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  • Originally posted by YosemiteSam View Post
    Here's a pure speculation on what may have happened here...

    I don't think any explanation fully fits the facts. And the bottom line always has to be: money.

    Cassel is a backup. When Brady came back, Cassel would sit. His friend and mentor, McD, knew this. The best situation for Cassel would be to go to another team as their starter. But to get the best money, he needs a better resume than one season as the fill-in for a NE team that just went undefeated minus 1. Belichek wants to dump his 14 million dollar franchise tag. As an aside, why franchise a player that you know is going to sit and have to pay him a fortune to do so? There was no new Brady news in the MSM to indicate some special healing had taken place. Belichek and McD both knew the Cassel/Brady situation a month ago and knew Brady was coming back. You just don't franchise a backup QB. Ever.

    So you franchise Cassel to make him look like NE thinks he's worth it. And then, McD comes out in trade talks talking like Cassel is a better QB than Cutler. Why? to make Cassel valuable enough to another team so they would ridiculously overpay for him. Cassel wins: a starter job. Belichek wins:a ridiculous price for a backup QB. And McD does a favor for his protege and pays back some unknown favor that Belichek did for him (maybe for the good word Belichek put into Bowlen's ear to get McD the HC job). McD never intended to trade Cutler: he was helping Belichek pull a bait and switch.

    Long made up story short: McD and Belichek did Cassel a favor by playing him up to get him a starter job for another team. And they got that team to pay twice what he's worth. Classic Belichek.

    But once the news got out, Cutler went all high school on it, and now McD has a black eye for doing it. But, he can't tell Cutler what he did because Cutler can't keep his mouth shut.

    And that made up story fits the facts as I know them. Now boys, have at it.
    That would be a fine and dandy idea except you forgot Scott Pioli is the GM in KC. He knew just as much about Tom Brady's situation as Belicheat and McTard. He wasn't getting "fooled" for anything, and thus this attempt to get Cassel wasn't a favor. Besides, many reports say the Broncos were simply too late to get Cassel since Vrabel was already in KC and the deal was "committed" upon, by the time the Broncos gave the OK with Tampa Bay and New England. Either way Cutler was going to a Belicheat person... oh and rumor has it now that we may trade Cutler to the Browns... guess who their coach is??? Yep Eric Mangini of the Belicheat family... though he is apparently hated by Bill for taking a ton of his staff.


    • Originally posted by floridabroncos View Post
      But no, this is his plan. He has received special aid from Jack Bauer in planting explosives into the chest of Bus Cook, which are set to the acoustical wavelengths of Josh McDaniel's voice. The moment McD yells "What the **** are you doing here?!"...BOOM!
      LOL... Funny stuff!

      That or maybe Cook can lean just close enough to drop a head lice in McIdiots head just before he leaves... Cutler could chuckle every time he seen Mcidiot scratching away.. Cassel's wife/girlfriend would start to wonder why he was always scratching himself down there Then all of a sudden McIdiots trade idea would make a lot more since..
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      • Originally posted by lancane View Post

        Lying does no good, especially when it is the freakin' head coach!

        And in truthfulness, the fans would be less harsh if he had not lied. Instead we had to have Schefter tell the whole world along with several other journalists that he has flat out lied, to Cutler, to the press and worse even, the fans!

        Smart move would have been for McDaniels to say "I was contacted by a couple teams in regards to trying to trade Cutler, I admit I thought about it...but then I weighed the situation, and I like Jay a whole hell of a lot, and I want to see what he and myself can do together. I have this great young quarterback in Cutler, who is one of the best young quarterbacks...someone I highly no, I want Cutler as my quarterback and he will be my quarterback for a long time to come, that is what I believe."

        If McDaniels would have said that, admitted he looked at the possibilities and put out there a statement praising and telling the fans that no, he wants Cutler...he would have not have caused a frenzy in the fan base, and he would have put any fallout on Cutler. Jay probably would have been flattered by such a statement and he would have likely said something along the lines of "I am glad McDaniels thinks so highly of me, I am glad he feels that way as do I feel much the same for him. I believe we will do great things together and I am looking forward to all we can accomplish." And there would have been no fallout or problematic issues. Not unless Cutler acted differently and pulled the same as he is now, then the fans or the majority would have backed McDaniels.

        But lying and being secretive about it has done no good for the could have been handled far better by telling the truth and making sure Cutler knew he was McDaniels' boy...there would be none of this we would have to worry about and it would have been a good off-season thus far, but this has marred the signings and new additions to the team...

        The Problem is Lancane, that more then likely isn't the truth.. If he would have really felt that way, none of this would have happened, Cutler along with a lot of other sources in the know have said McDaniels would have traded Cutler but the deal feel through when Cassel was dealt to the Chiefs..

        If he really did want Cassel over Cutler, coming out and saying that probably wouldn't help this situation much but at least he wouldn't be making out like Cutler was making a big deal out of nothing..
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        • Originally posted by mx_stiles13 View Post
          What makes Cutler a franchise quarterback?

          He has lost more than he has won.

          He hasn't made it to the playoffs.

          A franchise QB is usually the face of the franchise. When people see his unprofessionalism and immature attitude, you don't get the same impression that you'd get with true franchise players like Manning, Brady and Brees.
          Remember winning a games isn't all about the QB... it has much to do with the defense too.


          • Originally posted by hankster View Post
            Jay is very mobile. He has to be with that OL. Otherwise he'd surely be on permanent disability by now. Wow, I mean Jay is very mobile. How else can he avoid the DL pouring through that OL? Well at least some of the times he does.
            Are you smoking something? Denver gave up 11 sacks last season. 2nd lowest in the league. Most times Jay could have made a sandwich and taken a nap before throwing the ball. Do you even know what Football IS?


            • '08 D Under the Bus?

              Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
              I couldn't disagree any more with your post.

              If Jay Cutler "fails", it's because he either/or

              1) is a system QB playing in a system that turned Brian Griese and Jake Plummer into Pro Bowlers, and couldn't play in a more cerebral system like McDaniels.

              2) doesn't grow up, and can't get past the issues going on right now, and that would be unfortunate for him. He would be deemed as an immature talent that has had everything handed to him, and he would be devalued around the league.

              Let's not forget how Cutler threw the defense under the bus after SD, when Denver couldn't clinch a playoff spot 4 weeks left in the season with the offense averaging a paltry 17 points per game.

              Yea, I'm wondering just how great of a teammate he really is.
              I didn't know we had a defense on the bus last year? Outside of Champ, DJ Williams and maybe Doom, I'm pretty sure the rest of the defensive side of the ball were a Slowik directed car pooling effort in AMC Pacers and Ford Pintos, trying to catch the bus. Jay did them a favor implying they even rode the bus. At least he didn't let on that our special teams were trailing in a short bus and that our run game recessed to covered wagons pulled by 3-legged, broke-****, underfed oxen.

              We might have a young gun slinger with an ego leading the pack but he and the O-Line are the only reason we weren't scalped and cannibalized by the natives.......
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              • Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
                He's been deemed one by the fanbase, along with half of the starting QB's around the entire NFL.

                Cutler isn't our first young talent at the QB position, and he most certainly will not be our last.
                Half the starting QBs said what about Cutler? Please post a link.

                I don't get the infatuation with Cutler. Has he really earned the title "franchise quarterback"? Really? What has he exactly done to earn the title?

                Oh right, he won 8 games with a terrible defense. And went to the pro bowl. That makes him a franchise quarterback. Not winning division titles, playoff games, Superbowls, or MVPs. Sure is nice being a franchise QB who never has to prove he deserves the title by actually winning games.
                "Pey-Pey to Bay-Bay for the Tay Day!!"



                • My first thought was "I lost all respect for the HC". And that is even my second thought. Greatest BS.


                  • A four letter word beginning with F followed by a very sick feeling in my stomach.


                    • Had a hard time getting through all that. Okay I didn't. So sue me!

                      Jay's a professional under contract. He either plays or gets benched, which doesn't do him any good. If he sucks, he only hurts himself. I don't know how anyone could think he's holding McDaniels' fate in his hands.

                      I agree with Silk...anything he does besides play his butt off next year, and he's doing himself a disservice.

                      If he wants out, he plays his butt off so he can help himself in free agency.

                      If he wants to stay, he plays his butt off to keep the starting gig.

                      There are some good veteran backups out there who can challenge a starter. Pick one of these guys up and he'll play even better. And if he doesn't, that should put all of this "franchise QB" talk to rest.
                      "Pey-Pey to Bay-Bay for the Tay Day!!"



                      • No Fan Of A Cloned Patriots Team !!!

                        If Cutler leaves, I think all hope is out the window for years to come. Who cares if he whines or gets pissed or pouts ... as long as his arm does the talking on the field its not really important if he whines or sh*ts his pants off the field.

                        If Culter goes - they will lose lots of fans ... Including me. I have been a bronco fan for years and years and I am also a fan of Cutler ... it boils down to this ...

                        I am a bigger fan of Broncos w/Cutler than I am a fan of a cloned Patriots team wearing Bronco uniforms.

                        Just call me Stupid

                        Let me clear one thing up for you very quickly.

                        Jay Cutler is not god, he is not above his head coach or the organization that cuts his checks and gave him his oppurtunity to play in the NFL.

                        Cutler is moody, he pouts, he whines, he runs to the media before talking to the person he has a problem with. He plays wrecklessly and stupid at times and has alot to learn and had better never compare himself to John Elway again, because he will never be Elway, period!

                        He also has a serious medical condition that can affect his play if not monitered properly like in the pro-bowl and I think this will ultimately shorten his career.

                        Yeah, alot of teams are interested, so what, he holds all the cards now? We can trade him and get a good package of picks and build our TEAM. Josh McDaniels does not have any ties to Cutler, he could care less about his butt buddy Bates, and hopefully he will not bow down to this punk!

                        Jay is good, no doubt, but he is not that good. He has had a losing record with essentially the same team Jake Plummer, yes Jake Plummer had at 7-4 before Cutler took over prematurely. Plummer had much more sucsess and has been a proven winner here. In my eyes Cutler has proved nothing! Oh, wait, he came back and beat the friggin Cleveland Browns, whoah, stop the presses!

                        I just hope McDaniels and company does not flinch and if Jay says he wants to go, lets him go.

                        We are building a TEAM, we are not catering to a young, cocky punk who thinks he's better than he really is!

                        McDaniels is not screwed, he is Bowlen;'s gy and I'll bet you anything that Bowlen will sned Jay packing before Josh!

                        Do me a favor though, you and all of the other idiots that want McDaniels gone must, and I mean must, go root for whatever team Jay is traded to. I root for the Denver Broncos, not Jay Cutler![/QUOTE]


                        • Actually, Cugel get's it!
                          That post is the only one that has any sense to it at all.
                          It don't matter how you slice this ordeal, the Broncos are in deep right now.
                          Let's say McD decides to say F#$K all this and trade Jay.
                          What do we do? bring in Jeff Garcia for a year or two and hope to god we get a PBQ out of the draft?

                          Even if McD don't trade Jay, that don't mean that Jay will play.
                          The ball will be served by Jay at this point. McD has no say in the matter.
                          Your a fool if you think otherwise.


                          • Mind Blowing >>>

                            This really blew my mind when I read it. The more I hear about McDumba** the more I think he wants to create the "Denver Patriots" hell I didnt even like Cassel, I think he had a good run and hes as good as average but even the thought of trading Cutler is slightly insane and bizarre to me. I thought the goal here was try to make the team better and improve not create some Soap Opera Syndrom where al the players will turn on the coaches etc.

                            Also, Whats up with a lot lf the Fans talking like Charger fans? Complaining about Cutler's whining or pouting etc. Who gives a damn what he says? you want a faggy cheerful gayish happy boy wonder who dont show any emotions? I like Cutler better than some Vulcan tongued zombie child.

                            Wake up !!!!!!!! We can win with Cutler !!!!!! We know this .. winning is not an issue with Cutler !!!!

                            Let him whine or get pissed or pout or piss who really gives a damn?


                            • Kindred Thoughts.....

                              Originally posted by knoxman36and2 View Post
                              My first thought revolved around sleep deprivation or perhaps drugs of some nature slipped into my food or drink. Then when I found out (and am still finding out) what actually happened? I can see both sides of why people feel the way they do.

                              While I can appreciate the peoples feelings that Jay is overreacting to the situation, and that he handled it badly by talking with the media before talking with the front office? I can also understand that given the same situation in their own jobs? Most people would immediately be infuriated and perhaps say things they shouldn't.

                              Since I don't live in Denver all I can base my opinion on is what I read here or on other websites. If the "facts" that have been represented are accurate?

                              1) McDaniels states in the media on more than one occasion that he is looking forwards to developing his relationship and moving forwards with Jay's exceptional talent at the QB position

                              2) At the very least McDaniels, Xanders, Bowlen, or someone in the front office had phone conversations with two other NFL teams about the possibility of trading Cutler in a deal involving Cassell.

                              3) Cutler found out about this phone call(s) second hand and not from anyone in the front office themselves.

                              4) The first mention of the front office even contacting Jay wasn't until at least two days "after" the news broke, and the denial of any trade possibilities even being considered took just as long to be made.

                              If these "facts" are all accurate? Then who wouldn't be upset and perhaps saying things they shouldn't if it happened to them? Leave aside that these players make excessive amounts of money compared to most of us. That really doesn't come into the picture at all. If you woke up one morning to find messages on your answering machine, or were awakened by friends calling to tell you that they were hearing your boss was making moves to get rid of you? That certainly is going to effect your confidence level in your boss. If your boss had just finished telling you what a wonderful job you do and how valuable you are to the organization, and then you find out he is trying to get rid of you behind your back? There are words that are commonly used to describe people like that. Two-faced, Liars, double-dealers, etc.

                              I am "not" defending Jay's maturity level, and I agree with many posters on here that he indeed does have some growing up to do. If the things we are hearing are accurate however? If Jay was shopped (considering not one, but two teams made phonecalls)? Then it certainly has to look like McDaniels or someone in the front office really made a large error in how this situation was handled.

                              I do realize that the NFL is a business just as any other. I expect the management to do whats in the best interests of the club to improve the overall team in its ability to win games. While many of us are fans of this particular player or that particular player I think we would all agree that we want to see our team win games even if our favorite player is no longer in Blue and Orange. If Cutler does wind up being traded in the aftermath of this situation it won't stop me from continuing to be a Broncos fan. How the situation was handled in the beginning though doesn't increase my confidence level in our new coaches ability to handle players and their unique personalities. It also doesn't make me particularly confident in his ability to assess talent. I realize I am biased by my liking for Cutlers style of play. I have always preferred the mobile, gunslinger at that position over the pure pocket passer (hence my reason for being a Bronco fan to begin with, John Elway). Even trying to be objective though I can't see Cassell being even close to Cutlers equal, and the "reported" draft picks didn't make up the difference imo.

                              All this leads me to say that since the initial shock has worn off, and I no longer believe my mental capabilities to be impaired as I originally thought to be the case?
                              I personally feel disgust, embarrassment, irritation, and a degree of pessimism about the new regime. This was not the case before all this started. While I was a Shanahan fan? I had accepted that Bowlen felt a need to go in a different direction, and I had some hopes that perhaps a fresh face with new ideas and new ways of motivating the players could be beneficial to my team.

                              I only hope that this issue can be resolved soon, but unless someone in the front office is willing to step forwards and say, yeap....we didnt handle that very well, so here is what we are gonna do Jay.....I have an uneasy feeling that we may be once again searching for a franchise QB that we can see a future with.
                              Wow, I'm glad you spent the time to put this all together because all I can say is DITTO. Great post and thoughts as they are kindred to mine. Well put together and thought out. Grassy Ass.


                              • I think this is a ridiculous question. If you really want an answer, it has to be "neither". You can't give a new head coach the elbow before he has had any chance to prove himself, just on the basis of media speculation about his first "faux pas" as a head coach. Do we really know what really happened? No. For goodness sake give the man a break.
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