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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by rascal View Post
    It's not just ESPN.

    Vic Lombardi has made several comments in regards to Jay being openly shopped around.

    Hell, channel 4 news is syaing that Cutler could still be traded to Detroit for the #1 overall pick.
    LOL, that will not happen.


    • wow shocker... all 5000 posts calling for mcdaniels head were nothing but premature whining, but what else should i expect on these forums
      go broncos


      • this is disastrous!


        • I love Adam Schefter :salute!:
          Winner of the 2012 Broncomania GM game


          • Love the DRAMA!!

            If Tampa or Detroit thought they could use Cassel to get Jay... FAIL! Jedi might be tempted to have a QB that knows his system from snap one, but he's not stupid. Both McDan and Cutler know it's business and Jay will learn the new system. The first few wins will tell.


            • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
              How was it 'blown out of proportion'?

              According to Schefter - who everyone considers the Broncos' God when it comes to Orange and Blue news - the Broncos seriously considered it.

              And regardless, their mulling it over allowed for the story to leak and be reported, hence the fallout between Denver and Cutler.

              I'm glad the Broncos didn't act on this. But they shouldn't have had to 'mull it over'. It was a dumb idea, and the Broncos look foolish for having have entertained it.

              I agree that "entertaining offers" sounds bad especially for a player like Cutler. Don't get me wrong, I love the Broncos and I love watching Cutler play. I'm just not sure we will ever know exactly what happened. Michael Smith says they were offering a 1st rounder and Cutler. Schefter says that the Broncos were approached and declined both offers. Someone is obviously lying. Or maybe both are.

              How about this scenario - TB offers Denver a 1st round pick for Cutler. Denver then responds by saying that the only way we are getting rid of Cutler is if you give us your first 3 or 4 picks. Wouldn't this be considered "entertaining the offer"? Obviously this is purely hypothetical, but then would Denver be considered dumb for even entertaining the thought?

              You beat me to it ravage. I am thinking along the same lines as you.
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              Posted by DrunkPanda immediately after Denver took Knowshon Moreno with the 12th pick in the 1st round

              "obviously [email protected] is very confused. he tihnks he is still the offensive coordinator, not the headcoach. he will probably draft offense with the rest of his picks, forgetting that defensive positions even exist in football"

              Let's see how this hilarious prediction unfolds is as the draft continues.


              • Peoples reactions here blow my mind.

                Jay Cutler is going to be fine! Him and McDaniels will still be best friends.

                What we have here is a huge over reaction by everybody. Take a deep breath, relax. Cutler is the man here, he's not going to be upset that McDaniels listened to offers, cause that's just smart business. Things are going to be fine.

                Did I miss something else after we signed Dawkins to piss people off? One minute we're having a good off season, now we are in flames.

                Calm down. :go:


                • unreal

                  Originally posted by Chicago-Broncofreak View Post
                  Michael Smith on ESPN just said that the Broncos WERE actively trying to get Cassel- possibly even with the 1st round pick. He said he was curious why NE went with the second rounder. According to Smith, McD wanted Cassel since he drafted him and Cutler is Shanny's guy.

                  What a freaking mess. I was all about McD until I heard this nonsense.

                  I agree, if this is how things are going to be with McD it's going to be a long couple of years until he gets fired. has a source that says Cutler wants a trade and the situation is beyond repair.


                  What a mess! Maybe it wasn't a good idea to put the franchise in the hands of two thirty-somethings.... We got rid of Shanny for this? Alienate the team's best player who has a chance at greatness within a couple months in a feable attempt to get a system QB? Just flat out crazy..... Hold on this could go downhill fast
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                  • They said that a First round pick was offered. It probably would have been a big trade that would send Cutler to Det, picks to the patriots, cassel to denver and swapping top first round picks with detroit to even out the fact that Cutler is probably worth more than Cassel.


                    • Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                      Mulled doesn't exactly say just how seriously it was considered. That word could be used for a pause in thought... a hesitation. It doesn't imply a LONG thought out debate and hours of deliberation. It means mulled.

                      I know your thoughts on this, but at the same time, it may very well be that everyone (especially the news sources) are blowing this out of proportion. Mulled over doesn't even really mean they took any of the offers seriously. It means they looked at the offers. Thats like me holding up a sign to you, or faxing you a sheet of paper, and you being blamed or criticized for taking the time to read it.

                      I dont' know. But it may very well be nothing more than what Schefter is saying here.
                      'Mulled over' is vague, as is 'ultimately decided against it'.

                      However, I would think that anything is serious if the initial conversation doesn't end with 'thanks but no thanks'. And 'mull over' does imply a certain amount of thought went into it, even if it is just a few hours (as it apparently was to begin with).

                      Either way, that gap time allowed this story to explode, and now everyone in the front office has egg on their face.

                      I just don't see how this would even happen. Cutler should be untouchable as far as I'm concerned, especially if we were going to have to give up our first rounder and be stuck with Cassel.

                      In the end, I'm glad Cutler appears to be staying. But it's still very dumb that they had to think about it, and it makes them look foolish that they let it get out of control like they did.


                      • Matt Cassell to the Chiefs

                        I just saw on that Matt Cassell and one other Patriot are headed to KC. So pull out the fire extinguishers and put out all of the brush fires. Where would Cutler go where he could start? Detroit? The best team that a NFL QB plays for is always the one he is coming from, and the one he is going too.


                        • So let me get this straight ...The past 4 hours never happened?


                          • Originally posted by NVBroncfan View Post
                            If there was any truth to that at all cassel would already be here. You dont give up cassel and vrable for a second if someone offers you a first.
                            That is what I am thinking. If the Broncos offered their first than Cassel would be a Bronco. This is all a little too fishy for me.


                            • look man cutler is like Carmelo Anthony..he just was out there to see what people where willing to give thats it..lets be easy and try to get Larry Johnson from dem Chefs


                              • I think the plan was to trade our first round pick to NE for MC, and then trade Cutler to DET for their second 1st rounder and their 2nd round selection.

                                SOmething like that. SO... in essence... DEN would trade the pick to NE and then trade Cutler to someone else (in exchange for picks/players).