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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Love it! Crybaby Cutler just like ive been telling all you donk fans forever.


    • Originally posted by I Hate SD Alot View Post
      But they will be competing with other teams.
      This is true ....But other teams now know they have got to trade him....

      If they trade him I think every story we have read from then til now has been bunk and the plan from day1 has been trd him.
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      • CPs for correct trade prediction...

        It has been a while since I've been on here. I read all the discussions and to be honest with you have been disgusted since McDaniels became the head coach. Its like a "mini-me" of Belicheat. Enough with my rant... I really missed some of you guys so I would like to offer up a CP challenge to the person who correctly predicts how this will all end.

        Heck, it could be...
        a) Cutler stays in Denver
        b) he gets traded to "X" team
        c) he holds out the entire season
        d) he gets an contract extension
        e) McDaniels gets fired (sorry, thats what I wish would happen after I wake up from this horrible soap opera!

        So here is my prediction:

        Detroit ends up with Jay Cutler
        Cleveland ends up with the #1 overall pick (from Detroit)
        Denver ends up with Brady Quinn & the #5 overall pick (from Cleveland)

        If something like this has already been posted, please merge as trying to stay up on all the McJaygate crap is like trying to understand the opposite sex.


        • dang bus cook


          • This trade will be an embarassment to the broncos on a national level for decades. The cutler trade will be this decades 'hershel walker' trade. Only in this trade, people will laugh at the team that lost the player.

            All of you Cutler haters are getting what you wanted.....a crappy football team. Every veteran in that locker room will be p'od at coach. Dont be surprised if Champ asks for a trade or if Dawkins is p'od because Cutler is part of the reason he came here.

            You dont know what you got, until its gone. All of Denver is about to learn that lesson the hard way.


            • Broncos ONE player away....

              .....unfortunately, that player happens to be a franchise QB with freakish talent that only comes along once in a blue moon.

              Congrats Pat and company. Looks like officially Cutler is headed out of town (by the way, way to speak up after all was said and done). You managed to take a team that could have been a legit contender in a short time and turn them into something comparable to......the lions. Let's defense, star WR but otherwise no other major weapons, no QB. GREAT moves, seriously!

              You wonder if we could have done this better. If we would have kept our offensive staff who put up record numbers last year, hired a head coach who was a defensive guru, what would that have looked like.

              As it is now.......Can you say #1 draft pick overall for the next few years......count it, CHAMPIONSHIP!
              To permit irresponsible authority is to sell disaster. (Heinlein) Broncos season tickets!


              • I swear if he goes to NY and we get Ainge or Clemmens I'll hire a hitman.

                Our organization has truly showed its colors that they have no brains.


                • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                  It was stupid for Bowlen to let it be known that all communication had been cut... however, at least it will get the ball rolling.

                  THis, seriously, is a horrible situation for the Broncos. Horrible. Obviously a lot of the fans around here wanted him out, and you guys got your wishes. Jay heard you, and he wants to go.

                  Someday.... SOME DAY.... the fans of Bronco nation will realise that the perfect QB doesn't exist.
                  Well said!

                  Now that the cats out of the bag what do we do? How about that three way deal where we get Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers? I don't know if that will happen or if it would even be fair value but I'm not sure what kind of value we get now.

                  To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.



                  • " I play for my teammates", my ass. What a immature child he turned out to be, so sad that he has this type of attitude.
                    Being a Bronco fan is more important than being a fan of any coach or player in particular.


                    • Who said Bowlen is a dumb owner? That is ridiculous. Take it from your hero John Elway who says that Bowlen is the best owner in the NFL and wants to win a SB every year. Elway's opinion vs. yours, hmmm... whichever shall I choose?

                      This is all a mess and I too will wait to see what we get in return until I pass judgment like 99% of this board seems to have done already. If we get a couple decent picks and a qb, then I'm all for it. Jay has a TON of talent, but talent is just that. He hasn't shown good leadership and he certainly isn't the model of a team player. Maybe he will come around soon for his new team, but I don't feel like waiting 4 or 5 years for him to grow up. There is nothing worse than wasted talent, and unfortunately Jay's attitude is doing just that. Jay, I wish you the best of luck in wherever you go. Personally, I won't be rooting for you or your new team, but I appreciate the years you gave us here. Take care, Go Broncos.
                      Posted by DrunkPanda immediately after Denver took Knowshon Moreno with the 12th pick in the 1st round

                      "obviously [email protected] is very confused. he tihnks he is still the offensive coordinator, not the headcoach. he will probably draft offense with the rest of his picks, forgetting that defensive positions even exist in football"

                      Let's see how this hilarious prediction unfolds is as the draft continues.


                      • Not here to gloat. I'm almost as sorry as many of you that Cutler is gone. I think once the dust settles Denver will be better off without him.

                        You all can blame Josh McDaniels if you want to, and for sure he created a mess in his first few weeks as head coach, but I am 100% convinced that Jay Culter had every intention of looking for any excuse to leave as soon as Shanahan was fired. McDaniels gave him a great opportunity, yes, but Jay Cutler did not and has not wanted to be a Bronco.

                        The guy is going to fail wherever he goes because he has not learned how to lead. Other skill position guys can get away with being all about "me", but not QBs.

                        It'll take a year or two (was going to anyways) but Denver will be a much better team having a QB who wants to be who cares about the team as much as he cares about his unearned ego.


                        • I'm not sold on Tebow in the NFL and I'm a Florida fan. His QB draws and option runs won't get him very far against an NFL defense.


                          • Originally posted by Pura Vida View Post
                            This trade will be an embarassment to the broncos on a national level for decades. The cutler trade will be this decades 'hershel walker' trade.
                            If McD and Xander wasn't greenhorns maybe they could have got half as good as value as the Herschel trd not now ...
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                            • I've said this since Shanahan was fired that Jay would be traded.
                              Since that day in late Feb. I've said the Vikes trade Rosenfels and their 1st or 2nd round pick for Cutler.


                              • U said it all!

                                Great post! It's amazing. in a few months Bowlen got rid of Shanahan and Cutler. Very disappointed in what USED to be an outstanding franchise. RIP!