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  • Originally posted by Ch1ggs View Post

    Cutler's credibility keeps slipping.
    Has this been confirmed yet? When I looked for Kings comment, I couldn't find them, did he remove them?
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    • Originally posted by cooperkayd View Post
      Seriously... I am a HUGE Broncos fan and I am on this board a LOT. Granted, I don't post a whole lot (not enough time). But guys like JCDavey with almost 6,000 posts on a Broncos message board!!! LOL, that's like the president of Weight Watchers trolling around on the Hostess Twinkies website. Seriously, 6,000 posts!?!?!?! Don't you have anything better to do Charger fans?
      ummmmmmmm no


      • Originally posted by Revy View Post
        If i was Jay i be pissed too. After the coach told everyone that he will work hard to build his relationship with Jay and makes him comfortable with his system ans Jay was all for it and was willing to learn than all of a sudden WHAMMY!! Rumors got out (damn media for blowing this way out of proportion because it's more interesting to write about)

        Everyone keeps talking about Jay acting like a little kid....

        Hell McDummy acted WAY more mature to try and pull off a trade BEHIND Cutler's back for Matt Cassel.

        It's really funny.... He's such a noob coach.

        I don't care what happens, I hope they work it out and Cutler remains a Bronco.

        If McDaniel's can get Jay to stay, I'll have found NEW respect for him.


        • Originally posted by DaChAmPiShErE24 View Post
          This whole Cutler-McDaniels fiasco has really but a damper on my Bronco joy. Around 2 eastern on saturday I was estatic, Dawkins was officially on board and joined and already exciting free agent class. Around a half-hour later, I was in disbelief and since then this has gotten worse and worse.

          First I was completely 100% for Culter, outraged at McDaniels, for even entertaining offers. Then we hear Jay was furious and demanded to be traded, and then it's no we never tried to trade Jay he is our QB. Then it comes out that we were initiating offers and had a deal all but done for Cassel. It comes out that Jay noticed people were acting strange towards. At this point I was ready to march to Dove Valley and protest.

          Then yesterday evening things seemed to look up. There were rumors that Xanders stopped McD from trading Cutler, then it was reported Jay was meeting with the Broncos front office and things would be back to normal in Bronco Country and I could finally get to enjoy the free agent signings. Then its reported Jay refused to meet with the front office. This really rubbed me the wrong way. Alls Jay had to do was hear them out, and if they were still lying to him, fine but he could have at least heard him out. I went to bed very p'oed.

          Now today I wake up to find Marshall in trouble (even if it is dismissed), and I hear that Jay demanded a trade when Bates was fired. In my opinion thats absolute bull that the Broncos are releasing to make them look better, but I could be wrong.

          I think both sides have good intentions and a reason to be mad. McDaniels is just trying to make us better (in his mind) and I think in the long term this could help him. He needs the fear of his players to get their respect. They will play harder knowing noone is safe. Also, I can see why Jay is upset, I would be too. But, both sides are also at fault. Jay won't even speak to his employer, and his employer flat out lied and continues to lie. Right now I sit hear disheartened, and unenthusiastic for next year. I feel like I don't even know this team anymore. I just want Jay to meet with them, have a press conference, both sides to tell the truth, and get this straightened out, because I'm sick of it. I wanna talk about football not this crap. Grow a pair both sides and get this fixed.
          This is the best blog, post, article I've read on this.


          • Originally posted by jcdavey View Post
            and losing in college has worked out so well for cutler lol
            I think it has worked out well. I'm guessing most people would love to be considered the best young QB in the league.
            Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


            • Originally posted by LastBoyScout View Post
              First things, first pawtna....

              This thing is turning into the Cutler/Plummer fiasco on here (if you guys remember all that) and all it did was divide us. Us as fans. Of the BRONCOS. Mindfield has been an avid supporter (even if he doesn't always agree) and usually gives pretty spot on analysis. For you to say he'd be an SD supporter is moronic.


              How did Nolan want Elway gone? I thought during that time it was REEVES who was our coach. Do you remember what happened there? It ultimately led to REEVES getting fired for Wade Phillips. I'll give you a hint... the other QB involved had to go play in the XFL.

              Not jumpin down your throat, but just wantin you to take a step back and realize what you're saying, when you're sayin it!

              dude thanks for catching that I almost left to class without changing it. i fixed it...

              The thing is Jake Plummer was a horrid QB before he came to Denver, He was horrid in College as well. so what are you trying to bring up. Jake was good cus of the system not the other way around, besides the guy had a noodle arm and was only good because he was able to scramble...

              so lets not get into that ok btw cp for catching my mistake :salute!:
              McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

              Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


              • Post of the day, no question. The blame lies with BOTH SIDES. The sooner BOTH SIDES realize it, the sooner they both realize that they're jeopardizing the season, and come to the big kids table to talk, the better off everyone is going to be.
                In Manning I trust.


                • Why is "Team X who doesn't have a Franchise QB is interested in Cutler" news of any kind? Cutler is one of the best young QBs in the league right now; of course teams that need a QB are "interested" in him! I'm sure the Vikes are "interested" in Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees right now, too...

                  I, myself, am interested in millions of dollars and several supermodel girlfriends--what do you think my odds of success are?
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                  • Originally posted by AC1 View Post
                    Nice. We ship our franchise QB to Detroit, and in exchange we get to become the Detroit Lions.
                    Maybe you could tell me what his win/loss percentage is since he's been a bronco.


                    • My oppinion about McDaniels changed very much because I'm not very confident anymore that he came to Denver to develop his own system together with Cutler using Cutlers talents. His desperate attempts to get Cassel make me wonder if McD is just planing to install a 1:1-copy of the New England system in Denver which is the reason he needed a New England player...

                      When they brought in McD I was all excited because I thought that this was an great opportunity for two young men to develop a really great new system with great new ideas... but obviously McD is not interessted in something like that...

                      My oppinion about Cutler has not changed: I can understand his reactions right now... it's not whinny, it's honest: He is really pi**ed about the things that happened and he has no problem to say that. I can also understand that he has not the urge to talk to the Broncos organization, because the Bronco-organization, namely Xanders, McD and Bowlen failed so far to step infront of the press and say it loud and clear: Jay Cutler is our QB! There was no doubt in any case!
                      I'm sure... if they would've done that, Cutler would talk to the FO... but I think right now he feels lied to and betrayed and honestly: I would be pi**ed too!

                      BRING BACK ORANGE!!


                      • Originally posted by theflammer View Post
                        Off the Bat, I didn't Post this to hear opinions just facts...

                        Everyone is saying that Cutler is a Cry Baby and isn't a leader for men and some moron even put the name Kurt Warner on our Site, the King of Back Up's.

                        Guy's, John Albert Elway was this kid his whole Career and We all Loved him and He was maybe the Best Leader of a group of men ever....

                        Proof. Drafted and refused to play for the Colts....Called a Baby by everyone

                        Cried to Bowlen because he heard Reeves wanted to Trade him to the Redskins and Stated he wanted him out or He would Leave.

                        Wanted out of Denver because he was living in a bubble cloud because they listed what kind of candy he gave out on Halloween.

                        I am not comparing Elway the Great to Cutler but all the cases were handled the same......Now if Shanny would've done it to Elway, His reaction would've been the Same.

                        Theres alot more of the same kind of actions by Johnny before he was considered a Great QB.

                        Now lets hope Jay turns out to be just a little like Johnny and we all will be happy
                        theflammer: I support your post 100% with one small deviation. I'm a big Elway fan. I would not go so far as call what Elway did as crying. As a player in the business that everyone keeps calling the nfl I would just say he was using what leverage he had. The nfl business doesn't offer players much recourse when trade/release talks come up. Teams(companies) can trade and let players go at will. Players can only use their value on the market as leverage. If we look at the Elway history, what he did was send a ripple effect through the nfl. Baltimore leaves in the dead of night to Indy, having to be resurrected in Baltimore years later etc. etc. Elway had every right to use what leverage he had to put himself in the best position for his career. Same goes for Elway in the Washington/Reeves situation. He wanted his career to be in Denver thus used his leverage. Cutler, I believe, wants Denver to be his place. He recognizes the possibilities here and, I believe, has done the best he could via performance to solidify a strong vote of confidence from the company(Broncos) and the fans. This talk of Cutler crying is out of line. If your performance is at a high level and your company wants to get rid of you, you'd be shocked too. And please, let's not bring up bringing in someone whose performance is better to improve the situation. That argument, i.e. Cassell, is not a strong one. And please, let's not bring up he hasn't gotten Denver to the playoffs crap. There are a lot of intangibles that make up a quality playoff team. Some of those things take time. To expect Cutler rise above all of these elements and will Denver into the playoffs is unrealistic.
                        Cutler is the kind of quarterback you build a franchise around for the long term. He is your staple. You build around him just as you built around another quarterback in Denver's past.


                        • they should both agree that ESPN is the mastermind over this whole crap with their BS!!
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                          laziness isn't healthy :go:


                          • Thanks guys.

                            Check out my NFL Draft website!


                            • I think rather then both sides fixing this now. They need to take a week. Cool off, Cutler or McD needs to invite the other over for a game of Madden and a pepsi and forget this crap ever happened.

                              :salute!: !!Get well soon!!:salute!:


                              • Originally posted by jvw View Post
                                Maybe you could tell me what his win/loss percentage is since he's been a bronco.
                                I sure could, right after you tell me the where our defense ranked in terms of points allowed in his two full seasons as a starter.
                                Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.