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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
    Because he was a hell of a player and one that has a lot of perspective on the NFL.

    I take his opinion as just that.... one that has a lot of NFL experience and perspective. He's been there. He's been around the same type of situations,a nd knows how the NFL works.

    ThAT is how he got a job for NFL Network.
    No. He got the job because he is controversial and that is what the NFL Network is looking for right now to bring attention to the network. Right now they are in Dire Straights to get ratings so they can hold the consumers hostage over the cable providers and then over charge them. The cable providers have been calling their bluff lately and now they are threatening to drop the channel altogether.

    I for one HOPE They do! I hope that every cable provider in America drops them.

    Warren Sapp is a ****** Bag and everyone knows it.

    If the NFL Network wanted to have Grade A Journalists they would fire half the people they have working for them.


    • Originally posted by Ch1ggs View Post
      Don't worry Denver. It'll be addition by subtraction.
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      Hallelujah! No more TO's or Cutlers in football!!!!!!! Here's to a much improved defense courtesy of Cutler's baby antics and subsequent trade. Lets go after that trade with the browns for Brady Quinn and some draft picks, or maybe Quinn, Shaun Rogers and a draft pick. Either way, I think we'll be better off. I wish Jay the best but if that crybaby doesn't suck it up soon, he's going to find it very ugly at the bottom of the heap spinning his wheels someplace like Detroit for the next 10 years.


      • I was a Bronco fan yesterday, still am today and will be tomorrow. Let's move on, if you are that butt hurt about his whole affair find another team that suits you.


        • Originally posted by Ch1ggs View Post
          I'm sure he'll flip out. And that will be quite entertaining.
          This is true. It will be extremely entertaining on around the horn when they discuss it.


          • I don't know if it will happen but for the Bronco's sake i think it would be good if.... Cutler was traded to Tampa Bay for Josh Johnson and their #1 draft pick. Let Johnson compete with Simms for the starting job and i think you'll be pleasantly surprised with Johnson. He was prolific in College (division 2) Excellent decision maker, with a gun, and he can scramble better than Jay. Use both 1st rounders to plug hole's in the defense and if the QB situation doesn't work out, Denver should have excellent draft position for McCoy next year


            • Originally posted by Bronco51 View Post
              You ever think that Jay does not want to talk to Pat or Josh, hence the trade request? Why would Pat say they have tried to reach him for 10 days with no success? If Jay doesn't want to stay in Denver, why would he talk to anyone of the front office? He forces them to trade him by being non communicative.

              As far as i know, Josh McD said he and Cutler were texting each other. Was he lying then?

              Originally posted by RazR View Post
              Please... it's obvious right now, Cutler is on the Bus Cook train & is doing every thing that slimy, greedy, SOB agent is telling him to do. Why? Cutler is young, & new to the whole NFL game. Bus doesn't have Favre anymore, so his new toy is Cutler. He wants to get his big pay day with a new contract for Cutler. You think Bus cares where Jay is playing? I highly doubt that.

              If Cutler & Bus were "desperately" trying to reach the Broncos, I would think they would be talking right now. I'm sorry, but Bowlen is telling the truth & is sick of the game.
              It's very possible about Cook. I still can't say the same about Bowlen. He was caught lying before.


              • Originally posted by Bronco_Mike View Post
                I guess we're just supposed to believe this. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. The FO doesn't have a great track record of being truthful over the last few months. Maybe they are trying to spin fans over to their side.

                It's ridiculous that it has come to this point when it didn't have to.
      's a lot more believable than anything Cutler has said about the whole mess.

                Cutler has CONSISTANTLY been a cry baby since day one in the NFL. He whines and moans if calls don't go his way. I've been tolerant of it as a fan because I'm a Bronco fan and he shows rediculous QB skills/potential, but at the end of the day I was always concerned about his attitude. Throughout this mess he couldn't do more to demonstrate his true colors.

                So, YES, I do believe Bowlen. Why would he lie? His statement doesn't really do wonders for Cutler's image and probably lowers the price tag a little bit for trade partners, but it's the truth.

                Cutler gave Denver, it's community and all Broncos fans the middle finger a long time ago. Don't let the door hit you :cutler:


                • Good luck Cutler, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

                  If we can get one first round draft and 2nd recond pick this year, and then another first round pick next year, i will be so happy.


                  • Originally posted by tdnmecudawon3 View Post
                    Bus cook "Jay the broncos tried to trade you but it fell through."

                    Jay "Really. That sucks." well what now?"

                    Bus cook "You act like you are pissed and demand a trade."

                    Jay "Is that really the best thing for my career?"

                    BC "We really don't want you to be traded. We are going to use it as leverage for a new contract. Chichang."

                    J "Oh ok if you really think it will work."

                    BC "just wait and see. Highest paid QB ever."

                    J "They say they are not going to trade me and keep calling me and texting me. What should I do?"

                    BC "Ignore their calls and hold out."

                    J "OK now they say I am not returning their calls and are going to trade me. I'm scared. I don't want to go to the lions."

                    BC "Act like you don't know why they are going to trade you and ask to talk to McDaniels and Bowlen. This is when we will talk and say you want to be the QB of the Broncos but you want a new contract for reassurance that this won't happen in the future."

                    J "Brilliant"
                    SAD BUT TRUE.

                    You may be joking, but that's how I think it's going down.
                    I'll continue the story:

                    BC "Ok, i just got a fax from Pat. It was his middle finger. It's OK... Detroit isn't so bad. You'll get to watch the Red Wings play. It's the closest thing you'll get to knowing the taste of victory there. But hey, winning isn't everything!"

                    J "What? Wait a minute, this isn't what I had planned!"

                    BC "Don't worry, you'll be fine! You'll have so much money now, once you get 4 or 5 concussions, you won't NEED to play anymore & retire. It's a win-win situation!"

                    J "I hate my life...."


                    • Originally posted by AtwaterHITS27 View Post
                      Well, there is one fact apparent in this situation:

                      Someone is lying.

                      Actually, they could both be sort of lying and both be sort of honest.

                      If Jay was only willing to speak through his agent, but the Broncos were only willing to speak to Jay without his agent, the Broncos could be calling Jay directly (which he wouldn't answer) and Jay's agent could have been calling the Broncos (which they wouldn't respond to either).


                      • I'm convinced they have the wrong phone numbers for each other.


                        • Originally posted by Shadow7ax View Post
                          As far as i know, Josh McD said he and Cutler were texting each other. Was he lying then?

                          It's very possible about Cook. I still can't say the same about Bowlen. He was caught lying before.
                          Maybe Josh was trying to keep the peace. If he says "I have tried to contact Jay with no success" they both look bad. Josh looks like a HC with no authority, and Jay looks like a punk. Either way, Jay looks worse by implying he is 'puzzled' by having his trade request granted.


                          • This sucks.

                            I'm so pissed right now.


                            • Originally posted by Biggregb View Post
                              I saw John Clayton say that Cleveland is a very likely trade partner along with a third team. I personally would take Quinn with a couple of more picks.
                              You could do worse than Quinn and the #5 pick. I like Quinn, he will bring a good attitude at least. Then you have 5 and 12 to fix your defense. You could get the crucial NT Raji and and an impact LB like Malauaga.


                              • Wow. I hope Jay stays with us if this story is true. But Idk what to believe now.