEST!
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      The problem is that "great" is a completely subjective term.

      It all depends on what traits a person thinks are important to have at a given position.

      QB is the most discussed, because it is the most difficult and key position.

      Some go for more leadership, some go for stats, some go for rings, some go for physical attributes.

      There is no 'truth', only opinion polls.


      sounds like our election process!

      Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

      The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
      You should check these guys out


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        elway is great but

        I rather have montana. don't get me wrong i love elway but montana's poise under pressure you just knew he was going to win. at the same time prior to elway winning with terrel davis,rod smith, ed macafferty,shannon sharpe, i looked at the other teams that elway went to the super bowl with and how he got the there was beyond me. All the QB's mentioned were surrounded with pro bowlers or hall of famers.

        MONTANA-Jerry Rice,john Taylor,dwight clark,roger craig, tom rathman.
        BRADSHAW-Lynn swan, John stallworth,Franco harris
        STAUBACH-drew pearson,tony hill,jackie smith,tony dorsett
        FAVRE- sterling sharpe,antonio freeman,Mark Chmura, Dorsey levins
        MARINO-Mark Clayton,Mark Duper,Nat Moore,Tony Nathan
        UNITAS-Raymond berry,lenny moore
        GRAHAM(1946-55)-Marion Motley....if you think there was another good player on his teams please add on.

        in elway defense his first three super bowls were with,vance johnson,mark jackson,orsen mobley, sammy winder, rickey nattiel, steve watson. Bobby humphrey was in the SB vs SF.

        these names are not hall of famers and probably wasn't even pro bowlers to say the least but elway manage to get to several super bowls.Got blown out in all three but has to get a nod for great QB for a least getting these teams to a super bowl,don't he?
        Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!