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  • Originally posted by BroncosMissElway View Post
    I totally agree with you floridabroncos! Jcdavey, I have been a fan of Denver since Floyd Little was playing at Mile High Stadium, that is long before you were even a glimmer in your daddy's eye! So when you say you talked to a real Denver fan, I seriously doubt it. I also sided with Cutler, and have been a loyal Bronco fan through all the bad years too! Yes this is a business, in business, you have to have trust in your employer, that they will take care of you. A happy employee is a productive employee. McDumahzz, doesn't know his rectum from a hole in the ground. Yeah Jay had a lot to learn yet, but he has stedily improved every season. After playing football myself through college, into semi-pro ball, and eventually coaching high school, I know that Cutler is the right stuff!

    Yeah he is immature, he's only 25, give him time and he will grow up into a Perennial All Pro QB! You know it is pretty easy to talk smack when your team wins, but lets talk about winning then. How many Superbowls has the boltheads won????? How many have they been to????? Gee, I dont think you have any answers for that do you? They went to ONE and lost. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know your going to say "yeah but denver couldnt win one until 97 & 98. Yeah true, but all other 30 teams in the NFL (or 28) depending on which one you are talking about, were at home watching the broncos! You have yet to win anything, so stay in diego!

    And no Orange madness, JC doesnt know what he is talking about either!
    Uh, he knows a lot more than some of the 'fans' on this board. Further, he displayed more composure and aplomb in his posts than you have here. And you're not helping with this "true Denver fan" stuff either. What, you're a better fan because you're older? That's bunk man.


    • Originally posted by floridabroncos View Post
      I don't get that. He said even after the story broke that he loves the Broncos and wants to play for the Broncos. But everything that Josh and Pat have done, not said but done, point to the fact that they really don't care one way or another if Jay is around. I think by getting upset, Jay showed his loyalty to his teammates. By not trying very hard to fix the mistake made, Josh has shown that he really has no care to show any loyalty to the guy he inherited as QB. Who's the traitor, really?
      It looks like the main argument for people that don't like Cutler, is that everything was fine until he heard the trade talks and then he threw a hissy fit. Well there's that and the whole disregarding stats and putting the wins/losses on Jay's shoulders thing.

      What about Shanny being fired out of nowhere as far as Jay was concerned? What about them telling Jay that the Offensive staff would stay the same, then replacing them? What about Mcdaniels saying that he was really excited to work with Jay and that Jay would love his system, then you try and trade him?

      All that leads to Jay not trusting the coaches or ownership anymore. How would you feel in that situation?
      2 of the top 3 NFL QBs of all time have been Broncos


      • Winner: Bus Cook

        Losers: Teammates and Fans.


        • Originally posted by neutessa View Post
          That may be true ... but does it make any sense to give up a guy that has a chance to become elite and then try to find another one? That's crazy. Despite what another post indicated, it is not that easy to find elite QBs.

          Who - exactly - is closer to being an elite QB than Cutler that you suggest the Broncos pick up in exchange?

          Sure, Cutler may not be elite yet, but wasn't Josh McDaniels supposed to be the type of coach that is soooo good with QBs that he was going to help take Cutler to the next level?

          I understand what you're saying, but McDaniels is trying to build an all around team here. Despite whatever happened between Cutler and McDaniels, it's quite obvious that he isn't much of a "team" player. He sure wasn't a team player when he called out the defense for not stopping anybody against SD when he pi$$ed down his leg that entire game too.


          • Originally posted by Anikai View Post
            Winner: Bus Cook

            Losers: Teammates and Fans.



            • This is the same logic that were saying the Raiders were "winners" of the 2007 draft for finally getting their franchise QB in Russell.



              • Depends on the person and circumstance. I saw people wearing Griese jerseys at games in the last few years -not many mind you, but they were there!

                I still wear my Lynch jersey but he left the team with no sour feelings about him with anyone and I'm proud of his stellar career.

                I'd say keep it until you find out who your new guy is and get a new jersey. Mine's Hillis unless McDipstick gets rid of him too.

                Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


                • Winners:

                  1. Cutler as far as money and he has talent whether he's with the Broncos or not.
                  2. His new team, because he'll obviously be an improvement over what ever they have at QB and they'll probably bring in more revenue with him there.
                  3. Any teams that play the Broncos in the next few years.


                  1. The Broncos fans, because now the whole team gets overhauled and we get to sit through the rebuilding process.
                  2. Jay Cutler as far as being on a team that could've already been a contender if the D was addressed, unless he goes to a team that's already pretty good.
                  3. The Broncos players, because they lose out on the face of the franchise and they have to deal with the team going into rebuilding mode.
                  2 of the top 3 NFL QBs of all time have been Broncos


                  • you are saying we are a joke right now, like we weren't at the end of last year when we went on a 3 game slide and lost the last game to get into the playoff's in grandios blow out fashion. All to cap the third year of 500 football.


                    • i wouldn't mind mark sanchez in a denver uni he definitely fits plus hes from so-cal and a down to earth CHICANO like myself
                      I NEED A CUSTOM SIG


                      • For one thing, Denver is not desperate for a trade.

                        They are trying to accomodate Cutler and trade him. However, Cutler has 3 years left on his contract. Denver doesnt HAVE to do anything.

                        If they dont like the offers made, they can pull the "For Sale" sign off the lawn (so to speak) and Cutler HAS to stay. He is under contract to do so.

                        Would he sit out and try to force something? Maybe, maybe not.

                        Now, there are 7 or 8 teams very interested in Cutler. Thats 7 or 8 teams offering for Cutler. Denver has all the information and all of power in getting exactly what they want for Cutler.

                        Because Cutler is a top 10 QB, he will go for a high price. Will anyone meet the price Denver is asking? Only the FO knows that.

                        As of now, there is a feeding frenzy for Cutler. He is a scarce commodity, and a lot of teams want him.

                        Supply and Demand.

                        Cutler wont go cheap (if he goes at all.) If no one can meet the price Denver wants, he stays. He's under contract to do so.
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                        • I'm going to use it to curse the Broncos on sundays
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                          • Mortensen: Bowlen Never Called Cutler

                            Chris Mortensen was just on ESPN radio, with Mike Tirico:

                            Basically, he said Bowlen never called Cutler. He called Bus Cook yesterday and said they wanted to speak with Cutler... They never heard anything. Cook said he left a message with Cutler but never talked to him. At the end of the day, before they released their statement, they called Cook back and asked where Cutler was? Cook said he didn't know, wasn't able to get him... said he would call him again. When Cook couldn't reach him.... Bowlen said that was enough.

                            BUt, it wasn't like Bowlen and Mcdaniel's was calling him 3 times a day.

                            Whatever, for what it's worth.


                            • Originally posted by XxOrangexCrushX View Post
                              Something is a little wierd here. we also heard earlier last week that mcd and jay were in communication via text message and cutler had agreed to a one on one visit.

                              And then jay sends his car to denver.

                              I dunno i think jay is trying to turn this around. why cant jay make a plubic statement? The broncos have reached out and he slaped us in the face with not responding.

                              Im SOOOOO Glad this is over, get cutler outta here.:salute!:
                              i think he slapped josh mcdaniels and pat bowlen in the face...not the broncos' storied franchise...he doesnt want to be in a place where all this crap is going to happen. he doesnt want to be the center of attention like this. thats why hes NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT. Nor can i blame him, this is all going to lead to the broncos having the worst season since john elway left, and mcdaniels HOPEFULLY getting fired. thats about all the good that would happen


                              • I'll keep and wear mine. I might customize it by writing "Fire McDaniels" inside the "6."