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  • Jay Cutler's Denver House Is For Sale!

    The article says he still has a condo in downtown Denver...
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    • Hello Matthew Stafford? Might as well make the trade and let McD get fired after going 4-12 two years straight.


        I've started with almost nothing and still got most of it


        • Was listed awhile ago.

          Matt Stafford really? He reminds me more of Alex Smith, and there isn't a single draft "expert" say he is worth a top pick.

          The number 1 pick sucks ass anyway, say we did pick Stafford, what if he is a bust? That means we've wasted a top pick, and even worse top pick money. Cutler looked better when he played, and he played for Vanderbilt. Stafford had amazing talent around him this year and really didn't shine much.


          • mehh mountain traffic sucks anywho

            Last time i checked Batman was livin outta a penthouse too
            YAAAA!!! YOU TRIED BABY!!!


            • To be honest... Cutler isn't an enemy yet.

              But he is my least favorite person on the team right now. I can't stand immaturity like his.
              Very happy to have Tebow in orange and blue!!!

              Team Tebow #16


              • Chill, he's probably selling it because of the cruddy economy. Anyways, as far as I know he's not married nor dating anyone (could be wrong but you'd think they'd be talking about it if he was) so I doubt he really wants a house that big all to himself. Crud, if he can get 2 mil for a house in this economy, he's doing pretty damn good.
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                • Originally posted by JDAcord View Post
                  Reguardless of wuo's side your on, one thing is for sure this crap has got to stop. I don't really care who's fault it is but there are 52 other guys on this team and this is UNFAIR to them.

                  So in light of the current situation, in light of how Cutler has acted and McDaniels has acted.

                  How much will you dispise Cutler if and when he goes to another team?

                  Will he be enemy number one since he refuses to work with the Broncos???

                  I for one have loved Cutler since the day we drafted him, got the jersey got the rookie cards all that junk.

                  But if he leaves the Broncos like this it shows his true colors and I hope that he ends up somewhere like Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland or how's this for a dark horse the Texans. I would hope and pray that the new defense McD has established knocks him around somethin fierce.

                  Because in my mind I do not want a player like him if this is how he resolves things go cry elsewhere and circle that date on the calender when you play Denver and when your pickin you self off the ground just remeber how good you had it in Denver (O-Line lead league in lowest sack allowed total or close to it).

                  At this point I hope it can be worked out but it looks bleak and I am not so sure I want him back anymore.

                  Where would you rate him as a enemey, if he leaves?????

                  Don't feed the troll.
                  Fire Rick Dennison - This Signature will stay until the worst playcaller in the NFL is gone.


                  • Originally posted by nbaballer913 View Post
                    "As fans whether for or against cutler or mcdoogie we all should hope cutler shows monday and takes control of his leading with example. at the very least the drama becomes less visible and a little more tolerable...."

                    but what are the chances cutler does that as of now?

                    i say it 50-50 right now monday will tell all.


                    • Originally posted by elevation INC View Post
                      i say it 50-50 right now monday will tell all.
                      Haven't felt this anxious about a day since being a kid a day before Christmas Eve. Garfield may hate me for this but......... Monday needs to get here asap lol.


                      • Everyone

                        this message is going out to a lot of ppl. I am a Denver Broncos fan. No matter what Jay does I will still be a Broncos fan. But there is no one in the league or in the draft that I would rather have behind center than Jay. Other than INT's last year he had a stellar year. 4,500 yards, 25 TD's. you can't ask for a better season out of him, other than the INT's. There aren't very many teams out there I think that wouldn't want Cutler as their starting QB. I'm going to be so happy when this is all over and Jay shows what a standup guy he is and shows up for OTA's on Monday. And if he doesn't then oh well life goes on and we will just have to find another franchise QB. Now I forget exactly who it was but someone said trade him to the Titans. There is not one person on that team worth what Cutler brings to the table. VY is a first round flop. I honestly don't have a clue who we would trade him for or what either. But we need to work out something with him because we will basically be back to rebuilding stage if we trade him away for any kind of draft picks. That's my incite now. hit me back with what you think


                        • Here's a couple answers for you to think about

                          Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
                          It's nice to see you here.

                          I'm not really sure what to believe. You say that Denver tried to trade him, but what proof is there of that? From my perspective it looks like Jay's agent is the one feeding that fire to negotiate a new contract. His agent has been responsible for several record setting contracts and his methods have been questioned before.

                          To me the whole idea of McDaniels seeking out teams to try and work out a 3 way trade just doesn't make sense. He could have just dealt a 2nd rounder plus maybe another late round pick to the Patriots for Cassel. Then he could have dealt Jay for atleast one 1st round pick and probably a lot more. Why would he just accept a straight accross trade? He's smart enough to know Cutler has more trade value than Cassell.

                          Additionally, why would the Patriots not accept a 1st round pick from the Buc's, but instead opt for a 2nd rounder from the Chiefs? That makes no sense either.

                          I thought about this a lot yesterday, and I am starting to think it's unlikely McDaniels initiated the talks. Why in the world would the Patriots accept less for Cassell? Why wouldn't McDaniels just make the trade himself and get better value? Those are both questions that need to be asked and answered before we assume that McDaniels lied.

                          I do respect where you are coming from. I have been a BSU fan for as long as I have been a Denver fan. I loved Denver drafting Ryan Clady. It would be very conflicting for me if something like this came up with him. I really do understand why you are torn.

                          I disagree with you about Jay taking the blame for the losses in the media. There might be a few in the media that suggest that, but ultimately most are objective enough to see that Jay was a very good quarterback with a lousy defense last year.

                          Ultimately most of the fans here hope Jay is willing to show up and put this behind him for the betterment of himself and the team.

                          Ok, my friend this is my opinion on your first question. Because McD didn't initiate trade talks he just stupidly listened to offers.

                          And the 2nd question, I believe that the patriots took a 2nd rounder for 2 reasons, (1) because Cassell thrived in McD's system last year and normally we have our way with the Patriots anyway. So I doubt Belichick and the FO wanted Cassell in Denver because of McD. (2) because they wanted to save cap room, and 2nd round draft pick is not going to require as much money as 1st rounder would.

                          I hope I have made sense to everyone reading and I hope that ppl think about things before they jump to conclusions about the trade talks.


                          • yawn

                            5:45 in the morning and im lookin at this post....and they have 3 others....
                            YAAAA!!! YOU TRIED BABY!!!


                            • Originally posted by trmcmichael View Post
                              I can't believe I am saying this, but JayC should probably go elsewhere. Talent and potential aside, I am becoming certain that he cannot handle the day-in, day-out stress and reality that IS the NFL.
                              Trade talks most certainly occur all the time, no one is exempt, no offer should immediately be balked at without some consideration and possibly a counter offer. Coach is trying to make the team better, not trying to lose games. JayC actions as of late are totally bizarre, surreal and counter to just about everything I want to see in a leader.
                              Get pissed, fine. Be offended, fine. Leak to the press your not happy with leaving Denver, fine. Enough is ******* enough though. Get with the program, talk to coach and let him know your on-board. Commit yourself to becoming better and doing what is necessary in the new system. Be a ******* team player and team leader.
                              I've about had it. Give him to Detroit for draft picks and start Simms.
                              Unless KC is wanting to send Cassel and a 1st round pick to Denver, then i really dont see a trade out there that McD will bite on.
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                              • Don't you think it's possible that WE and the media are blowing this whole thing out of proportion a bit? In this whole thing, there hasn't been all that much credible evidence of much of anything, just a whole lot of media and fan speculation, as well as a few sketchy "sources".....perhaps the party's that are truly involved aren't obsessing about it as much as the festering fans of Denver......

                                I wish everyone would just chill and calm down a bit, and stop working yourselves into such a tizzy.......

                                But I will say this, I DO think that trading Jay Cutler would be an absolutely asinine thing to would be a mistake that this team would regret for years to come.....something you would wind up seeing on an NFL network show called "Top ten worst personnel decisions in history" someday.......

                                And i'm not going to sit and argue stats or wins or int's or anything else. Just take a look at the BIG everything to some other great QB's (retired and current) at this stage in their carrers, and you will see what I it be for the Broncos or another team, Jay Cutler WILL be one of the best QB's in this league, I just hope it's for us....:cutler: