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  • Originally posted by Shanahanaramjam View Post
    What would you do if you were Bowlen and you are witnessing your franchise QB and new 32 yr. old coach playing cat and mouse? He is also witnessing his QB wanting out because of your new coach's bad decisions!
    I'm sending this poll to all sports websites as well as the local Denver, CO. papers. So vote, vote, vote.


    • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
      I edited it for YOU silk... you seemed to have forgotten the obvious difference. But notice that when even the great Manning's defense is around where ours has been, he can't win either. :thumb:

      Funny how you missed that part
      QFT!! :salute!:


      • Originally posted by Navy_Bronco79 View Post
        I wasn't a Cutler fan in the beginning. I had to see him as a Bronco before I believed. I now believe in "BIG 6," I will support him even if I think he should not be so sensitive. I don't want to go with another QB. Denver is a QB town, not a coach town. We get behind and stay with QB's we like. WE LIKE JAY CUTLER. We are so serious about our QB's, we consider a long-time Elway backup a hero (love ya Kubiak). I just hope that Josh Mcdaniels can rectify this situation. If he can fix this problem, I will give him a chance. If this coach lets the relationship deteriorate, I will have less confidence in him than I did with Wade Phillips.
        I agree, and I'm sorry but McDaniels needs to prove himself to the organization before he makes a move of this magnitude. Josh McDaniels has never headcoached a single football game for Denver or anyone else for that matter, let alone a single season.

        Cutler has proven himself to the Broncos organization. How much character did he show by playing with full-blown and undiagnosed diabetes? Plus people forget about the come from behind wins he engineered this season. He's a major talent with the heart of a champion. No one is saying he is perfect. Who else is out there with as much moxy as Jay Cutler?

        I think McDaniels has shown about as much character in this situation as one would expect from an ex-Patriots coach: ZERO.

        McDaniels has blown his career before even coaching his first game. If he's wrong about this, he will never live it down and will probably have the shortest career as an NFL headcoach in the history of the game.

        Welcome to the Chris Simms era Bronco fans. Enjoy!:go:


        • I think McDaniels is scared to tie him to a long term deal. I mean Jay has all the talent in the world but this season really is make or break. I know our defense has sucked but he really has to improve in a lot of areas in order for the FO to gain faith in having him at the helm for the future. Right now, I can see the concerns.....

          I really hope he gets that long term deal and becomes the franchise QB that we all want him to be. :cutler:


          • Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
            Keep in mind that Cutler was supposed to be in Denver two weeks ago to start learning the new playbook. And now he's even doubting whether he'll show up for the offseason conditioning program?
            I know you're trying to make a point, but Jay and McPunk did have those meetings.

            From an article in the Denver Post today...

            When McDaniels became the new head coach, Bates was not retained. But in time, Cutler had warmed to McDaniels. They had spent a couple of weeks together at the team's headquarters studying the New England offensive system right up until the time the free-agent, trading season opened Feb. 27.


            • yeah, option #3. Just keep Mcdummie on a short leash.


              • Option 3.


                • I'll be surprised if those major sports news casters would actually care about this poll considering they have had a few about Cutler and Cassel up already and the amount of fans here would not warrant a significant amount of votes, but have fun, option 3 if you need to know.
                  Last edited by BroncoFan1088; 03-11-2009, 06:37 PM.
                  Being a Bronco fan is more important than being a fan of any coach or player in particular.


                  • Where is the option for Pat Bowlen to get a new brain. On Sale now at your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart.....hurry, Pat, while supplies last.


                    • Originally posted by Cutler=Elway View Post
                      Less laundry
                      Thats actually more laundry?


                      • maybe after watching almost 3 seasons of tape. McD sees that Jay is not the great qb you all make him out to be.


                        • Originally posted by Shadow7ax View Post
                          Exactly. I don't understand why i've read some comments of people making such a big deal about Cutler not being present at McDaniels press conference. I haven't seen players at conferences where the HC is presented.
                          But you usually get some kind of vote of confidence in the form of a comment. Also, those QB's weren't asked to come in as Cutler was. Thos QB's were not called and did not ditch calls like he did for a second time with Bowlen last week.

                          The coaching changes you mentioned were all scheduled. Peyton lobbied and had plenty to say about Cladwell when it was announced that he would replace Dungy.

                          Mora was named coach before HOlmgren was gone!

                          Finally, Cleveland firing Crennell was not unexpected like the Shanahan firing. Quinn played in two games before being injured and there is discord with Anderson and the FO so he isn't going to lobby one way or another!
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                          • It is posts like this that make me want to kill myself....

                            Cmon you guys honestly... can anyone rightfully say that we need to fire McDaniels on just 1 boneheaded decision. He has shown himself that he can make a difference on the field, he helped Bellichick take a backup QB whom has never started a game since highschool and made him lead an 11-5 team. They beat us last year guys. We got stomped by Cassel and the Patriots... Any guy who can rightfully say that he has been a figurehead in the Patriots success is a guy we want on our side.

                            Jay Cutler... I love the guy, I want him to flourish as a Bronco... and I would like to say that he and McD can actually get along and produce some amazing years. Therefore I am not voting on such a rediculous poll


                            • Jay Cutler Winning %

                              OK. So I'm tired of seeing threads about Cutler being a loser, so I went to and took stats reguarding wins and losses compared to how many points the D allowed.

                              Points Allowed --- record
                              0-22 ---- 12-1
                              23-29 --- 2-6
                              30-34 --- 2-6
                              35-39 --- 1-2
                              40+ --- 0-5
                              Total --- 17-20

                              I think this is pretty evident that our problems with winning % have very little to do with Cutler. Sure some of his INTs really hurt, but our D is the problem and you can't blame Cutler for that. Holding a team under 23 points really is not much to ask for....


                              • QFT. :thumb: