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  • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
    Well, we know he lied to Jay indirectly about not wanting to trade him. Even Adam Schefter has come out and stated yes the Broncos did have him on the trading block.
    Yes...we do. Although, in you think he is the first HC to lie?

    Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
    And we know he lied when he stated he wanted to develop a strong foundation of communication, given that he didn't communicate to Cutler adequately that there were issues and telling him that they would entertain offers for him.

    See, that's still speculation. Again, it's still within in the realm of possibility that McDaniels came with with every intention of of building a strong relationship with Cutler only to find an unresponsive and difficult to work with QB in Cutler and simply decided he didn't need to deal with the crap.

    This is all speculation...I am NOT trying to say any of this happened, but based on the credibility of all the sourced involved, its just as likely a scenario.

    And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.


    • Let's see Wade Wilson played 15 years with type 1 diabetes, Jay should be able to make it that long if he wants to. Athletes play sports all the time with type 1 diabetes and have normal careers, there are a couple of NHL players that are currently playing that also have diabetes. It is not a problem, and when it comes to sports I never listen to anything a non sports specific DR has to say.


      • Originally posted by DiehardinAlaska View Post
        I'm just wondering how you've come to hold the pure truth of it all so fervently? You have some direct knowledge that no one else has? Perhaps a secret phone line that connects you to the Pats, Bucs, Lions or Broncos headquarters?

        I understand supporting your belief but you're going over board in your righteous indignation.
        No, it's just he - like me - is evaluating this situation logically and what makes the most sense.


        • Lmao

          Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
          . But even still, I think the man is shady and borderline slimy, and I don't trust the system from which he came.

          there it is right there, everyone is still thinks that he is going to make us look like cheaters even though each and everyone of you know damn well it was bill belacheck that was behind that. and another thing, i dont get why it is that everyone is still mad, do you think he cares if you are pissed because of his decisions. if i remeber correctly alot of people on here were pissed when shanny sent Clinton portis packing

          now it is the same old ****, you know not everyone is going to agree with what he and the broncos organization does, that my friends is a fact, but come on what more do you want from the man. he is talking to jay when he gets back from nashvill. if you are expecting a apology from him, i dought it will happen s. you can eather stay all pissed and forget about the great F.A we have picked up or you can be a true fan of the DENVER BRONCOS and man up, and put this whole mess to rest.

          i am more embarressed to be a fan right now because we believe everything we see on t.v and dont know jack squat about what happen that day. unless you were right there when they got those calls, shut your freakin mouths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:salute!:
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          • I am a football fan because the Denver Broncos play football.

            I am a Cutler fan because he is a member of the Denver Broncos.

            I was raised by two Broncomaniacs. I hate every other team in the league. I love no other sports team as I love the Broncos.

            Should Cutler leave, then he would be dead to me as a fan. He would no longer be a Bronco. Why would I care two flips about him?


            • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
              Why can't I be a fan of both? They aren't exclusive. Jay isn't looking to be put ABOVE the team, and no one is looking to put him there. Just because we are a fan of Jay's doesn't mean we are NOT a fan of the team.

              I don't get the question.

              Also.. if you can't see that Jay Cutler is a top-tier QB in the NFL... then I have to say that I don't think you know enough about the game. I know that sounds insulting, but its true. He's much more than just a "rocket arm"..... and anyone that is judging him, or passing judgement on him, by spouting off his record so far, again isn't really watching what he's doing on the field.

              Thats not just my opinion, but the opinion of most that watch the NFL. You are welcome to your opinion (obviously).... but I just find it lacking in knowledge.

              So Ill just remain a fan of both the Broncos and Jay, and hope they make the RIGHT decision in keeping him for the good of the franchise.
              I couldn't have put it better myself ravage why can't we be a fan of both


              • Originally posted by Letswinplz77 View Post
                You did get the memo that it's a team sport right? You honestly thing Benny boy wins more than 8 games on last year's Broncos team? I don't think you lack football knowledge because your opinion differs from mine, I think you lack football knowledge because you are wrong. Tell me one game last year, just one that the Broncos won in spite of Jay Cutler.
                Being able to perform at the highest level against high level competition in a playoff atmosphere is so underrated it's scary. People assume that if you stick any good QB on a team with good defense and offensive talent they can win playoff games. Until you look at the list of QBs who haven't done it. A team doesn't get as stacked as SD and DAL, yet SBs eluded both Rivers and Romo. The SB eluded a very good Peyton Manning on a stacked Colts team for years.

                Pittsburgh has had a great defense for a long time. It's not like they've been getting to the SB year after year prior to Ben's arrival. And the lastest SB trip should clear up any shadow of a doubt. He's the real deal.

                IMO if you think because of a pro bowl and some inflated yardage statistics Cutler has proven he can win the SB, it's your knowledge that should be in question.

                He is elite, if you can't see that then there are only two options. One you are a fan that is never satisfied, or two, you just don't know what you are talking about. Of course he could be better, and considering this will be his 4th year in the league, I bet he will get better, but he plays at a very high level, and not being able to recognize that is a little scary.
                I don't think he's elite at all. Not right now. That doesn't make me an insatiable or unknowledgeable fan. That's just your emotion talking. He's got way too many shortcomings to overcome for me to consider him elite. He frequently doesn't play smart, struggles with the long ball, forces the ball deep, doesn't have the greatest vision, makes too many crucial mistakes. RainyTX is right, nobody really has an answer to that. But if you want to go by stats, there are about 15 QBs with better QB ratings. So if not by his play, and not by stats, then by what measure is he an "elite" QB?
                "Pey-Pey to Bay-Bay for the Tay Day!!"



                • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                  No, it's just he - like me - is evaluating this situation logically and what makes the most sense.
                  well there's all kinds of logic I guess.

                  seems like this guy has a great grasp of logic:
                  Originally posted by Gr3yStreet View Post
                  ...if we put out "feelers" for a QB of Jay's calibur wouldn't there be more than 2 teams?

                  I would think if the Broncos really legit put of "feelers" there would of been a FLOOD of interest. Tampa, Detroit, San Fransisco, New York Jets, Miami, Houston, Oakland, KC, Minnesota, Cleveland... were was the interest from these teams?

                  Do you think its likely that we put out "feelers" stating we were willing to trade Cutler and ONLY two teams showed interest?

                  I haven't seen ANY other teams with "sources" saying they saw the Cutler rumors and were interested. Why wouldn't they be interested?

                  How many teams got thrown into the rumor AFTER all this news broke?
                  "What I can promise is that...I’m going to play like my hair’s on fire. I’ve found that when you play that way, making plays just happens naturally.”


                  • Originally posted by MindField View Post
                    If this is true, and the device is able to be removed, then I obviously misunderstood what my Dr. was trying to say, so my bad.

                    I only know one person who has the same type of diabetes, and he wears a pump all the time, but he is not an NFL QB.

                    Still, the complications are likely to increase as Cutler ages, so I wonder how much this would factor in to a teams decision about Jay Cutler.
                    It is true he removes it for games I have seen him say it before.Also the he would be lucky to get 10 years is bunk too.Wade Wilson played for 19 years in the NFL with 14 of them with type 1 diabetes.You look more like a jackass everytime you try to know *** your talkiing about.Congrats for spewing trash you are the first Bronco fan I have put on my ignore list.

                    Before I add you to my list here are a few notable People/Athletes with type 1
                    Arthur Ashe - Tennis - Wimbledon winner
                    Bobby Clarke - NHL - Philadelphia Flyers
                    James “Buster” Douglas - Heavy Weight Boxer
                    Kenny Duckett - NFL - New Orleans Saints
                    Curt Frasier - NHL - Chicago Black Hawks
                    Walt Frazier - * NBA - New York Knicks
                    Smokin’ Joe” Frazier - Boxing
                    Jonathan Hayes - NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs
                    Dave Hollins - 1993 Phillies World Series Third Baseman
                    James "Catfish" Hunter - MLB - Pitcher, Baseball Hall-of-Famer
                    Billie Jean King - Tennis
                    Adam Morrison - Basketball Player, Gonzaga University,NBA
                    Jackie Robinson - Baseball Player
                    Everson Walls - Football player
                    Ron Santo - MLB - Chicago Cubs legend

                    Wilson was entering his fifth season with Minnesota in 1986 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was 27 and not yet a starter for the Vikings. He played another 14 seasons for Minnesota, Atlanta, New Orleans, the Cowboys and Oakland. He's been an assistant coach in the NFL since 2000.

                    "I lost 20 pounds and was urinating all the time," Wilson said. "Those are the main symptoms I had. I didn't have the blurry vision or tingling in the fingers, but I lost 20 pounds, and friends would look at me and say, 'What's wrong with you?' "

                    Wilson's body stopped regulating blood sugar. His insulin-making cells were being destroyed. He was lethargic, but he never thought about diabetes because there was no family history of the disease.

                    His story was almost the same as Cutler's.
                    Originally posted by baphamet
                    are you talking career or right now? because i don't see how you can say manning is top 5 even healthy.dude will never be a top 5 QB again, he is done.


                    • See this is what ive been saying thru this whole Fing thing. Why on earth would we have contacted the Lions, Bucs or anyone else BUT the Patriots if we wanted Cassle? We have the number 12 pick. NE may not want THAT pick, but they could have gotten ALOT out of that pick by trading down for a couple. *** would we bring the Bucs or anyone else into the scenario prior to talking with NE first? There were no reports of US EVER talking to NE. Yet once the rumor mill started, suddenly every damn team in the league has their coverage guys tripping over their nuts to write about how their team should trade for Cutler.

                      This also goes in the face of all you ignorant fools who suggest Cutler isnt a good, possibly great, quarterback. Why would so many teams be after him??


                      • eh, i believe McD is telling the truth. They didnt initiate anything and the media is making something out of nothing.:go::cutler::go:


                        • Just to clarify:
                          The pumps dont have to be worn 24 hours by ANYONE. The only thing permanently attached to your body is the "stint" that is inserted into the skin and the pump can be hooked into that when required. Because insulin is injected into tissue rather than into a vein it doesnt really matter where the stint is placed, tho most people have them in the stomache area. The pumps usually have a built in monitor that keeps a constant watch over the blood sugar level, and administers the insulin via the pump as needed. These devices are a mere matter of practicality and convienience and are generally not necessary for most patients who feel comfortable administering their insulin via self injection and monitoring their blood sugar levels on their own. In Jay's case, his blood sugars are monitored by himself and his trainer/doctor throughout the game on the sideline, and insulin injections are administered as needed.

                          As said, Type 1 diabetes is fairly common, and most patients of this form of the disease lead very normal and productive lives. Its not unreasonable to think that Jay could play as long as any other person. Type 2 however often has many complications, including circulatory problems that sometimes lead to the need for amputation of extremeties.


                          • It's about time the "good old boy" Country Club atmosphere is gone. Pro Football is a business and considering the past few years in Denver, maybe this is just what the Doctor ordered.

                            Consider the past few years and how the team collapsed at the end of each season. Every year under Shanahan the Broncos start out like a buzzsaw, then the mid-season urps and burps, then the final collapse. Remember a few years back when the defense was kicking arse and the offense could not get it together? Everybody was dreaming the new Crush, then suddenly the rest of the league caught on and "Bleh" it all collapsed. This seasons win one of three and the AFC West is ours. Then "Bleh" it all collapses.

                            Reminds me of the last year of John Ralston. Against New England of all teams. Steve Ramsey throws an interception that cost us the game and a possible first time ever playoff spot. Ramsey just walks to the sideline laughing. that began the great mutiny and brought in Red Miller, a tough coach and look what happened.

                            Maybe that is what this team needs to light a fire under the players arses and get guys like Moss, Crowder and our most yards but no score offense in gear.
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                            • This article makes me like McDaniels even more. Bill Belicheck ran a pretty tight system over there in New England and I think McDaniels is brining that similar approach over here. I don't think it will be a problem for players but it might take some getting used to.

                              I think this might be the change that this team needs, and I definitely think it's for the better. As long as this Cutler-McDaniels relationship gets patched up I can forgive his mistake and move on to the season.


                              • "It's tough. It's a man's game."

                                Stamp this under the Broncos logo on every piece of correspondence throughtout the organization and plaster it all over the locker room, training room, clubhouse, meeting room, etc. If you played like a man last season what do you have to worry about?