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  • Originally posted by jcdavey View Post
    it's going to come out pretty soon that the denver players think he was being a big baby through all of this, i can't wait!
    I actually hope they do come out and say that, it would be the first sign of team unity in months.
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    • didn't we have a thread exactly like this a couple of weeks ago???


      • Originally posted by Game View Post
        The Denver Broncos have agreed in principle to trade quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. Terms of the deal will be disclosed at a later time.

        It has been reported that the Broncos will receive a first-round pick in 2009, a third-round pick in 2009, a first-round pick in 2010 and quarterback Kyle Orton in return for Cutler and a fifth-round pick in 2009, though nothing has been officially announced.

        In 33 career starts, Orton has compiled a record of 21-12, including a record of 15-2 in home games.

        Winning record something cutler didn't have.

        If the reports are correct, the Broncos will have the following picks in the upcoming NFL Draft:

        1-12-12 Denver
        1-18-18 Denver (from Chicago)
        2-16-48 Denver
        3-15-79 Denver
        3-20-84 Denver (from Chicago)
        4-14-114 Denver
        5-13-149 Denver
        6-12-185 Denver
        7-16-225 Denver
        7-26-235 Denver (from Atlanta)

        It would also mean that over the next two NFL Drafts, the Broncos will have nine picks in the first three rounds.

        Check back with for updates.

        Lots of draft picks to get players like the tom brady's or teddy bruiskeys or the league. System players tend to win championships not hot shots claiming they have a better arm then the "LEGEND".

        I am still in favor of picking up Vick here in July for cheap because the broncos will need a wildcat formattion and who better to run it.
        LOL @ Michael Vick in a Denver uniform!

        If Jay Cutler couldn't survive under McDaniels, what on Earth makes you think a violent criminal would?

        This thread fails.


        • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
          Thats funny

          How do you keep your mouth shut when you are the centerpiece for a qb-qb trade
 mean the trade that he demanded because his feelings were hurt?

          that was given by a first year HC that had just drafted you to be the franchise QB??


          • Its not hear say.

            Many players are speaking out, and they are very unhappy about the debacle at Dove Valley


            • Interesting question.

              Another question might be, where will they all go when they no longer want to play for an arrogant coach who hasn't proven anything?


              • yeah right, I have a friend who knows a guy who's cousin heard a guy say his buddy blah blah noise noise....


                • Originally posted by Game View Post
                  I am still in favor of picking up Vick here in July for cheap because the broncos will need a wildcat formattion and who better to run it.
                  Glad to see your on time, and Mike Vick are you on drugs?


                  • My neighbor's cousin new someone that visited Denver and went to a restaurant where a Broncos player once ate and she said her nephew heard that the Broncos players were professional and they were planning on playing hard for the millions of dollars they we should be OK with what a caller mentioned on a talk show in Chicago.

                    "May God bless you and your family!"


                    • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                      LOL @ Michael Vick in a Denver uniform!

                      If Jay Cutler couldn't survive under McDaniels, what on Earth makes you think a violent criminal would?

                      This thread fails.
                      a violent criminal? who did he killed or injured??

                      vick made some very dumb mistakes, animal abuse is a very silly and unfortunate thing.. but violent criminal??
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                      • Peter King: Cutler Might Regret Denver Exit


                        Jay Cutler has three people to blame for his trade from the most talented young offensive team in football to one of the least:

                        1. Jay Cutler.

                        2. Jay Cutler.

                        3. Jay Cutler.

                        Lots of great players in NFL history have been traded, including lots of great quarterbacks -- Steve Young, Fran Tarkenton, John Unitas, Bobby Layne. Lots of quarterbacks have been subjects of trade rumors, including the one and only John Elway, who preceded Cutler as the face of the Broncos; Dan Reeves almost sent Elway to the Redskins midway through his career. And Elway was ticked, but he got over it. Cutler was ticked when the Broncos tried and failed to acquire Matt Cassel Feb. 26, and for some reason -- ego, pride, immaturity, or maybe all of the above -- he couldn't get over it.


                        The saddest thing here? Cutler could have been a truly great player in McDaniels' offense. He may be great with the Bears; he certainly has the talent to be. But the Denver attack was tailor-made for Cutler's brains and ability to throw the deep ball. Whatever he says now, I know he'll always wonder how great he could have been in that offense, with that bright young coach -- whether he liked McDaniels or not.

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                        • Originally posted by BurgessRudy View Post
                          I've been listening to ESPN radio in Chicago and they just were talking with a sports reporter who used to be in Denver and he said that he talked to a Bronco player today that said they are very angry with what has happened with the team and Jay Cutler. "Got rid of a Hall of fame coach for a young rookie and then got rid of the Franchise quarterback."

                          So the players :cutler:without being screened by the Coach are not happy.

                          GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
                          Alfred Williams is the guy you are talking about.

                          I wouldn't doubt it. I would also say that he has the number of many players and can talk to them directly, but wouldn't give their name as a quote.

                          So yeah.. I can imagine there are a LOT of players that can see our team just got rid of our best player... our stud QB... and that would make ANYONE pissed.


                          • I seem to recall the Bears having something we don't...hmmm...what could it be??

                            Oh yeah...a defense.

                            And I will leave the Michael Vick suggestion alone...I don't think there is anything I could say to reduce your credibility any further.


                            • pay no attention to anything that its said in chicago.

                              We are fine, orton is a good QB, and we can use those two first round.
                              2009 and 2010.
                              :nono: :devil:


                              • Bronco Lover

                                McDaniels should care what the players think. He should care about what he has done in Dove Valley. If he doesn't he shouldn't be the head coach.