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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by elecshoc View Post
    Sure it is. At this point though its on Jay to get to Denver and state his case for staying with the Broncos. It looks like Bowlen has made is decision in this matter and Jay needs to change Bowlens mind, not the other way around.

    True, True. But men and their pride ( no offense guys) can sometimes ruin everything. Jay is young and I am sure very prideful and figures they need to come to him. He is getting bad advice, and If he was my kid, he would hear a world of you know what from me!!!!!


    • I called the trade almost 2 months ago... and I still think he'll probably get traded.

      But... I do have this wierd feeling he may stay one more year. Then Shanny and Cutler get reunited in Dallas and we're stuck with the movie star wannabe Romo.
      Superbowl 50 Champs!


      • Ok that Cutler Picture you have freaks me out!!!


        • I still think that there is a chance that Jay will not be traded. I just read an article by Jay Glazer. I guess that they were both at the UFC fight night in Nashville.... Jay flat out said that he never wanted to be traded. If this is true... I hope to all that is holy that McD or Bowlen read that thing, and someone picks up the damn phone and says "You know what we all screwed this thing up, it isnt to late. Lets just work together see if we can mend our differences, and win some ballgames"
          Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


          • I wonder if Cook is keeping crap from Jay and speaking for him without him directly telling him too? Is there a reason that Bowlen would call Cook to get to Jay? Contract issue? Why would you not call (not text) him directly?


            • Originally posted by Scotteeo View Post
              Nobody WANTS to lose Cutler. He's a rare talent, with a snake for an agent. This continues to buy into the whole "Bus Cook is pulling the strings." Maybe, just MAYBE, Bowlen is trying to call his bluff. We can only hope.

              I don't mind waiting for another franchise QB however. I've still got 60 years left to live of my life. If we don't find a franchise QB by then, well, hey. It just wasn't meant to be. I don't mind sitting around if it means we'll eventually find "The One" again.
              Great post. As a fellow long time BRONCO fan. I couldnt agree mor... Just please god dont make it take 60 years cause by them I will be 98 and I am not to sure that I got that long
              Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


              • Originally posted by Humberg View Post
                So he says "I didn't want to be traded" now. What should immediately happen is either call him, or make a press statement (Bowlen) saying "Well gee Jay, your agent gave us a different story. If this is true, we have no real interest in trading you, we'd love to have you stay here, lets work something out."

                My point is this:

                If Jay is lying - it doesn't matter. No harm done, you just called him on his bluff and Bowlen looks like the bigger man (that he should be)

                If Jay isn't lying - you potentially save a franchise in disarray by retaining your franchise QB and overt a situation that would have proceeded due to Junior High rumor he said/she said mentality. Nobody should let Bus Cook be making the decisions here. When it's a player the caliber of Jay Cutler, if you see a glimmer of hope, you go for it.

                Don't you think it's worth it?
                Please Bowlen, keep Culter. There is not one QB out there that interests me at all.
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                • Originally posted by Breezer View Post
                  Please Bowlen, keep Culter. There is not one QB out there that interests me at all.
                  Haven't you heard, it doesn't matter what FANS want. It is what the coach wants.


                  • SOLD!!!!!!!
                    My girl and I last night got 1,500 dollars CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    All 4 jerseys sold to one guys and he felt he was kinda ripping us at 1,000 so he gave us 500 more.....
                    Now the only problem is my girl has only two jerseys now, both are Champ Bailey.
                    So I promised her I get her a few more jerseys.
                    But that'll leave me 1,000 bucks....

                    What should I get:

                    Another Playstation 3(for the living room have one in the entertainment room).

                    Alot of PS3 games and/or Blu-Ray movies.

                    Or Tickets to the Ravens/Broncos game later this year?


                    • Originally posted by MNBroncs85 View Post
                      Are you all serious? Put the damn orange kool aid down. Its over. I wouldn't be surprised if a deal is done by tomorrow night. Time to focus on the draft and our 2009 season. I'm one of the biggest jay fans but honestly its about the team.
                      What he said.

                      I mean honestly guys, this is done woth.

                      The charger game was jays last as a bronco.

                      If you still are clinging, thinking he won't be traded, thn you are in for one hell of a wake up call..


                      • im going to keep it, to always remind me we messed up.


                        • So this is not what Cutler wanted

                          this begs the question - So what did you want?

                          You tell everyone you want to traded, but don't actually want to be traded.

                          It is clear that the Owner (you know the guy who signs your cheques) has tried to phone you and you don't return his calls.

                          So here is your last chance Jay, pick up the phone and contact Mr Bowlen. Tell him what you want. If you want to stay you better make that call quick before you find yourself in Detroit behind a very poor o-line running for your life.

                          If it transpires that this is all power play by Bus Cook to make more money from a new deal or trade then the answer is simple. Sack him. He is your agent and is supposed to represent you and not the otherway around.

                          So Jay,what do you want?

                          You better make up your mind soon before you have no choices left.

                          The ball has fimrly been put in your court.


                          • It's funny how no Charger fan I have talked to wants Jay to leave. We all think the Broncos are worse off WITH him.


                            • Originally posted by nea View Post
                              Haven't you heard, it doesn't matter what FANS want. It is what the coach wants.
                              Have you not heard ? Jay wants out of Denver.


                              • Trade him to the Bears!

                                Please, please, trade him to the Bears!!