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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by Nitro8899 View Post
    Being new to this board also, I have a simple question.
    Who made the first move??
    Meaning, did McDaniels go looking to trade Culter, or, the way I understood the origonal story, did the other teams aproach the Broncos offering something in trade for Culter?
    If it was indeed McDaniels that initiated the trade deal, then he is getting what he deserves, but if it's the other way around, then this all falls on to Culter.
    Just my 2 cents.
    At this point i feel it's up to Jay whether he stays or not.Jay needs to put this behind him and move on.

    Originally posted by flabbinpappy View Post
    I totally agree, both sides have screwed up! A don't think either side will recoup if they part ways, not for a while anyway. And I think a speak for everyone when I say I'm not ready for another season of disappointments (and neither is my wife, she can stand how mad I get when we play like we have this season).
    I really hope that both sides can put this behind them and mend fences and realize there will be very good together.
    The bottom line is both sides pulled an Earnest Byner! I just hope we can recover!
    Lol my family also hates being around me when we lose. Especially the games against weaker teams.


    • Originally posted by Darth Tyger View Post
      "Brainwashed">???? Interesting term, and one they use quite frequently at I might add.

      So I take it you believe that Bus Cook ties Jay up and drops water on his forehead?

      Or maybe waterboarding is all the fad in Nashville?

      Oh wait....I get it. Bus uses subliminal tapes on Jay.

      Having been a member of the military intel community for a good number of highly classified years, I still can't help but laugh when I see amatuers using that word.

      "They were so brainwashed,'s like for real, for sure, Wow....this is really good stuff, man."

      Amateur? Okay.

      First off, who in the blue hell are you?

      And why are you associating yourself with me?


      • I like Jay as much as the next guy.But he needs to stop acting like he has been lately and get over this.I wont believe he's getting traded until it happens.


        • Originally posted by Darth Tyger View Post
          No, did no such thing. You completely ignored my point. Teams are offerring two #1's and a QB and the FO is still saying "no".

          What about those facts can't you grasp?
          I understand what your saying and whats been offered. But what I'm saying that for the Broncos it isn't enough at this point. You see this can not be the top offers for him. If the Broncos trade him now I don't think it will be enough for him. I say keep him in Denver and make him play for his next contract. Hopefully its an extension, but for his sake he needs to play well to get the great next contract. Theres still a few years that the broncos can make him play. The longer he holds out and holds a grudge the more it doesn't show well for cutler. I have no doubts he'll get a contract, but he needs a good year to get a great contract not just a contract. The point of the op was that this is a business. In this case jay had no leverage in doing this and now it has diminished his name.

          I'm not saying he isn't worth nothing, but making him show whats he's worth would be best for the Broncos and Jay cutler. Hopefully he gives one good year and they sign an extension or both sides decide on a trade and the broncos get the top value they can pull. Hopefully thats more next year than this year.



          • Originally posted by HEADCREEPS View Post
            Great thread, great post...finally someone seeing the truth here. If you really love me show me the money!
            History never lies. Denver fans and the town in general will treat Cutler like crap and eventually run him out of town the same way they've run, or tried to run (INCLUDING John Elway) every QB out of town for as long as I've known Denver (1969).

            There is something vastly insecure about the residents there......very strange, but very true. That may be the reason they drink like fish according to the Denver Post.

            Cutler's best move by far is to make the city and Bowlen pay for treating him like some red-headed step-child when any other city in the nation would give him the keys and pay him handsomely.

            Six years......$88,000,000.

            That is the going rate for being the stupidest rookie head coach in NFL history. It's actually a bargain....the price goes up next year dramatically. (no salary cap)

            Elway did it three times in his career. Once with Frank Kush, an ex-Marine discipline freak who thought that NFL players were no dif than a military bootcamp....can we say out-of-touch? Kush is a great comparison to the current child pretending to be the coach of the Bronco's, but only for obvious reasons.

            Elway did it again in about his 3rd year, if I recall. The fans and press were getting pretty anal (again?), criticizing John for the candy he gave out on Halloween. "What's the matter, the rich brat can't give out REAL candy? GET THE HELL OUT OF DENVER, YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT!!!" it and weep. That's what Denver residents were saying (not all of them) in and out of print before Elway started winning SB's. Selective memory is such a wonderful thing....don't you think?

            Elway hinted in public that he may not be in Denver long, and the Denver Post promptly shut their incompetent holes. Wiser heads rules in those days I guess.

            And then there was the Elway Ultimatum.

            " got two choices here. Danny Boy just tried to trade me to the Redskins. Fire him now or I'm leaving. Oh, and by the way, you just hit the bonus round, Pattycakes. Pony up, Bronco Boy....I want the largest contract in the NFL....NOW.....and YOU WILL sign the bottom line. Nice talking to you, Pat. Have a nice day."

            Cutler haters, do the right thing.....(edited for profanity)


            • Originally posted by Sicarious View Post

              AP March 22, 2009
              Inside sources have revealed that Pat Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos has been trying to trade his head coach Josh McDaniels at the NFL owners meetings being held at St Regis Resort in Dana Point Ca. “Nobody wants him” said Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders. “I can’t find anyone who wants to work for me and I wouldn’t take him” Davis was quoted as saying. News of Davis’s comments were devastating to Bowlen who had held out hope of acquiring Oaklands coach Tom Cable. “I tried to trade with every team here” said Bowlen. No one wants Josh McDaniels. When Bowlen was asked if he now regretted firing former coach and future Hall of Famer Mike Shanahan, Bowlen replied, “Did I tell him he was fired? I do not remember that conversation. I might have had it but I do not remember. I am getting a little old”
              This is hilarious! I just wish it were true.


              • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                Reggie Rivers put it best. The best way for McDaniels to save face and regain support is to come out publicly, apologize for mishandling the situation (even if he doesn't necessarily believes he really mishandled it), and tell Jay he wants him here and to call him if he's willing to start over. Put the ball in Cutler's court, and if at that point Cutler doesn't accept the offer, we know where everyone stands.
                ...and this is what I think will happen this week. Cutler 2009
                John Elway on Tebow: "I think where we are as an organization, we're going to go with Tim."

                Tebow 2011


                • The first question he will be asked is "What the F*#k were you thinking?

                  And one of MCD's responses will be "Read my lips" (aka George Bush Sr).


                  • Originally posted by Magician4Broncos View Post
                    ...and this is what I think will happen this week. Cutler 2009
                    I am leaning more with this too, If you go on the you can see that the lions are starting talks with a disclosed player from the draft. Hope that is good news for us. While other teams could make a push I dont know if those make as much sense. Keeping my figures crossed till friday then I have no clue what to do


                    • just heard on NFL network the interview will be on monday, but they failed to give a time.


                      • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                        This isn't accurate at all. It doesn't even make sense. Sure he was disappointed when Shanahan was fired... he said so. He also had conversations with McDaniels after that firing. He interviewed and stated how the two of them have talked and how excited he was to get to work with Josh.

                        But you act like he hasn't talked with McDaniels.. he has. In fact, when they did the McDaniels 'speakerphone' thing.. the meeting that was meant to mend fences.... Josh decided to express how no players weren't tradable, and how Jay was expected to show up for voluntary workouts.

                        After that.. He MET with McDaniels.. perhaps you haven't been aware.

                        As far as not 'being a man'.. seems McDaniels was really good about "not being a man" when avoiding the phone after being busted for trying to make a trade. Seems he wasn't a man when he lied to everyone, the media, the fans, and Jay about him simply "answering the phone." Thats not very much of a 'man'... now is it?

                        So who is the one lacking balls?? Seem McDaniels is the one that doesn't have the balls, thus why he's been doing such a lousy job of managing this team.

                        That part was a joke. Referring to OP's dumb last paragraph.

                        But thanks for spending the time to comment on it...
                        Very happy to have Tebow in orange and blue!!!

                        Team Tebow #16


                        • Originally posted by Dakotabroncofan View Post
                          I would be happy if Cook kept his mouth shut
                          Does he get paid to keep his mouth shut, or to look out for Jay Cutler's financial interests>?

                 you even care a whit about whether Jay Cutler makes $2 a game or $200,000 as long as you get to see him in orange and blue? Your answer will fairly reveal your depth of character in only one sentence. Take your time.

                          It's loooooooong past time for Bronco fans to grow up, methinks.

                          I find no fault with Bus Cook for making stupid people pay for stupid mistakes. I call it "solutions".


                          • Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7 View Post
                            Amateur? Okay.

                            First off, who in the blue hell are you?

                            And why are you associating yourself with me?
                            Answer to Question #1: If you don't know already, it's very doubtful that you have the necessary clearance.

                            Answer to Question #2: This is not an "association". It was a comment on an Internet fansite in response to your use of the term "brainwashed".

                            You all clear now?


                            • Crowd Reaction: If we trade Jay...

                              Say we trade Jay.... will you cheer or boo him when he plays at Denver??

                              I'd like to see a massive standing "O" for Jay....


                              • Depending on how this plays out I could give you the answer, but most likely boo him, at that point, he's the enemy...