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  • For all of you intent of bashing me, I hope you understand - this isn't about Jay Cutler. It's about our franchise.

    I just can't support a franchise that has it's head SO FAR up it's own a$$ that they want to trade their best player just so our 'McCoach' can re-unite with his Patriot boyfriend...sorry guys.

    Say and call me what you want...


    • Cutler Phone Call to Gary Miller

      I know I know I know...too many Cutler threads. Flame me for this one if you want to

      Cutler on the phone with Vic Lombardi is now online at

      It is VERY TELLING. Things are not looking good. He knows the deal, how it was going to go down, and that they would "try and cover their tracks"

      Listen for yourself and post what you think!
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      • Originally posted by BulldogRed View Post
        You root for the name of the FRONT of the Jersey, not the back.
        Being a fan nowadays you have to resign yourself to be chearing for laundry.

        I began to feel that way when Sharpe and Atwater were uncerimoniously dumped.

        That notion was solidified when Portis was dealt.

        No player is safe. It is impossible for me to build an emotional attachment to current profesional players nowadays. I think many of you will soon feel this way if you dont already.
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        • Originally posted by blue diamond View Post
          1. Why would the Pats take a 2nd rounder for Cassel if TB was willing to give up a first. Duh...

          2. If it was true, why wouldn't McDaniels and Belicheck have hammered this out earlier, even before Cassel signed his franchise tender.

          3. Look at all the first round BUSTS at QB, Shanny got it right with Cutler, you don't trade Cutler for a 5th round backup. Unless you are stupid...

          4. Bus Cook is obviously the source for ESPNs stories regarding Jay being pissed, now he has spoken to the Post. Why isnt McDaniels directly speaking with his franchise QB?

          5. Trading Scheffler also? The TE is an elite weapon in the spread offense. We just cut Nate Jackson, trading Tony Scheffler leaves with Dan Graham, a former Patriot at TE, but not the fastest TE by any means, and then noone else to speak of.

          6. This really makes McDaniels and Xanders look like fools, they have definitely screwed up bad, and if we left with a disenfranchised franchise QB, not a good thing. The McDaniels era is starting off HORRIBLY!!! Not what I want to see from the Broncos "Brain" trust. :brick:
          1. That has Pioli written all over it...Vrabel and Cassel for a 2nd? What a steal...
          Go Broncos, make me keep believing this year


          • Don't forget: Both the Bucs and Lions tried to dupe the Broncos into trading their pro bowl QB for an unproven career backup with only a season of starts under his belt. It speaks volumes about what both the Bucs and Lions truly felt about Cassel and his abilities. They both assumed that MCD's infatuation for Cassel would allow them to score a great QB.


            • For all the Citler haters who wish he was gone.....
              Go Find Another Team to B*%ch and whine about!!!

              I'll just bet you wouldn't be happy unless you kicked your dog every morning.

              Now give it a rest. Most of you wish McD had signed that useless no-talent Haynesworth. Now shut up and watch him lead the Redskins to the promised land of 1st pick in the 2010 draft.

              I like what McD has done so far and the Cutler trade talk was just ESPN trying to create ratings. They sucketh at their real jobs and need to make waves at every turn.
              "Those are my principals... if you don't like them, well, I have others" - Groucho Marx

              "Having a Hell of a time my dear, wish you were here" - Alice Cooper


              • I haven't seen one thing on rotoworld about this... and rotoworld is VERY accurate.


                • Originally posted by Momentum View Post
                  Mark my words.

                  Jay Cutler will not be the long term answer for the Denver Broncos. He may last a year, maybe two, but I ultimately see him leaving. Everyone here agrees the kid is a stud on the field, but time after time he has shown immaturity and a real lack of professionalism off. And who cares about the trade..I'm referencing back to Shanahan days.

                  Mike Shanahan left Josh McDaniels with a Quarterback that basically can do whatever he pleased without consquence. Bret Farve no. 2 in every since of the word. McDaniels has already shown he is not playing after cutting Dre Bly and 5 defensive starters along with him.

                  And to those that say "fire the coach!" it won't happen. Too much dead money is tied up in Travis Henry and Mike Shanahan right now. On top of that Pat Bowlen is a guy that in the past has let "masterminds" work independently and judged by the results.

                  So ask yourself this:

                  Can the stern, by the book coach and the unorthodox gunslinger Quarterback co-exist?

                  Personally, I dont think this marriage isn't going to last long.
                  Wait untill he gets a taste of winning, all his wounds will disapear like magic.
                  "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."sigpic


                  • the only way i stop being a broncos fan is if they change the logo since thats the reason i chose the broncos as my team


                    • Originally posted by Broncoholic666 View Post
                      For all of you intent of bashing me, I hope you understand - this isn't about Jay Cutler. It's about our franchise.

                      I just can't support a franchise that has it's head SO FAR up it's own a$$ that they want to trade their best player just so our 'McCoach' can re-unite with his Patriot boyfriend...sorry guys.

                      Say and call me what you want...
                      Thats what ima talking about man.


                      • Originally posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
                        We were not the ones initiating? Are you 100% suuuuure?
                        No... just like no one else is. 24 hours ago Dawkins was a sure thing. 20 hours ago people were freaking out because the media was making it look like Dawkins might have used us to gain position with Philly. This is all media posturing at this point.

                        We can tie it all back to irresponsible reporting. Not to say that it didn't happen or can't happen. The fact is no one knows for sure and we all need to chill out ESPECIALLY our "franchise" QB.

                        edit: and we all know how accurate ESPN is.


                        • sort of like how I felt week-2, when he fumbled against SD. He needs to get over it.


                          • Originally posted by Ch1ggs View Post
                            Good post. I never liked the Cutler pick anyway. We gave up too much for a whiny brat that thinks he's a football god, and while he may be physically talented, he has yet to post a winning record.
                            You are the most annoying poster on this website. Every post i see from you is negative.

                            Boise State 2010 FIESTA BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!


                            • Get over yourself Cutler.

                              He seems to be over it, and wants to be back
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                              • I don't get why NE gave away two guys for a 2nd round pick. Especially if other teams wanted to give a 1st for him. Did TB really want to give away a 1st for cassel? If so *** would they say no thanks we would rather take a 2nd!

                                None of this makes sense and I think it's not over. I would not be surprised to see something else happen.