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  • Cassel a joke

    Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
    I think a lot of people have moved on from the business side of the proposed trade, although I still firmly believe that if you dangle a player like Cutler, you better move him.

    I think the issue was and continues to be that the front office refuses to admit any fault or wrong doing, and have instead essentially put the blame on Cutler.

    I have a huge problem with McDaniels being willing to deal Cutler for Cassel, because no one realistically believes Cassel is a better, more talented quarterback than Cutler. Yes he had a solid season in 2008 and the Patriots were 11-5. But he played for a team that was one season removed from 16-0 and 18-1 overall. And despite how well he played and the Patriots' record, they still failed to make the playoffs.

    At the end of the day, Cassel reminds me too much of Scott Mitchell, and I'm glad Denver didn't get stuck with him.

    What I'm frustrated with is the fact that too many fans here are so ridiculously fickle and willing to swing with the pendulum, that they would be willing to part ways with the 2nd most talented quarterback Denver has ever had, and the most talented quarterback to come out of the draft since 2004, all because he's a bit of a diva. Forget the fact that Cutler isn't a criminal. Disregard that he has played for the worst defense in the league over the past 37 games. Don't mention that he wants to stay in Denver. And ignore that he's on pace to a HoF-caliber career statistically. He's too much of a whiner and he rubs some people the wrong way. So trade him!

    It's funny that many of us here criticized Shanahan over the years for relying too heavily on role players and passing up on talented players in favor scheme guys. Yet we have a universally talented quarterback that will likely be successful wherever he went, and the organization and some fans want to dump him for another role-playing scheme guy in Matt Cassel.

    It's such a joke and it really depresses me as a Broncos fan.
    Cutler does deserve a little respect from Mcd. I thought Mcd was a good move but he is showing piss poor judgement in this saga. I no its a business but how much respect and following do you get when you as a boss acts toward his employees like a stubborn ass, overbearing and thinks he is above everyone else. He forgets he still has to prove himself. This trade would of sunk him. So he needs to make up with our super bowl caliber qb and get started with our moving forward as a new team. Together they both will shine. BUT mCD CAN'T keep going around with his nose in the air. He needs to get back to putting his stamp on this team in the defense area. May Cutler and the broncos have a hell of a season.


    • Elvis is right! We need to make peace.

      OK, Elevation INC. posted this link in his thread, too. I know. I'm not breaking the news for the first time.

      The reason I posted it as well is because of Dumervil's quotes in the article.

      "We need to make peace," Dumervil said. "We have a talented team. I think the coaches have a good idea of what direction we need to go and I think it would be unfortunate to have a rumble like that."

      I absolutely love what he says. He acknowledges the roles both Cutler and McDaniels have, and how important both of them are going to be for the team. This, from a guy whose role on the team is in flux (at best).

      There's little value in hashing and re-hashing the situation, or trying to place blame on anyone in particular. What's important at this point is finding a way forward.

      I, for one, will follow Elvis' example and get both Jay's and Josh's backs from now on.

      Originally posted by Broncoholic3233
      FF is awesome!


      • Your a joke

        Originally posted by broncofanatik View Post
        I imagine you meant since 2005? All 3 QBs taken in the first round of the 2004 draft class are better right now and have proved more (3 SB wins) which in the end of the day is the only stat that counts.

        Also swing the pendulum the other way and look at the people who hate McDaniels now without him even coaching. If you go look at other teams who get new HC's and entire coaching staffs, there is massive revamp. We just are not used to it. We are just fans and cannot judge him until we at least see the product. Currently people attacking Cutler have a lot more ammunition than those attacking McDaniels. McDaniels has 1 thing wrong with him according to haters: He prefers his own players over our current Broncos. Cutler has more holes than McDaniel.

        Can't even start on proving much since McDaniels is the one holding the super bowl rings.
        Your nuts!!!!! Cutler has proven himself. Looke at his numbers this year. He just didn't have no help on the other side of the ball. Our special teams give up horrible field possition. So tell me how its his fault. That one was shannys. There isn't one other qb in the league that has more ability or future greatness in him. Give him a complete team and watch him shine. And Mcd can be with us or against us. The he shouldn't let the door hit him in the ass on the way out the door.


        • Come on guys keep voting so Klis from the post will write about us.
          "Made by White Dragon - 8/26/10"
          Great Job & thanks, WD!

          "He had a better career than [Hall of Famer Gale] Sayers did, but he is not held in the same regard. Is that fair to Davis?"--Dan Patrick, ESPN

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          • Originally posted by Bronco Rambler View Post
            I disagree.

            He has obviously shown his youth in a lot of his decision making. But I think the way he has handled himself since the initial media/cutler blow up has been very professional.

            He didn't butter up Cutler in their recent cuts, but he did state that he did not plan on trading him. But in doing so he also laid down the law in saying that everyone needs to be on board or they are expendable...nobody has immunity. I like that in a coach.

            He also didn't sulk around trying to fix the problem, he is still working hard in the offseason doing what steps he needs to get the rest of the team in order...Im sure that the cutler fiasco will solve itself soon enough, and it is good to see that he isn't wasiting any precious time before the draft.

            I agree Mcd has showed his youth in some of his decissions. But to lay down the law to Cutler, what a joke. A great qb in this league is hard to come by. We looked for almost 10 years. Finally got one and I don't intend on loosing him. As a grat qb you deserve mora respect than most other players because of the importance of the possition. All Cutler asked for was a little professionalism by Mcd. Let me know there was some looking but we aren't going to bite. A business, this one is starting to look like our economy. A possible bankrupcy if thy don't smoose this over. If they work together skies the limit.


            • I need to Vent

              Hello all I have been staying away from this place on purpose. I have talked with Jay but only to say I support him whichever he chooses that being said I have mixed feelings about Jay coming back.


              1. Jay loves Denver, the fans and his teammates.

              2. Jay has one of the best O lines in football.

              3. Jay has good receivers.

              4. Hopefully we will have a good running game.


              1. If Jay does not show up he will be traded to what team??

              Will the new team have a good line?

              I mean if he went to a team I would want him to go to the Vikings, Bucs, Jags, or Jets. NO LIONS!! The Lions gave up a ton of sacks last year.

              2. Forget team loyalty - This is a business. Denver Brass showed you this by looking to move you so you have to understand Jay is NOW looking for HIS best interest.

              3. If he go's to a bad team this will only set him back, BUT if he goes to a team that has a DEFENSE they should make the playoffs which will negate this "Jay has not won anything" and I told Jay I want him to say when he holds that Lombardi trophy

              "Mel - How do you like me now!!"

              4. Is Denver's Defense going to be any better?? Will they continue to blame Jay for not making the playoffs because of a crappy defense??

              Mike Lombardi from NFL Network said, the 2008 Denver Defense was the worst he has ever seen on tape. Yet the media blame Jay.

              5. Will McD want him there?

              Personally, I don't know which way Jay will go. A part of me want's Jay to come back and kick butt and show McDaniels that he is the best young QB in the game now, but then again if McDaniels is still a jerk Jay will have no leverage to get out Denver as he does now by not showing up on Monday.

              I just want Jay on a team who wants' him there!

              You would want the same!

              Last edited by cutlerfan; 03-13-2009, 08:51 AM.

              I work at Vanderbilt University

              Where Jay Graduated!

              I tell you I love Elway! He was my hero growing up. I loved the way he threw the ball with velocity! I love that in a QB. This is why I am a Cutlerfan!!


              • I agree. He has to look out for his future now. :cutler:


                • :salute!: Please don't avoid the boards any longer. Your post is thoughtful and makes sense. There hasn't been enough of that around here lately.

                  I don't know if McDaniels has been or will be a "jerk" though. There's been so much "he said, he said" going on that things have gotten way out of whack.

                  Please encourage Jay to show up on Monday, ok? :cutler:
                  Originally posted by Broncoholic3233
                  FF is awesome!


                  • Originally posted by Dovsinlondon2012 View Post
                    Im with the option C crowd.

                    You dont fire a coach that you just hired, especially for something that never even happened.

                    And we dont need to get rid of Cutler. He just needs to man up and get over something that never even happened.

                    Key words: NEVER...EVEN...HAPPENED.
                    You do if he is bad for the team.

                    The fact that he can think about trading Cutler for a QB who can not even take a 18-1 team the previous year to the playoffs amazes me.

                    If Cutler was the QB for the pats last year they would have been 14-2 or 15-1 and made some noise in the playoffs.

                    Also why do these polls keep coming up? Are people upset about the fact Broncoland keeps voting against McDumass?
                    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


                    • Originally posted by BroncosRule23 View Post
                      Option 3: Neither. Tell them to figure it out and work together.
                      I vote for that option also.


                      • I like your post too and feel much the same way.

                        I wake up every day wondering if the headlines will say "Cutler Traded To Browns" or something like that.

                        I was giving this some thought and if Jay had to be traded the two teams that I wouldn't mine him going to for a QB trade is the Titans for Vince Young (great defense, he'll bring them a SB ring in his first year) or the Texans (great receivers and RB and can be coddled by Kubiak) and I guess that means that we would get Matt Schaub who I wouldn't have any confidence in, but that is ok, there are some many Cutler haters here, they'll be happy that Cutler is out.
                        My new favorite Bronco - KJ Hamler Guy plays inspiring football!.


                        • Is there any truth to the thought that Bus Cook is maneuvering to try and get Jay a blockbuster contract? I wouldn't mind seeing Jay get a contract in line with the best QB's in the game. I've often said Jay took a 3 win team in 2008 to the verge of winning the division.

                          Unfortunately the NFL is a business, and if Joe Montana can get traded, anyone can. There is no one I'd rather see behind center than Jay Cutler, but no one player is bigger than the team.

                          And I agree, don't avoid the boards on account of the loudmouths!!!!


                          • Cutler needs to come back to Denver. McDaniels should not have listened/initiated trade talks in the first place but Cutler could have been A LOT more mature about this.

                            It wouldn't be a big deal if Jay would have let it roll off his back... But he had to get butt hurt about it.

                            Denver wants him back, all of the fans think he can be the best QB in the league... But seriously Cutler needs to act his age.


                            • Cutlerfan I totally understand where you are coming from but you have one thing wrong.

                              The worse thing Jay can do is not show up Monday.

                              Every NFL team knows Jay may be on the block and allot of them are looking closer right now at what Jay is doing then most of the college QBs. Every college QB is a question mark about their ability to play in the NFL.

                              Imo there is no question Jay is a NFL Franchise QB and most football guys say the same thing.

                              Now is Jay's chance to show he is growing up as a person; he is not like other people and will put the team first. He may not like the front office atm (and trust me allot of fans are with him) but he still values his team mates and he will be there to support them.

                              Yea the Detroit Lions want Jay Cutler but if he shows he is a team guy then allot of other franchises will also want Cutler.

                              Will the denver defense improve? Well I agree it was horrible last year. The only reason it was not dead last in every stat is because it does have some talent. Quite honestly who knows where it will go. It is hard to get any worse though.

                              I think if we keep a running back healthy they will dominate in this offense. The blocking (not just o line but TEs and WRs too) is just that good.

                              I think last year if we had a running game then Jay leads this team to the playoffs. Also he has a much better year. In the games that Jay looked his best we had running games and were using it.

                              Quite honestly Jay should be glad some of the changes have been made before the whole trade debacle. I have been a hardcore fan watching football since 1978 and I can tell you decisions were being made that made Jay's job as a QB more difficult. I know Jay does not feel that way now but I think with time he will understand and I just hope he is wearing Orange and Blue when he gets there.

                              In the end I hope everything works out for Jay. I hope he realizes other QBs have gone through worse then he is right now. John Elway went through allot of headaches during his time, so did Bret Favre, Dan Fouts and Dan Marino.

                              Good luck to Jay and whatever he decides to do.
                              Football Immortal
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                              Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


                              • I think Jay has all the power right now. If he shows up he basically is saying- "Look, it's MY team, let me show you." If not, then he's not palcing the game or his team above his personal feelings and he get's moved. Simple.

                                What do I want?

                                I want him to come in on Monday and amaze brass and his teammates with his performance and to show them that he has the drive to take this team. To make it his. He's been the face of it for the last couple of years... but that's been a face with a 5'oclock shadow that resembles Elway. He can come in here and write his own legacy. Put up this year, like last year, and write your own long term deal. Show McD why he needs him. Show his fans and teammates a level of maturity we haven't seen out of him and shut up all the doubters. Then go out there and hand it to Rivers.
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