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  • The grass is NOT always greener.

    :cool: 150 lbs of pure steel and sex appeal. :cool:

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    • It's a game breaking QB that can lead his team to many super bowls and can win games on his own.

      *cough* John Elway *cough*


      • That will never happen... the Viks don't have enough to give up.
        Superbowl 50 Champs!


        • cutler

          :cutler::cutler:I see alot of you doubting cutlers skill.Dont forget he had no run defense and no running game.7 injured running backs.A coach letting him go maverick cause he had no choice.His wide recievers were among the league leaders in drops.Hell he threw for 4000 yards and 20 touchdowns,i know the interceptions were killing us but if he had some help his numbers would be better.Lets be real no one man can win a superbowl....Jay Cutler is just another piece.... he needs help.Give Jay some love we need him,whats the alternative a 2nd round quarter back whos half as good as the way in my opion Jay is better than matt cassel.:cutler:


          • My .02 - and in no real order:

            1. Arm strength
            2. Football IQ
            3. Mobility
            4. Leadership ability
            5. Passion for the game ***

            and of course WINFIRST

            When you have a guy who posseses all of these tools, you have yourself a Franchise QB. When you have a guy with some or most of these tools, you have a damn good QB but ultimately, you are always on the lookout for the genuine article.

            Great thread!


            • What's wrong with change is that Cutler was and still is supposed to represent that change. He's a franchise quarterback. He's a Pro Bowl quarterback. He's a strong leader. He's got tremendous skills and abilities.

              He is change from what the Broncos have previously endured since Elway retired.

              And our record since he took over can hardly be attributed all to him. Our defense has given up 27 points a game since he took over in late 2006, worse in the NFL. No quarterback would win many games with that kind of stat going against them.

              Jay IS NOT the problem. Is he perfect? Hardly. Is he too inconsistent? Arguably yes. But he's going to be an elite quarterback. He just needs help - the same help Elway needed back in '95.

              There is no logical reason to replace Jay with the likes of Matt Cassel. I've totally lost any faith I had in McDaniels with such a boneheaded move.


              • Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
                actually has a good point there...
                to bad its just the shape of his head
                when do native Americans become human and not mascots


                • Originally posted by stevelkinevil View Post
                  wow you are a first class MORON! i generally refrain from insulting other posters but my god! I have watched every game Jay has ever played and i know what he has done and can do for us, WHAT THE HELL HAS McDouch#bag DONE??!!! except to cause huge problems! IDIOT!
                  what has he done? Besides the fact he has a big arm, why do you love him so much? The only reason he went to the pro bowl was because the voting was done weeks before the end of the season and you guys know it. That was one of the complaints that he went over Rivers. Just take off your orange colored glasses for a moment. He makes horrible decisions, inaccurate with the deep ball, locks in on primary target, etc. You can think what you want about me...i really don't care. You can't ignore the facts no matter how much you love him. I had high hopes for him too, but when the going gets tough....he folds. If I'm wrong, prove it to me.


                  • Originally posted by jcdavey View Post
                    ben is very clutch though

                    alot of qbs wilt in pressure like that
                    lol not gonna lie...another good point...but i still don't like him, but you have to give credit where it's due (and by that I mean Ben) ha not the guy on the boards..


                    • Originally posted by bklynbronco View Post
                      it's all about professionalism. they are the same cause how you handle yourself on and off the field is a sign of character.

                      san diego fans claim that rivers is firey, emotional and honest. Other people feels he's arrogant and full of himself.
                      There people that feel Cutler is firey, emotional and honest off the field. Other people think he's spoiled and whiney.
                      the biggest complaint of both is or was immaturity. whether you like Rivers act on the sidelines other then SD fans most people didn't and it was a sign of immaturity.

                      the same goes for cutler fans who will defend him because he's a bronco player. he's seems to be the type if he's was playing a pickup game of basketball in the park and we were playing with his ball if things weren't going his way he take his ball and go home cause he's not winning.

                      I have nothing personal with the guy but you guys get so over protective with some players like you owe them money or they saved your kids, that any critizism against then becomes this us against the world.

                      Nobody has agreed with what Josh has done, I repeat nobody has agreed with what josh has done but Jay hasn't helped the situation and it this could have been squashed by him taking a breath and not responding as soon as he heard what was going on.
                      Once again, we are jumping from thread to thread here with this, I am not being over protective.

                      People are critical of other people, I get that, and sometimes it's deserved. Sometimes though, it's really not necessary. Whether this situation is or isnt, is anybody's opinion.

                      Now, I've already stated that Cutler could have done it differently, maybe he should have, who knows. But to say how he reacted is wrong in any way is purely and completely debatable. I dont believe what he said is wrong, nor do I think he should apologize for anything.

                      We all do things differently at any age, so for people to state that what he's done as wrong like they are some saint, is wrong. Everyone is so quick to call him out and say he's being wrong as if they are right.

                      Now I dont view him as someone who "takes his ball and goes home when things dont go his way". Frustrated because his team cant accomplish goals, yes, I see that. Specifically, the Cleveland game, they were down and demoralized in that game, Cutler took his ball and put it in the endzone to win it, not home.

                      So, I really have no problem with Cutler. I do have a problem with what McDaniels did, but not him as a coach at the moment.

                      I dont have a problem with the fans who's opinion is rightfully theirs, what I do have the problem with though, is how people can state that Cutler has any fault in this, just because the story got bigger when he talked to the press. It would have eventually got to national media and they would have talked about it extensively, and it would not be squashed had Cutler not said a word, the Broncos would still have a lot of explaining to do. To the fans, and to Cutler.


                      • Facts

                        heres the facts...has Jay has yet to say this is MY team!!!! he is allowing McD to make it his team...a franchise qb needs to say...look I see what you want to do Josh, but this is my team and I am staying and winning...he does not need to avoid talking to his coach

                        Bring A new Orange Crush!!!!


                        • Originally posted by lancane View Post
                          Let's not forget Rav, that there is some discord possibly within the ranks of the Front Office Brass. Remember, Xanders said "We are not going to trade Jay Cutler, he is our quarterback and a Pro Bowler. Ask Josh McDaniels!"...remember that, yet as you stated, Josh said, "I have no comment." - What kind of answer is that unless you are not sure how to handle that you done screwed up, I think he knew and Bowlens and Xanders began looking at damage control. Then later, Josh comes out "We are not going to and were not going to trade Cutler"...however by that time he looked even dumber because Schefter already reported that he was going to, that is the key point to this all, McDaniels is a F'n liar. Xanders then allows a leak (Or I believe in my opinion) in which it is stated that 'McDaniels did in fact try and trade Cutler, but that 'he' put a stop to it.'...which is smart damage control, the lie was known and by saying that he and Bowlen, and the brain-trust of the organization saves face and McDaniels is left holding the

                          I love how the anti-Cutler crowed seems to not see that the front office's actions are more iffy then Cutler's own. Could Cutler have handled it better? Yes...but I think the front office's handling of it was far worse. And right now the Broncos are the laughing stock of the entire league for it. We have been making some good moves, but we also have a coach who made one of the most boneheaded decisions in recent memory. Bowlen will eventually have to try and get this mended, but if Cutler is traded, not only will the majority of the fanbase turn on McDaniels and the brass, but McDaniels will be given even less room for era then any head coach in Bronco's history. Unless McDaniels actually admits his part, his mistake and tries better to mend it besides trying to force it on Cutler's shoulders.
                          why do we have to be anti-cutler? I don't want him traded by no means.

                          the bad thing about this board if you critize a player here you become anti this or anti that.
                          I didn't not like what josh tried and i think it's fair to say i most people didn't
                          either but a lot of us didn't like Jay's reaction either as soon as it happend. there is a time and place for everything and he did not have to respond so soon knowing that it was still raw and fresh. Taking his case to the local media right after he learned about the attempted trade and all he could have said is no comment or i don't know what to say right now or I'll speak in a couple of days.

                          that doesn't make me anti-cutler i want him to handle adversity better that's all.

                          we need stop boxing people into labels and groups.
                          Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!


                          • Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
                            You didn't want change?

                            1 playoff win, and 1 division title in 10 years for a proud organization like the Denver Broncos was satisfactory to you?

                            Do you just have low expectations?
                            "Change" as in getting rid of Shanny? No. Your "proud" oranization has been to exactly ONE Superbowl without Shanahan on the staff in its 50 year history...5 with, 1 without. You do the math.

                            And, Shaanahan had another Superbowl when he went to SF.

                            Fact is, Shanny was rebuilding ever since the AFC conference game, but unlike most other coaches, we go .500, not 3-13 or 5-11, like virtually every other team does.

                            Plus, we made the playoffs quite a few times, and weren't good enough to beat Peyton Manning.

                            This team wasn't that far away. I'll take a great OL and a good/potentially great QB to start every season.


                            • Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
                              I would never throw Rothlisberger into that list....if you put ANY other QB in his situation and that team'd REALLY be dangerous...Proof is in the pudding when Leftwich came in and was TWICE as successful as Ben....TWO different games...
                              Bubby Brister's excellent play was the reason we were able to make that 2nd SB victory run. So just because a backup had a good game is by no means the bar to down a great QB. Big Ben is the definition of a "Franchise QB." He has 2 SB wins, that came off his arm, in half the time that it took Peyton to get 1. He leads his team to victory time and time again. To take that away from him is wrong.


                              • Originally posted by Sanders47 View Post
                                heres the facts...has Jay has yet to say this is MY team!!!! he is allowing McD to make it his team...a franchise qb needs to say...look I see what you want to do Josh, but this is my team and I am staying and winning...he does not need to avoid talking to his coach
                                You don't understand. Jay IS establishing that this is his team by not talking to the head coach, especially since Jay (like everyone else) knows his head coach lied publicly about the whole situation.

                                It makes zero sense for Jay to tuck HIS tail between HIS legs and fly out to Denver to meet with the Broncos behind closed doors just so the Broncos can come out and say 'all is mended' without admitting any fault.

                                What NEEDS to happen is McDaniels needs to come out, own up to his lie, go to Cutler, and kiss his butt.