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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by TXBRONC View Post
    The 49ers did it on several occasions, Elvis Grbac and Steve Bono come to mind.
    Haha, reminds me of an old buddy's nickname for Grbac (he was a Chiefs fan), "Grbage"
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    • Originally posted by Cutler4tw View Post
      im really irritated that some of you guys keep saying it Cutlers fault for opening his mouth and all this became what it is because of Cutler get your head checked if you honestly think its Cutlers fault its all Josh Mcdumazz im really starting to hate this guy the Prob has always been the Defense not Cutler i asure all of you that if we had a top 20 D we would of made the playoffs and Mike would not of been fired but now all of a sudden because Cutler says something its his fault.... don't get me wrong i think it was time for a change but not this Mcdumazz is tearing apart our team if he would just come in here redo this D and work on the small things that need work on offense we would be more than on our way to the playoffs but instead hes telling our Franchise QB that he prefers a 6th round system QB of a scrub than Cutler who would probably be the #2 overall pick behinde Mario Williams if we re did the 06 draft you guys can be sure that if we dont make the playoffs ill be the first on the FIRE Mcdumazz bandwagon :cutler::cutler::cutler:
      the only problem i have with josh so far is the cutler fiasco...even though its totally mcd's fault. he should get jay in and apologize to him face to face, tell him that he made a mistake and went a little overboard on re-doing the broncos. Cutler didn't do anything wrong, Josh did.


      • Originally posted by megirb444 View Post
        It's really pissing me off how after ONE season of getting to the playoffs with one of the best teams ever in history, Cassell is seen as amazing. Yet Jay has increasingly better #'s and great playing with a mediocre team for the past three seasons and getting to the Pro Bowl last year, he is still questioned by the east coast, mainstream NFL analysts

        Whatever, I just heard Jason Taylor is released by Miami...we do need a DE...just sayin...
        Not at his age and not as 3-4 defensive end.
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        • There are many idiots in the sports world.

          The guy who tried to trade Jay Cutler, and lie about it... Yeah, he's one of them.


          • Whats wrong with Change?

            OK, lets be honest how long has it been since we went to/ won a playoff game?.....Ya its been awhile. I loved Shanny as much as the next guy, but you know a little change cant hurt....
            OK so Josh McD. comes in and changes stuff up, well you know, they almost made the playoffs with a backup QB!!!.... HE knows about winning!
            Lets look at all the good he has already brought in...Safety..CB..DT..etc... the man is doing work. Maybe he watched game film on Cutler and said wow this kid is gifted as hell....but he isn't football smart! In Josh McD system you HAVE to be more smart than gifted. Ask Wes Welker if i was all about being gifted he would have been a pro-bowler every year with Miami... no he is gifted but he is also very football smart!
            Yes I love Jay..and know he is a good QB...but who knows maybe something better is just out close! Lets also remember when he was drafted he was disappointed it wasnt by the Titans, then complained after Shanny got fired( i understand) then asked for a trade when Bates was let go... I am just saying i would rather have heart/smarts than amazing talent.

            So to end this lets give Josh a little trust..Whats the worst? we lose to the Chiefs and then get kicked out of the playoffs by the Chargers...wait that happened! lets give a little trust!

            Draft Rey!!!!!!

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            • Originally posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
              "clears throat"

              Doogie is a problem. But Jay is a problem too. Jay has tremendous upside and could evolve into a Hall of Fame QB. He's not there yet. In fact, he's still a LONG way from being there. He turns the ball over way too much and in the red zone is as prone to give the ball away as he is to score a touchdown. He is arrogant in his abilities and belief that he can always create something out of nothing even when he can't (this can also be an upside but there needs to be some balance or we give the ball away too much)

              I could see wanting Cassel since they want to win now and Cassel already knows the system. I find it hard to believe that Bowlen ok'd dangling Cutler as trade bait, since in the scheme of things, one of the reasons for bringing in Doogie rather than a defensive-minded coach was that we had a solid offense led by a Pro-Bowl QB and that QB needed seasoning and mentoring.
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              • There are a lot of things that are possible but I don't think this is probable.
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                My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

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                • Originally posted by Chidoze View Post
                  Since when has it been a crime to tell people you are upset? Really, this is ridiculous, some of you make it out as if he broke some unwritten law, because he doesnt handle things "the way you would have" or "the right way".

                  And yes, I do remember rumors that Cutler was disappointed that Bates was let go, he never demanded a trade, never saw him cry about it in front of a camera, nor did I see him complain to the papers, and he certainly never said he was "upset about the hiring" of Mcdaniels.....soooooooo

                  Dude your way overprotective.
                  When you are a professional athlete and you reprensent a team you are expected to act with some professionalism. if the team treats you dirty be the bigger person and prove to them that your better then they are.
                  I am not the only one who feels that way, there is ALOT of people who feel the same way i do so don't isolate me as the only one. Undertsand that I don't hate Jay and want him traded and from the jist of it most of the other who didn't appreciate jay's reaction don't want to trade him either but dude at this stage of the game he's not a rook, straight out of college, get someone who can guide him on when to talk and when not to talk if he can't do it by now.

                  I can understand if it was just a few others but it's a nice majority of people who feel the same way so to make this out like Jay overstepped my morale barrier is crazy.
                  he took his case to the media like he needed to defend himself. the fans were alreday on Jay side for Mcdaniels making the attempt to trade him why give us any inclination that josh might be right in making that attempt.
                  he didn't need to state his case ,the fans and the media would have backed him, if he would kept it professional. if you are too emotional then give it a day or two respond not when it's raw and still fresh.
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                  • I don't think it fits every piece of evidence since. It was the NE newspaper that leaked the story about McDaniels trying to trade for Cassel.... who do you think leaked that??

                    The story wasn't leaked that Cutler was lookign for a trade. People can't put feelers out without those knowing where the feelers were coming from. People wouldn't be calling McDaniels if it was the agent doing the searching. They would be calling the agent.

                    Just because Jay expressed displeasure with the firing of Shanahan, doesn't mean he was more upset that a LOT of players get when they find a coach has been fired. Every year, if there is a coach that is fired unexpectedly, you hear players that are upset. Hell, LT let it be known that he was NOT happy about the firing of Schottenheimer (as an example).

                    No. McDaniels was the one looking alright... and is now trying to make it appear that others are over-reacting, and he's completely innocent. He's backed himself into a corner, and doesn't know how to get out of it now.


                    • Excuse me, but what has "Josh" done to deserve my trust?

                      It is not Jay Cutler's fault that we have not made the playoffs the last two seasons... the main problems have been on defense. AND the previous year, Jay played sick through the whole season... So, don't come in here and tell me that we need to "trust" McDaniels. I don't care if he doesn't think that Jay fits in his system... Jay and his receivers are what made this organization special this year. How dare he come in and change that in two months. What does he think HE knows? I don't even think the two have met face to face and they were originally supposed to do that today, but because of this fallout we might have to wait until March 16th. I don't want to "trust" Josh McDaniels when he comes from a crooked organization in the first place.


                      • Who would you rather see go. Josh or Jay?

                        Let the fans speak!!!

                        Personally I would much rather see Josh go. This is a guy who tries to trade a franchise QB :cutler: for a QB who has only started 1 year of competitive football since HS. . .What do you think?
                        MILE HIGH TIL I DIE!!!


                        • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                          How can I agree with Cutler? How can I agree with McDaniels?

                          Cutler isn't as much pissed off about the fact that he was looked to be traded away, as he is that it was done behind his back after McDaniels told him how excited he was to work with him. Everything was hunky dorry, and then McDaniels tries to trade him away.. and EXPECT it to be kept a secret?? Welcome to the NFL McD.

                          Then... despite being BUSTED that he was trying to trade away the franchise QB and failed... he actually expects us to believe that MULTIBLE teams just called out of the blue, and asked to trade for our 3rd year, pro-bowl, Franchise QB that still has 3 years left on his contract???? WHO would make that call unless they KNEW he was being shopped? No one, and CERTAINLY not multible teams. McDaniels is LYING, and lying BIG TIME.

                          Then.. when the media catches the scent of the story, instead of killing it, he feeds it by refusing to talk with them about it. Later that same day, he and X don't talk to Jay or Jay's agent... leaving off ALL communication.

                          In the meantime, they are telling the press that Jay is over-reacting becaues they are only "answering phone calls." BS. EVERY source and proof has completely shown that to be wrong.

                          So now... now he lets it be known that Jay isn't coming to THEM to talk.. and AGAIN trying to put the spotlight and blame on Jay as if Jay is the one doing the wrong, when McDaniels hasn't been honest with ANYONE yet. He's been nothing but lying to everyone, and making it sound like others are just over-reacting.

                          So yeah... Jay is probably thinking.. "Oh, sure, NOWW you want to talk" after not talking to me or my agent yesterday and not TALKING to me before trying to trade me away behind my back. Yeah, hard to imagine how anyone would be pissed off about that. Not to mention seeing McDaniels completely LIE to everyone on how he was only "taking" phone calls and making it appear as if JAY is the one in the wrong. I know I wou'd be bit pissy myself with this back-stabbing move, and seeing him talk out the side of his neck.

                          Right now... McDaniels needs to be UPFRONT to jay.. period. I don't care anymore if he's honest to anyone else, but he needs to see Jay, and be honest with HIM about it. Tell him the truth, stand up and be a man instead of lying like your NE teacher. This is complete inexperience at the HC position and a complete lack of understanding that you can't do ANYTHING without it being found out and leaked. This blew up in McDaniels face, and he's trying to simply turn his back on it as if its everyone else's doing.
                          Let's not forget Rav, that there is some discord possibly within the ranks of the Front Office Brass. Remember, Xanders said "We are not going to trade Jay Cutler, he is our quarterback and a Pro Bowler. Ask Josh McDaniels!"...remember that, yet as you stated, Josh said, "I have no comment." - What kind of answer is that unless you are not sure how to handle that you done screwed up, I think he knew and Bowlens and Xanders began looking at damage control. Then later, Josh comes out "We are not going to and were not going to trade Cutler"...however by that time he looked even dumber because Schefter already reported that he was going to, that is the key point to this all, McDaniels is a F'n liar. Xanders then allows a leak (Or I believe in my opinion) in which it is stated that 'McDaniels did in fact try and trade Cutler, but that 'he' put a stop to it.'...which is smart damage control, the lie was known and by saying that he and Bowlen, and the brain-trust of the organization saves face and McDaniels is left holding the

                          I love how the anti-Cutler crowed seems to not see that the front office's actions are more iffy then Cutler's own. Could Cutler have handled it better? Yes...but I think the front office's handling of it was far worse. And right now the Broncos are the laughing stock of the entire league for it. We have been making some good moves, but we also have a coach who made one of the most boneheaded decisions in recent memory. Bowlen will eventually have to try and get this mended, but if Cutler is traded, not only will the majority of the fanbase turn on McDaniels and the brass, but McDaniels will be given even less room for era then any head coach in Bronco's history. Unless McDaniels actually admits his part, his mistake and tries better to mend it besides trying to force it on Cutler's shoulders.


                          • Just For Conversation Sake....

                            If given the chance to trade Cutler/Marshal/12th Pick to Atlanta for Ryan/Roddy White/24th Pick would you hang up the phone, make the trade, or have to think on it for a while?

                            "May God bless you and your family!"


                            • Josh. DEFINETLY


                              • McDaniels in a heartbeat.
                                Originally posted by darth-hideous
                                Champ losing a step, just means the rest of the NFL is now only two steps behind.
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