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  • Wow. its funny how everyone was ripping Mortenson before. But when Mort reports something that makes Cutler look better people are back on his side. Im sick of people defending Cutler bc people thought he was treated bad and his feelings were hurt.

    This aint the buisness to care about someones feelings when its a business like this. Cutler is weak minded and couldnt be the leader his team needed when it counted.


    • Originally posted by JayButNotCutler View Post
      He hasn't had to be there yet, nothing has been required...
      bs. You join your teammates for the offseason workouts. If someone wants to use the "not required" excuse, then get rid of that selfish me me me player. We're trying to build a "team" here.


      • Originally posted by Legendary30 View Post
        Cutler is under contract. When the owner of the team wants to talk to you, you call him back. Period.
        Did you not read the post? lol? It doesn't look to me like you are disputing the claim that Bowlen didn't call Cutler. How is he supposed to call back if he doesn't know?


        • Originally posted by Jermz79 View Post
          That's BS. I don't care if it's required or not. It's your job to prepare as a team and Cutler didn't do that so IMO he failed to show up for work. In the real world if you fail to show up for work you get fired!!

          I'm a little tired of hearing this mandatory, optional crapola. This is a team and Cutler is/was part of it ... show your team some respect and do what's best for the team!!!

          Out with Cutler, in with ??????
          Jay Cutler was in Denver the two months leading up to the start of Free Agency spending time with McDaniels, learning the offense. So don't give me this crap about him not doing anything for the team.
          Fire Rick Dennison - This Signature will stay until the worst playcaller in the NFL is gone.


          • Originally posted by Bradshaw3001 View Post
            .. and if there's something McD DOES KNOW, it's offense. McD knows offense, he knows quarterbacks, and more specifically, he knows HIS OFFENSE, and he knows that Jay isn't the guy for that.
            Actually, what McDaniels knows is how to run Charlie Weis'offense using Bill Bellichick's players.


            • This is nothing more then the Media trying to stir the pot more and more.
              Ask me about My Jesus and how to have a relationship with Him.

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              • Originally posted by Southstander View Post
                This is nothing more then the Media trying to stir the pot more and more.
                Except that numerous outlets have reported the same thing. It's not like some of the other rumors where there were conflicting reports. Pretty much every outlet that has reported on this has said the same thing, that Cutler and Cook claim that Bowlen hasn't been ringing the phones off the hook as Pat claimed.
                Fire Rick Dennison - This Signature will stay until the worst playcaller in the NFL is gone.


                • Originally posted by floridabroncos View Post
                  Umm, Jay didn't miss anything that was mandatory. So really, it would be like getting fired for not showing up to the company bbq.
                  Yea, i'm sure they were BBQing and having a party last week or whenever the offseason workout was.

                  It's more like missing the "optional" integration of a new staff. Optional being you make it unless there's a valid reason. They aren't paying Cutler to rub his glass gina all offseason.


                  • Bottom line

                    If Cutler wanted to be in Denver he would already be there. I think that about covers it.


                    • Originally posted by vannestjc
                      Who the hell is Chris Mortenson and seriously....what does he know about any of this? Has he spoken to Jay Cutler or Pat Bowlen? Of course not. He's hearing from a source, who likely heard from a source, who likely heard from Bus effing Cook...who, IMO, has been engineering this whole thing from the moment Cutler's name came up in trade talks for Cassel.

                      Whatever happens...I just wish it would happen already so we can start talking about f***ing football again!!!


                      Mort did speak with Cutler today. He sent a text message to Cutler and asked him flatly: Did Bowlen call you. Cutler responded with one word: NO.

                      Look, I agree that Cutler handled this situation badly.... I have chided him for weeks. I even think it's his fault that this relationship ultimately has to end. I totally agree that if a whisper comes your way that the owner requests you call him... you better get in touch with him.

                      Still, the DENVER POST reported today that Cutler did have his car packed and ready to ship to DEN.

                      Nobody is innocent here, and everyone is worse off.


                      • Originally posted by Champ444 View Post
                        I was with you bud. You had me at (what?) the first major change you make to this team is the quarterback....
                        I was with you with, you looked me in my face Josh, and lied to me. You made a fool of me. I'm embarrassed and cannot trust you. I paid no attention to the Bronco fan who ignored their own selfish, hypocritcal behaivor, and went with the mindset that the establishment is always correct! I mean, lets face it, most of us fans are in a position in which if we are treated unfairly, and or cannot trust our boss, we have to eat it. The hypocracy comes in when a person would deny outloud that they "WOULD" change it if they could. Hell some of us (like me) wouldnt take it either way, we would walk, or stand up for ourselves even if we had to take steps backwards in the workplace, simply because we dont play that!

                        Fact is bud, you were in a position to change it!!!! I respected that. You were disrespected, yet you still had some power. It was your choice. Now I know that you probably wont read this. So yes, this is mostly rhetorical. Same time as a Bronco Fan 4 life, it is somewhat medicinal 4 me.

                        What I cant understand is the extent of your stubborness. I mean, most of the public understood that you had been treated unfairly. That the new coach approached his new position in a narcissistic way. However, at the end of the day, what did you have to lose once everyone understood that. I submitt not much. You come into camp, do your best, and if it does not work out, then you ask them to let you out or be traded. Maybe if it isnt working they make that decision for you. Im not much a fan of the new coach. In fact, Im stubborn myself and dont want to be the New England Broncos, or be designed like them, championships or not. I felt that once they addressed this defense, got you to stop turning the ball over in the "Red Zone" we would be fine. Now, you have ruined that. Oh yeah, Im optimistic everything will work out. Its just you have done your part to embarrass me as a fan, just as much at they embarrassed you as the Franchise QB. Why Jay. Why couldn't you at least return the owners phone call. Again, Im as stubborn and prideful as anybody I know. I just think that you have to show at least some form of maturity. You had me Jay as a fan. Now you lost me with your own self absorbed, childish behaivor. Josh was wrong. Pat was wrong. Now you have trumped them in this fans eyes. All that said, I have to respect your choice to not want to be here, because I always believe we have a choice and I dont want to take that away from anyone.

                        Peace Dude.
                        Right on man! ALL THREE OF THEM ARE WRONG! NOBODY IS TO BLAME HERE BUT THEMSELVES! im sickened by all of this! why do all my hero's leave a stain behind when they my father, jose canseco, magic johnson, now jay cutler...*sighs* i can really pick em'. only one i can say turned out to be good was john elway.


                        • Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
                          They shouldn't have to call 3 times a day. Call once, and leave a message, having to call again a couple days later, is 1 time to many. Cutler forced this situation himself. You don't show up to work, ya get fired.
                          He has shown up for work. I blow my boss off when he calls me on my off time too. This is nothing new? Are you crazy or just unemployed?


                          • Originally posted by jhns View Post
                            Exactly. To add to that, it is against the unions player agreement to base the decision of a players status with the team on if he attends these optional camps. If they moved him for that reason, Jay could get all kinds of money from this organization.
                            No chance; if the Broncos trade Cutler they are only fulfilling his official request to be traded. No way he "gets all kinds of money" because the team is doing what he asked them to do.

                            You pro-Jay guys are hilarious.


                            • if fun = torturous then, yeah, i'm having a blast!
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                              • Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post

                                It's more like missing the "optional" integration of a new staff.
                                LOL, you are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. They had conditioning. That is it. Go listen to the player interviews from last week. They all stated that they haven't even touched the playbook yet, they are just getting in shape.