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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by floridabroncos View Post
    Better yet, whoever wins at Madden stays, and the other goes!
    I hope Cutler's good, else I'm gonna have my bud go play in his case. rated 2100+ in Madden 05 (with out cheating). Don't know if the consoles have a rateing system like that.

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    • To me, the best thing they could do to keep Jay in Denver would be by holding a press conference where Josh goes and apologizes to Jay publicly, saying he should have clued him into trade talks.
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      I like McDaniels, he will be a good coach. Just not for this team. Belichick needed his Cleveland stint to become the coach he is now and McDaniels is showing the same signs.


      • Originally posted by cutler=wins View Post
        ya dukes thats his name thanks lol
        Well, Dukes is an idiot, so his opinion doesn't go very far with me.


        • Originally posted by VAFAN View Post
          I agree 100%. Its not as if Mortensen said who he spoke to, sources doesnt mean anything. W/o naming someone a "source" is no different than someone saying "I heard"
          Everyone is saying McDaniels wanted to trade Cutler. Shefter is saying the same thing.. When they speak of it their is no doubt about it. They simply say McDaniels wanted to trade Cutler.

          If there was doubt about that they would be saying allegedly McDaniels wanted to trade Cutler..
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          • I'd take whatever for this to be over and Cutler to be our starting QB.


            • Originally posted by deanver View Post
              Well, Dukes is an idiot, so his opinion doesn't go very far with me.
              he just agreed with TD didn't really say anything else, however you may think he is an idiot but the fact is that both of these guys are former NFL players and they give you the players point of view. And if TD is unhappy with Denver how do you think the players on the team feel?


              • Didja see we signed Dawkins?!?!?!?! :go:
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                • Meanwhile the origin of the Cutler trade talk speculation (Bill Belichick - the story came out of Boston) is laughing his way to the bank while we Bronco fans tear each other apart. He pulls the strings and we dance.


                  • Originally posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
                    I posted this in another thread:

                    Listen, Jeremy Bates was granted permission to start looking for a new job on January 13th....

                    He could have remained with the Broncos, but since McD was coming in to CALL the plays, it was only a matter of time before he found a new job to his liking.

                    A couple of days later, McD and Cutler FINALLY talked for the first time.

                    They had a POSITIVE interaction. BOTH are excited.

                    McD wouldn't lie about the conversation they had... right? No.. I doubt he'd lie in this situation.

                    If Jay were to have been pissed off for Bates dismissal, AFTER the conversation between the two, we would have known.

                    That's why this whole "Cutler wanted out of Denver after Bates was let go" is so premature and pure media hype.

                    It's history, and the comment was made BEFORE he and McD talked.

                    After the talk, Jay said:

                    Since then and up to this weekend, Jay had nothing but good and exciting things to say about the coach and the upcoming season.

                    I still have yet to see hard evidence that McDaniels was trying to trade Jay Cutler. You are being a drama queen dude just like Jay


                    • Originally posted by AmericanBronc View Post
                      Honestly, my first thought was, "I don't know this team any more." There's no continuity. I mean, I've been trying to understand, "what is the Denver Broncos"? If it's not the team, then it must be the organization right? The only continuity there is Bowlen and he's not what I would call "the team". I was having a real hard time swallowing this notion of ripping out the entire coaching staff and the entire defense. But the notion of taking away the face of the team in a Cutler trade made me just want to hang up the Orange and Blue. I just felt like my team had disappeared.

                      Agreed, here the last couple years its the Defense that had no identity and ol' Micky D is wiping out the offensive identity.

                      WHO ARE THE DENVER BRONCOS???


                      • Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7 View Post
                        McDaniels is our coach. If he wants to move on to another QB I'll fully learn to accept it.

                        A coach and QB need a great friendship to succeed. McDaniels and Cutler will never have that.

                        As far as I'm concerned, we'll be better off without Cutler.
                        Yep. Being 4-12(At Best!!!) with our offense looking as bad next year as our defense did last year is really going to be better off.


                        • Originally posted by floridabroncos View Post
                          Peter King is a typical ESPN Shock Jock who loves throwing gossipy headlines on ESPN. Personally I think he's a hack. I'd go with Schefter if not anyone else when it comes to credibility in reporting Broncos news on or, and so far his story has basically been that no one knows for sure but that speculation points to the front office considering a deal and then deciding against it afterwards. If that's the case, and we all know Schefter is rarely wrong on these things, then McDaniels did lie as he said they never had any intention of trading Cutler. What he should have said was, I considered some offers we got but then decided against it, or the phone call with Tampa and Detroit should have been a short and sweet "No thanks, what else do you want to talk about besides Cutler."
                          Yeah, except Peter King doesn't work for ESPN.
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                          • Originally posted by broncobuckeyes View Post
                            lmao that big guy is Warren Sapp I see Jaime Dukes on there as well
                            Dukes wasn't on that table.


                            • Originally posted by broncobuss View Post
                              cutler is not a baby nor does he act like a baby, that is a stupid artical by someone who does not know Cutler, just goes by a few incidents. Cutler reacted like most of us bronco fans, we need to focus on how McDumbass could be so stupid that he would acually consider trading Cutler for rob johnson/scott mitchell/steve bono/ elvis gerbac/ matt cassell. You cant be that stupid, theres not one gm in the legue that would make that trade, McDumbass needs to take his man crush of cassell and put it aside and make a smart buisness disicion. and then to compound it and come out and lie about the details....yea Cutlers the baby
                              he did overeact. He let the media dictate his feelings. he could be very upset but keep it too himself and not look for the 1st person with a microphone to cry like a child.

                              No one is saying he can't be upset and in a sense he has every right to be but he needs to stop blubbering to every reporter that he comes in contact with, the media is neither your friend nor your enemy so stop looking for them to settle your issues with the team.
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                              • Cutler isn't acting like a baby.

                                His ego is bruised because of the proposed trade, but he eventually would have moved passed that.

                                The Broncos lied to Jay and they lied about the trade situation, and refuse to publicly acknowledge their lie and apologize for it. For Cutler, there's no reason for him to go to Denver and clear the air when the Broncos are lying and being disingenuous about their attempt to trade Cutler. Cutler knows the truth, as do most of us and the media, and that's why the Broncos won't talk about it any longer publicly.

                                So no, Jay isn't acting like a baby. He simply doesn't trust the front office right now (rightfully so) and has no reason to drop everything to be at their beck and call.

                                Here's a thought - why don't McDaniels and Xanders go to Jay? They're the ones that created this mess. Why should Jay have to go to them?