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  • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
    as much as I love and have idolized cutler since a teen.... who cares what Elway thinks??? I mean, seriously. He's been retired for 10 years.. his opinion isn't needed on everything regarding Broncos.
    I couldn't agree more!!!!!

    Loved McD 's first full FA. Can't wait to see the draft.

    2010 Draft WISHlist:

    Any center since we don't have one.


    • Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
      Yup plus Peyton threw Cutler into the pool and broke Jays pump but he got a new one the next day. It wouldnt take Jay a few weeks to get a new pump.
      Not true Bronc. Peyton Manning asked Jay Cutler for his cell phone, thinking it was the only electronic item on him. Alan Faneca and a Chargers lineman, not Manning, dunked him in the pool.

      This argument reminds me of the book Roar of Silence, which explains if Kenny Walker was not deaf, he could have been a great linebacker. Someone, I can't remember who, said a new defensive assistant coach named Ernie was responsible for Walker being the last player cut after his third training camp. I hope if Jay Cutler writes a book about his battle against Type 1 diabetes, the story will not end like Walker's did.


      • Originally posted by flpunter View Post
        great journalism. This guys title says "players" and he quotes only Cutlers best friend ? He spent "a few days" talking with people in Denver and around the NFL and he has one person on record ? Sports journalism is joke.
        That made me laugh, too.

        I hope some of the players are put on edge. Fear can be a powerful motivator. None of us were happy with Shanahan's teams the last several years, and by all indicators, the Mastermind had lost the power to motivate his players.

        Originally posted by View Post
        lol @ cutthroat approach has players on edge.

        well gentlemen, welcome to the current american job market.
        Ain't that the truth.


        • Who cares what Elways take is. This is like the post yesterday that wondered if Jake Plummer thought this whole thing was funny. Who cares? Both of those guys have their own lives and this doesnt affect them in any way, shape, or form.


          • Originally posted by Illyion View Post
            Cripes, half you people are acting as though there were no other mitigating circumstances and that the Bucs and the Lions both called up expecting to get Cutler. If there HAD been no other circumstances involved, then I could understand your skepticism when the organization said there were no "feelers" sent out regarding a Cutler trade, because you're right, under most circumstances a team will not just call up another and try to get their franchise passer, however there WERE other circumstances.

            In this case, those circumstances were that these teams knew McDaniels liked Cassel, and that Cassel would fit in McDaniels system, and so they thought with all that in mind that maybe they COULD leverage the Broncos into a three way trade, and that obviously did not happen because Jay is still here. The Cassel factor is a HUGE mitigating factor here.

            Bucs/Lions call randomly about getting Jay Cutler, organization says there was no shopping/feelers - Not so credible

            Two quarterback starved teams (Bucs/Lions) know new Broncos HC has ties to another FA QB (Cassel), and think they can use said HC's fondness for said QB to pry out a three way deal, they would attempt this even with no feelers from Denver because it's a reasonable situation - Pretty damned credible in my opinion.

            Also, I love how you all have NO PROOF that anyone in the organization lied, but you're absolutely 100% correct in this situation, meanwhile we have the word of the organization, and nobody had come out saying that Denver put out feelers, but we're the idiots who have no idea what we're talking about.

            You people seriously need to get a grip.
            Just want people to read this.. although I've been trying to say it for 3 or 4 days, and not many listened.

            Originally posted by Gr3yStreet
            But if we put out "feelers" for a QB of Jay's calibur wouldn't there be more than 2 teams?

            I would think if the Broncos really legit put of "feelers" there would of been a FLOOD of interest. Tampa, Detroit, San Fransisco, New York Jets, Miami, Houston, Oakland, KC, Minnesota, Cleveland... were was the interest from these teams?

            Do you think its likely that we put out "feelers" stating we were willing to trade Cutler and ONLY two teams showed interest?

            I haven't seen ANY other teams with "sources" saying they saw the Cutler rumors and were interested. Why wouldn't they be interested?

            How many teams got thrown into the rumor AFTER all this news broke?
            This is a great point. Every team with a big need at QB was suddenly in the discussion after this all broke.

            Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor
            Your post here reminded me of BeliCheat insisting that he had no idea video taping other teams signals and walk throughs was against league rules. Then he issued a statement that he wasn't going to discuss it any further.

            Does that sound familiar?????
            And this brings me to my point.. It's all become really clear to me what's going on here. People automatically distrust Josh McDaniels because he worked for the Patriots and Bill Belichick. Look back at some of your own posts, Ravage, B4, Mojo, I know this is part of your whole thought process. Anyone who has studied psychology, help me out here: this is confirmation bias at it's finest.

            Now, I know I'm susceptible to it too, everybody is. But at least I know I am.
            The Denver Broncos, aka THE NFL'S NEXT DYNASTY


            • Originally posted by BurgessRudy View Post
              If what the Immature new coach of the Broncos said is true then there is no story. But, there is a story. Some person or organization leaked that Jay Cutler was considered in a trade. The Broncos couldn't have leak that, because they said it never happened so there was nothing to leak.

              Therefore, an outside person or team leaked this information to Jay and the press, which shows that McDaniels has to be a liar.
              ok, so for the pt of discussion lets say what mcd said abt the calls for cutler not being uncommon at this time of the offseason is true, and that they also got calls for other players. that no players are untouchable. that the pats have also gotten calls abt brady over the years, or the colts abt peyton. here is just what doesnt make sense abt mcd's statement:

              1. why hasnt any freaking story leaked abt some teams calling/inquiring abt brady, peyton, eli, ben, etc., if this was just normal at this time? even if other teams obviously knw these players are unavailable, that they still had the temerity to ask if the pats would trade brady, how come there never was a story abt it in the past?! pls dont tell me no team ever asked or ever thought of getting brady or peyton via a trade all these years.

              2. so how come this story abt teams "asking" for cutler becomes news now, if mcd is telling the truth they only "listened" to offers?! if this is "normal" around this time, teams asking for ANY player, why has this blown up?! it shouldnt be news then, if this happens every year....

              nothing makes sense...well, mcd doesnt make sense.


              • Originally posted by NagaSadow View Post
                Just want people to read this.. although I've been trying to say it for 3 or 4 days, and not many listened.

                This is a great point. Every team with a big need at QB was suddenly in the discussion after this all broke.

                And this brings me to my point.. It's all become really clear to me what's going on here. People automatically distrust Josh McDaniels because he worked for the Patriots and Bill Belichick. Look back at some of your own posts, Ravage, B4, Mojo, I know this is part of your whole thought process. Anyone who has studied psychology, help me out here: this is confirmation bias at it's finest.

                Now, I know I'm susceptible to it too, everybody is. But at least I know I am.
                Coming from a psychology dude- confirmation bias is not that complicated of a concept. It has existed for a long long time and always has been a part of the boards.

                Join the party!

                Note. The best posters are the ones who are willing to consider other opinions. But most people just want to dive in and say crap. But hey, it's a board I guess...
                Go Broncos, make me keep believing this year


                • Originally posted by Chicago-Broncofreak View Post
                  You bring up good points - it is true we all don't always focus on the nasty side of what happens behind closed doors in the league.

                  But I like Jay's honesty. Perhaps some people call it immature but I think it is refreshing and can reflect a new kind of leadership for him as he continues to develop. I'd rather hear honesty from my franchise QB than the company line. As long as he is responsible about how he portrays that honesty, then things will be great for him. That is not to say that he maybe has come off in the wrong way the past few days- but that is more about media spin than content.

                  McD did channel BB a bit with his no-comment ways. But hopefully McD has his own personality- Denver always appreciates individuality as long as it is team-oriented.

                  And to try and not stay :offtopic:for the thread, I'd like to say that I am curious about Graham going in to meet him and coming out with that company line. He is an ex patriot and all, but I wonder if Jay will get honesty behind closed doors (and if Graham did or not).

                  Yeah, I had no problem with his phone interview and candor. I hear stories about his immaturity through a friend of a former coach that is mosltly off the fieid related. But I am a big fan and think he has one hell of a future. It is time to get psyched about our FA pickups and 9 draft picks. The team being on edge does not hurt either.


                  • Originally posted by RainyTX View Post
                    Valid point. All the games won were solely because of Jay. He is either good....or really bad. You insult my football knowledge, not sure how you can do that with someone you don't know. I have never said once that I want him gone. Looks like he is staying anyway. What I don't get about some of you is the fact no one is allowed to say anything negative about Cutler without some folks getting their panties in a wad. It's almost like people are scared to speak the truth because they don't wanna get bashed by you guys. Me personally, I just like getting you cats riled up sometimes. I do however stand by my previous comments about how Jay makes horrible decisions, can't throw the deep ball, turns the ball over too much, doesn't go through his progressions, etc. Regardless of his stats and how much upside he has (which i agree he does have tons of upside) you can't prove to me that I'm wrong in what I've seen. Lets all just hope he gets better.
                    Hey, my entire disagreement with your point was solely that he is elite, a valid franchise quarterback, and definitely not someone you want to be traded for Cassel. Not that you said you wanted him traded. I have been as vocal as any in criticizing Cutler for his radar lock on Marshall, his terrible decision making and his, for the love of God get over yourself, attitude. But all of that not withstanding, he has an arm you can't teach, is fearless, and can throw on the run better than anyone in the league, making him extremely hard to sack. Would I like it if he threw the deep ball better, yes. Would I like to see him find the open guy, and not just his guy, yes. But experience and coaching fixes those things. He has more potential than anyone in the league, and you just don't give that away to have a QB you are comfortable with. If I'm a cocksure, errogant, hardass 32 year old, brand new coach, cutting bait on all that talent to bring in someone that will lick your boots isn't an option. That move is gutless, not ruthless, not brilliant. Just my opinion.
                    All it takes to win is doing whatever it takes to win: COMMITMENT


                    • Bronco Lover

                      I understand the fire I'm under at this time. And I can take it.

                      McDaniels should have known better than to start the trade talks. He never should have done it, but he did.

                      I am a dedicated and loyal fan of the Denver Broncos since the early 1970's and I am very upset with what has transpired over the last few days.

                      The Denver Broncos is a very highly respected organization and now I feel it has been tarnished and I am upset with that. If all of you feel that my feelings and opinions have gotten in the way, I understand.

                      Right now, I am at a loss for words. I was simply expressing my views and opinions, and if I have created a firestorm on these boards, I gracefully apologize.


                      • Originally posted by Cutty6006 View Post
                        You know that they were quoting him from on the phone? Theres a lot of people out there that say "ya know" when theyre speaking, ya know?
                        It's called arrogance . . .



                        • Originally posted by kmcgough25 View Post
                          Totally disagree. Forrest Gump is AWESOME!!
                          Lietenant Dan...Youve got legs


                          • i shy away from both.


                            • just wondering

                              Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                              Actually.. you are wrong. He's still lying whether he admits it or not. Thats the definition of a lie. See, the Bucs and Lions aren't going to come out and call anyone a liar. Thats none of their business.

                              So if you are holding your breath for some 100% handholding, eye-witness.... then you are right. You will never get it. This is why he continues to tell lies to everyone. Because he knows there will never be that "proof".. other than the OBVIOUS facts.... yet knows there will always be followers to believe what they are told.
                              I'm just wondering how you've come to hold the pure truth of it all so fervently? You have some direct knowledge that no one else has? Perhaps a secret phone line that connects you to the Pats, Bucs, Lions or Broncos headquarters?

                              I understand supporting your belief but you're going over board in your righteous indignation.
                              "What I can promise is that...I’m going to play like my hair’s on fire. I’ve found that when you play that way, making plays just happens naturally.”


                              • I saw this today...
                                Too funny!

                                I've started with almost nothing and still got most of it