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  • Originally posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
    I want them both to stay.

    But I want Josh to MAN up and realize how HUGE of a mistake he made, and man up for the fact that he DID lie.

    Once he does that, I'm sure Jay will also man up and come in and talk things over for the season.

    I agree 100%. :salute!:

    The only reason I would like McLovin to stay is to see if the Patriots magic could rub off on us. The Patriots have a system/organization that wins ball games, I would love to see if he could bring that here. :go:


    • Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
      I'm not one that has made fum of Cutler, and I am old enough to remember Elway...The difference is, Elway kept it in the lockerroom.

      One the other hand, Elway could confide in Shanny...Bates was Cutler's Shanny, leaving Jay with no one to confide in.

      I see Cutler being traded, Doogie McLovin struggling for a season or two, only to be fired then,and starting over again, next time without Cutler.

      People here wanted "change", hope they're happy. I'm not.

      no the differance is there was no internet at hand for virtually every fan of the team..the instant news, instant emotion at the click of a finger..back then it was only news if it went somewhere, today the slightest comment can carry further then the best written or worst article of elways day
      when do native Americans become human and not mascots


      • Jay. McDaniels just totally screwed up my off season... and I didn't really like him in the first place. He's definitely not made a fan of me and I hope there are riots in Denver if they trade Jay.


        • Originally posted by 203KillinSpree View Post
          Mike Francesa had the nerve to say that Cassel has more mobility than our main man Cutler. What a joke!
          cassel had more rushing yards, higher ypc, and a worse oline

          if he had denver's oline (and a full training camp), in NE, he would have had alot more rushing yards and about 30 fewer sacks

          outside of NE though he's going to fail horribly, worse than the hindenburg


          • Originally posted by BroncoKazuki View Post
            Vikes get cutler they will end up in the SB unquestioned.
            I certainly question it.

            Originally posted by BroncoKazuki View Post
            TB gets Cutler they will be in the Playoff Hunt and be in the SB unquestioned.
            Weren't they if the playoff hunt without him?


            • Originally posted by bklynbronco View Post
              Dude your way overprotective.
              When you are a professional athlete and you reprensent a team you are expected to act with some professionalism. if the team treats you dirty be the bigger person and prove to them that your better then they are.
              I am not the only one who feels that way, there is ALOT of people who feel the same way i do so don't isolate me as the only one. Undertsand that I don't hate Jay and want him traded and from the jist of it most of the other who didn't appreciate jay's reaction don't want to trade him either but dude at this stage of the game he's not a rook, straight out of college, get someone who can guide him on when to talk and when not to talk if he can't do it by now.

              I can understand if it was just a few others but it's a nice majority of people who feel the same way so to make this out like Jay overstepped my morale barrier is crazy.
              he took his case to the media like he needed to defend himself. the fans were alreday on Jay side for Mcdaniels making the attempt to trade him why give us any inclination that josh might be right in making that attempt.
              he didn't need to state his case ,the fans and the media would have backed him, if he would kept it professional. if you are too emotional then give it a day or two respond not when it's raw and still fresh.
              I'm not over protective, nor am I too emotional. You are embellishing when you say "A nice majority". That is false. There are a lot, but in no way is it a majority. I'm simply trying to understand what exactly the problem is and understand the rational.

              You have stated that he needs to learn to handle adversity, he doesnt have self control and now it's he did something unprofessional.

              You clearly have implanted in your head, that what Cutler did, is wrong. I can respect that. But dont act like I'm some child and give me excuse after excuse constantly changing your mind on what the real issue is, when you clearly have trouble finding it.
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              • Im a Bronco fan first and formost and if I had to make a choice as to who was more valuable,Id say Cutler.
                As is, another team will probably get to benefit from the growing pains Bronco fans lived through.

                Who will be first in line to buy a leftwich jersey when starts week 1.


                • Originally posted by RainyTX View Post
                  Some of you just make me scratch my head. How can you be so hung up on Jay when he hasn't done a damn thing? How can you call yourself a Bronco fan but have loyalty to a player before the team? I'm reading all of these threads and it makes me sick to see so many fellow Bronco fans who are so narrow minded. I usually enjoy reading what people have to say about our team but it's getting a little ridiculous. Reading posts that say "if jay leaves, i'm leaving" is just ignorant. I kinda hope he does leave, then we can get rid of all you fake a** fans.
                  wow you are a first class MORON! i generally refrain from insulting other posters but my god! I have watched every game Jay has ever played and i know what he has done and can do for us, WHAT THE HELL HAS McDouch#bag DONE??!!! except to cause huge problems! IDIOT!


                  • W.t.f

                    Was this a good move on a rookie coach? I don't think so!! Josh just needs to MAN up and tell:cutler: that is was WRONG.We need our Franchised QB to be happy.I do not know if Jay will ever be the same.


                    • Originally posted by TheSmith28 View Post
                      I don't want either of them to leave...give 'em both a break man. I'm (and for sures everyone else) is tired of hearing about this and these kinds of threads. Give it a freakin rest already man, seriously. So do something else with your time....perhaps bake a cake?:thumb:
                      Although a cake sounds good I think you're missing the entire point of a message board. This message board is to discuss our favorite team the Denver Broncos and what at any given moment in time is happening with them. This seems to be the most pressing issue right now so I think the poll is just what this board was made for. To express one's opinion. . .
                      MILE HIGH TIL I DIE!!!


                      • Originally posted by BigMert View Post
                        Because the problem isn't our offense. I don't know why Mcdaniels would even consider trading Cutler and disrupt our offense that is just stupid IMO.
                        Our offense wasn't perfect. Yes they racked up a lot of yards, but were (as many other people have pointed out) mediocre in total points. There were a lot of mistakes, dropped balls, and turnovers. It isn't like there was no room to improve. I was stoked about getting McDaniels in here to clean up a lot of those mistakes starting and ending with Cutler. I think had things not gone the way they did this weekend we would have been looking at dynasty talk in a few years. That would have been incumbent on Cutler being willing to listen and learn though. Now we'll have to wait and see where things will end up.
                        I'm done with this team until they're done with Josh.


                        • We have been looking for a franchise QB since 99 when Elway left..........Hello Mcfly ? Anyone home.....we found him. His name is Jay Cutler !

                          You dont get rid of a franchise QB that has the potential to be a star for years and years! Look what he has done with the worst defense in the league...
                          Born and raised on Broncos football! 27 and counting....


                          • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                            THere have been a TON of QBs coming off the bench and had good seasons leading the team when they were nothing but a back-up. Lets not name him some kind of "leader and mesiah" of QBs based off one decent year with a team that just went 18-1 the season before. Not quite going to ahve that same surrounding cast anymore.
                            Exactly. We'll see truly how good Cassel is when he is in KC without Welker and Moss.


                            • Wow, how the tide has turned from the Dawkins signing! I just can't see how anyone can take a side at this point. People are using words like "proof" and "sources." Where is this so called proof of anything at this point? Yeah, this situation is being dealt with very poorly, but why are we all so quick to want to blame Cutler or McDaniels? Of course every sports writer wants to spin this in either way because of what their "sources close to the situation" have told them. Personally, I think that McDaniels wanted Cassell, when the possibility came about, he took the calls and thought about it. On that, just be honest about it and don't blindside Cutler after you came in saying that you were looking forward to working with the guy.

                              On the other hand, Cutler has a right to be pissed, IMO, but has handled it, thusfar, in a bit of a childish manner. Yes, he was blindsided, but be the bigger man and realize that this team, and it's fans, need and want you here. Go out and use it on the field to prove McDaniels wrong. Work twice as hard and quit starring down Marshall every other play and go to your 2nd, 3rd and even 4th reads.

                              Guess I am just tired of the whole situation. McDaniels screwed up trying to trade Cutler behind his back and Cutler screwed up in how he is dealing with the aftermath. I really hope Cutler stays a Bronco, but not at the cost of the team.:go:


                              • Originally posted by Sanders47 View Post
                                A- respect for being a longhorn fan!

                                But do you want a Qb who doesnt want to be here? And doesnt know much how about calling plays to break ever passing record in the NFl! how about being the QB coach for 2 superbowls and a defensive coach for one superbowl..all wins I mind you. The man knows football!
                                Look Jay is a great athelete...but throwing 4 ints in the last coupl of games to determine a playoff berth? I wish they could have worked it out..but why not trsut someone who knows how to WIN!
                                Cuz the defense didn't put any unneeded pressure on Jay at all. Seriously. I know it's a team sport, but the defense was absolutely ridiculous the last two games of the season and just when Jay would get caught up, the d would let the chargers score. Seriously stupid. Champ Bailey was the only one who could tackle and he was HURT. Ridiculous. Seriously. Jay doesn't have the attitude the media likes... he is not Peyton Manning and he is not smooth with words, which makes him look arrogant, but he's not. He's just like me. Hates to have people ask him questions and when they asked him questions about his team he always brought it back to how he could have helped make the situation better... he isn't arrogant, he just isn't Peyton Manning or Tom Brady and that's okay... it's nice to have someone who's a little more in your face and honest than someone who will twist their words to make themselves look better.