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  • Preach on brutha!

    I feel the same. Im a huge Cutler fan but also too, am on the fence about the situation. The fact that McDaniels even entertained the thought of a trade of a franchise quarterback without even proving himself the first year of a new offense was a bonehead move. Denver is Denver, not New England. Get that through your thick skull McD.

    On the other hand instead of taking this with a grain of salt and either accepting the fact that he (Cutler) needs to step up and do whats right for the team, whether it be via trade or shutting up and working hard to prove he's a keeper. Instead he wants to complain about it causing a huge distraction for the team as well as for the fans.

    Both side are wrong and need o move on so the Broncos can have a damn good '09 season. Cutler, shut up and prove yourself..........McD, quit making bonehead moves


    • ....oh boy....


      • If nothing else man just let Jay know the VAST majority of fans are behind him (please ignore the 15 or so knuckleheads on here out of thousands who post anti-Jay threads). WE NEED YA BACK MAN! personally if I had my druthers McDummy would already be pounding the pavement! Im sure your aware of web pages, petitions ect. that have been started in support of Jay. And I dont know of anyone who is not just an overt contrarian who blames him for lack of playoffs. We all really hope Jay shows on monday and shows McDummy who leads this team!


        • I had a similar discussion with a friend yesterday about this.

          WHAT people don't realize is just how many times Cutler threw the ball. He threw for 616 attempts! That many attempts and you're going to throw some picks. The only QB that had more attempts was Drew Brees with 635 attempts. And Brees threw 17 picks to Jays 18.

          Jay ranked top two in attempts and top three in completions. Add to that the fact that we did not have a reliable backfield. Anyone who can't recognize that is looking to scapegoat Cutler as a problem. The dude flat out played his a** of and stuck his neck out for this team.

          I don't understand how anyone can honestly think the guy is a problem in any way. I just do not get it.

          Most teams would LOVE to have a guy like Cutler throwing the ball for them but the fickle Denver fan base would find some fault and reason to run the guy out of town.


          • ummm is there a source for this quote or was it intended to be tongue in cheek?


            • Originally posted by cutlerfan View Post
              If Jay shows up Monday he will not be traded.

              If he does not show up Monday he will be in breech of contract which can allow him to be traded.

              Here is who I have heard who want's Jay.


              Powder Addict - you have always been one of my favorite posters on here but Montana was out of his prime. Jay has not even hit his prime and last year set Denver franchise records for Yards, Completions, and '8' 300 yard games!

              Plus he led us back to six wins last year when we were behind. I can see moving a guy if he is dead weight but what else could Cutler do?

              Don't say the Playoffs. That is not fair. Jay busted his butt last year even the biggest cynic's have to agree to that!!
              You are absolutely correct about Montana. I guess I wasn't comparing their situations, just that if it could happen to what many consider the best QB ever, it can happen to anyone.

              I think Cutler did much more than could have been expected of him last year. He had a team with the worst defense I've ever seen coupled with 7 RB's on IR on the verge of the playoffs, and leading the division most of the year. I would hate to see him suit up for another team.


              • In the deffense of JM

                This was posted above:
                Cutler's strengths - Intelligence, pocket presence, mobility, accuracy, arm strength, quick release, leadership, hardworker, clutch
                Cutler's weaknesses - Not looking off coverage (only seems to happen when throwing to Marshall though), unrefined communication skills, poor media savvy, tactlessness.

                JM exhibits these negitives in 1 case (the exploration of trading JC) And appearently many here won't forgive and forget.
                However, JC has exhibited these for 3 years. And appearently the same people choose to look the other way.
                As far as the positives... Clutch? I just saw an NFL Network show listing the top 10 Clutch QB's. Cutler wasn't on the list.
                Intellegence? Someone should tell him the NFL is a business & he's a tradable commodity.
                Leadership? He squaks and whines to the media. Back doors his HC & dis-respects the teams owner.... Not my kind of leader.


                • Thread #4,827 on this topic


                  • My thoughts of this thread.



                    • 1. Dan Marino+ (23) 5,084 1984 MIA
                      2. Drew Brees (29) 5,069 2008 NOR
                      3. Kurt Warner (30) 4,830 2001 STL
                      4. Tom Brady (30) 4,806 2007 NWE
                      5. Dan Fouts+ (30) 4,802 1981 SDG
                      6. Dan Marino+ (25) 4,746 1986 MIA
                      7. Daunte Culpepper (27) 4,717 2004 MIN
                      8. Dan Fouts+ (29) 4,715 1980 SDG
                      9. Warren Moon+ (35) 4,690 1991 HOU
                      10. Warren Moon+ (34) 4,689 1990 HOU
                      Rich Gannon (37) 4,689 2002 OAK
                      12. Neil Lomax (25) 4,614 1984 STL
                      13. Trent Green (34) 4,591 2004 KAN
                      14. Kurt Warner (37) 4,583 2008 ARI
                      15. Peyton Manning (28) 4,557 2004 IND
                      16. Drew Bledsoe (22) 4,555 1994 NWE
                      17. Jay Cutler (25) 4,526 2008 DEN
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                      • Originally posted by cutler7624 View Post
                        If Jay would have been mature about this there wouldn't be a problem. I am 100% against McDaniels right now and I place the blame mostly on him. But if Cutler would have had a different attitude about it us Denver fans wouldn't have to worry about our franchise QB.

                        We have done a good job in free agency this year and we can't even enjoy it because we are a 4-12 team without Cutler.
                        Please use the Sentence " This Denver Fan " not us Denver fans because there are plenty of us on here that agree that not only that we would've acted the same way but so WOULD HAVE YOU.....Your not a compititor if you would've acted any other way and you haven't ever strap on the Chin strap and taken the Grid Iron all so.

                        Now for the Fact about the Playoffs, Tell some one to tackle just a few times a game and we Make the playoff's with ease.....

                        Most QB's couldn't be successful if they had to throw the ball 40 times a game and the other team knows you have no running game.
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                        • Originally posted by cutlerfan View Post
                          Hello all I have been staying away from this place on purpose. I have talked with Jay but only to say I support him whichever he chooses that being said I have mixed feelings about Jay coming back.


                          1. Jay loves Denver, the fans and his teammates.

                          2. Jay has one of the best O lines in football.

                          3. Jay has good receivers.

                          4. Hopefully we will have a good running game.


                          1. If Jay does not show up he will be traded to what team??

                          Will the new team have a good line?

                          I mean if he went to a team I would want him to go to the Vikings, Bucs, Jags, or Jets. NO LIONS!! The Lions gave up a ton of sacks last year.

                          2. Forget team loyalty - This is a business. Denver Brass showed you this by looking to move you so you have to understand Jay is NOW looking for HIS best interest.

                          3. If he go's to a bad team this will only set him back, BUT if he goes to a team that has a DEFENSE they should make the playoffs which will negate this "Jay has not won anything" and I told Jay I want him to say when he holds that Lombardi trophy

                          "Mel - How do you like me now!!"

                          4. Is Denver's Defense going to be any better?? Will they continue to blame Jay for not making the playoffs because of a crappy defense??

                          Mike Lombardi from NFL Network said, the 2008 Denver Defense was the worst he has ever seen on tape. Yet the media blame Jay.

                          5. Will McD want him there?

                          Personally, I don't know which way Jay will go. A part of me want's Jay to come back and kick butt and show McDaniels that he is the best young QB in the game now, but then again if McDaniels is still a jerk Jay will have no leverage to get out Denver as he does now by not showing up on Monday.

                          I just want Jay on a team who wants' him there!

                          You would want the same!

                          The Defense was horrible. Almost all of it can be placed at Slowik and Shannys feet.

                          Although Jay needs to take responsiblity for HIS mistakes. And yes he had a few. He had a great year spreading the ball around but when it came to 6 points or 3 or even none. He was wofefully bad. Middle of the pack in Red Zone scoreing this is where it counts.

                          He mad some horrible choices, Staring down recievers, Throwing into double coverage. when he could have taken the wide open guy underneath i seen that so many times this year it made me pretty upset. I dont know how many times he would throw it at marshall double covered when he had scheffler underneath, or a back out of the backfield.

                          Let's face it Jay is a Gunslinger. He goes for the homefun way to much. If it really is true that McD, is gonna send him a couple plays and make him read a defense we're gonna be in trouble. If he could refine his game. Look out but at this point i am a bit skeptical.

                          Really, All i care about is if jay does get traded what we will get in return. I am not a Jay Cutler fan only I am a Denver Broncos fan. I only care what is best for the team

                          4. Is Denver's Defense going to be any better?? Will they continue to blame Jay for not making the playoffs because of a crappy defense??

                          They brought in Mike Nolan to run this D, along with some other great cordinators. They are going to switch up the scheme. If you think Denver is gonna play lights out next year on D you are gonna be dissapointed. Best we can hope for this year is cracking the top 20. This is not gonna be a overnight thing.

                          I think Jay needs to man up. Sure they thought about tradeing cutler. It's not like he cant go to another team and make the dough. He's acting like a spoiled brat. That has been a problem in Denver forever to many people that had "jobs for life" people need to realize that this is about winning.
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                          • What´s his position, team mascot?
                            He has issues with coach McDaniels. Is he going to falter as a 3-4 defensive end, he doesn´t stand a chance if he has to line up inside the offensive tackle, or look like a fool tripping over his short feet as an outside linebacker having to backpedal and shuffle? Or will he be given the opportunity to compete as an inside linebacker or blocking fullback, which much more becomes his stature and proportions and freakish strength bullrushing?

                            Andra Davis and Elvis Dumervil, inside linebackers
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                            • Cutlers strength - Has every tool necessary to be not good but great!

                              Cutlers weakness - Hes young, period!
                              "Made by White Dragon - 8/26/10"
                              Great Job & thanks, WD!

                              "He had a better career than [Hall of Famer Gale] Sayers did, but he is not held in the same regard. Is that fair to Davis?"--Dan Patrick, ESPN

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                              • Cutler was so tired, he failed miserably in leading his team to the playoffs the last 3 games, averaging a paltry 17 points per game. He used up the last part of his energy crying to the media these last few weeks.