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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Eddie Royal is speaking now...


    • It's Baaaack.
      :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:



      • I'm all for the Broncos ponying up--Jay has shown that he is worth it.

        However, what makes us so sure that a new contract makes everything better? The worst outcome would be signing Jay to a HUGE new deal, with Cutler still being unhappy and wanting to be traded, and the new deal making it much harder to trade him next year.

        If the FO is sure that offering a big extension fixes this, then they are fools not to make the offer. If Jay really has lost all faith in the organization, though, and a contract won't make him happy, then the Broncos would be worse off paying a lot more for a still-unhappy star player.


        • There's no loyalty anymore, not in business or in sports. It sucks but that's just the way it is. And professional sports is a big business. Jay needs to take care of #1 first - himself - because nobody else is going to. If he's not given any loyalty why should he give it?


          • Originally posted by HORSEPOWER 56 View Post
            No kidding. Chris Simms had one of the best scoring defenses in the league backing his play and getting turnovers for him. Chris is even more noodle-armed than his old man and is even worse at decision making. If Chuckie Gruden couldn't make him productive (a guy who turned Rich Gannon into a pro-bowler and Brad Johnson into a SB champion), what makes you think a 32 yr old with ZERO head coaching experience will be able to?

            Gee, everyone thought Shanny was full of himself. Who exactly is our new head coach other than another guy who coached under Bellicheat (looking at Bellicheat's other proteges, the track record ain't great) and why has he been given enough leeway to alienate a top 5 QB?
            John Gruden is not a quarterback friendly coach. He has little patience in developing quarterbacks. He's not player friendly coach in general. Just ask Derrick Deese about Gruden, he will spew some venom about how lowly Gruden thinks of players. Gannon and Johnson were veteran quarterbacks who didn't need a coach to develop them as an NFL quarterback by the time they played under Gruden.
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            • McDaniels: "I'll take care of it"

              McDaniels: I'll take care of it
              By Mike Chambers
              The Denver Post
              Posted: 03/16/2009 09:39:02 AM MDT
              Updated: 03/16/2009 12:34:47 PM MDT

              New Broncos coach Josh McDaniels met with his team for the first time this morning as a group and addressed his ongoing feud with quarterback Jay Cutler, who did not attend the meeting and has asked to be traded.

              "He said, "I'll take care of it,' and that's pretty much it," said defensive lineman Kenny Peterson. "(As players), you can't control it. You got to control what you can control.

              "Let them handle that. My job is to play D-Line and that's it. I don't know the ramifications of what's going on with that. It's a business. Let them handle it, let (management) deal with it."

              Peterson said players were eager to begin workouts this week for their new coaches.

              the walls, the new faces in the locker room. New beginning. Day One."

              As for what McDaniels talked about, Peterson said, "Just his philosophy of how he's going to conduct things and what he expects of us as players. Pretty much the basics. He's the head coach. He could be 20, 40, 50, 60 years old, he's the head coach, and he's going to get the respect. He's very methodical, very articulate. I have nothing but respect for him."

              Veteran cornerback Andre' Goodman, recently signed as a free agent, said McDaniels asked the players not to talk about what he said in the meeting about Cutler.

              As for the controversy in general, with Cutler trying to force a trade after feeling disrespected, he said, "This is nothing new for me. I'm not shocked that a lot is going on, because every team in the league is adjusting. For me, it's not big deal."

              He did add, however, that not having Cutler around is a big issue.

              "The quarterback is the face of the team," Goodman said. "When you take the coach out of it, (the QB) is the face of the team. Everybody will tell you it starts with the quarterback."

              He said it's up to the players to not be distracted by what's happening between McDaniels and Cutler.

              "It's only hard if you allow it to be hard," he said. "If you're a professional you don't allow it to be hard. It's all about the approach you take as individuals."

              McDaniels told The Denver Post Sunday night that he wants to talk to Cutler further before considering a trade.

              "I would like to talk to Jay before we go on and start to discuss some other type of alternative," McDaniels said. "In the last couple weeks, we've been all about trying to communicate and resolve his unhappiness with what happened — which we understand — and that's been our direction."

              Players are scheduled to start voluntary off-season workouts today.

              At least some broncos are acting like professionals.

              And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.


              • Originally posted by Toddlaw89 View Post
                Eddie Royal is speaking now...
                OO, Oo, finally someone who was on the team last year...Let us know what he says


                • Eddie spoke about having a 1/2 hour meeting with the team and coaches. McDaniels did speak about "the situation", but did not go into detail, just that it will all work out. Eddie mentioned that Brandon Marshall was there at the workouts and that when Eddie spoke with Wes Welker at the Pro-Bowl, Welker told Royal that he would love playing in the McDaniels offense.
                  He didn't speak long.


                  • Originally posted by broncolee View Post
                    John Gruden is not a quarterback friendly coach. He has little patience in developing quarterbacks. He's not player friendly coach in general. Just ask Derrick Deese about Gruden, he will spew some venom about how lowly Gruden thinks of players. Gannon and Johnson were veteran quarterbacks who didn't need a coach to develop them as an NFL quarterback by the time the played under Gruden.
                    Gannon and Johnson were both Journeymen until they ended up with Gruden, too. His offense works. Oh, who in the hell is Derrick Deese to say anything about anyone and why should I care? Isn't the guy pretty much a scrub?


                    • What's humorous here is that Josh McDaniels has never been quoted as saying, "We tried to trade Jay Cutler." He said they were involved in trade discussions with other teams, but nothing came of it and that's exactly what he told the media and Jay. I don't see anywhere where McDaniels lied to Cutler. He admitted there were trade discussions from the very beginning. Nowhere can I find a quote from McDaniels where he told Cutler, "We did not get involved in trade discussions for you." What I have seen is the Broncos stating clear as day, "We do not want to trade Jay Cutler." The media has really blown this thing to hell.


                      • Where Are the Grown-ups?

                        Let's see, I can put the blame on Cutler and his ego, or on McDaniels for whatever. I can trade Cutler for less than value, or I can just bench him. How do any of these "solutions" help the Broncos in 09? Doesn't anybody out there want this situation to get fixed and go away? Unfortunately, a fix would require SOMEBODY to act like a grown-up, and that someone hasn't stepped forward yet. The best suggestion I heard came from Dave Logan on KOA, at least a week ago. He argued that the Broncos should fly a big Blue and Orange plane into Nashville and then drive to Cutler's place in a big Blue and Orange car. In other words he wanted them to go above and beyond. But he wasn't finished. He added that if Cutler didn't accept this move and didn't say the appropriate words and come back on board (the team, not the airplane), the blame would clearly be on Cutler because the Broncos would have put the ball squarely in his court. That sounded like the wisest advice I've heard, but, sadly, it wasn't followed. I do know that dividing Bronco fans into Cutler camps and McDaniels camps will do absolutely nothing positive.


                        • He just said the team is just running and working out right now. No playbook stuff or anything is going on yet.

                          He complimented Jay's presence in the huddle and then his microphone fell off. Now we are staring at the back of somebody's head with a red hat on.

                          This feed is terrible.
                          :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:



                          • Originally posted by AyanBronco View Post
                            Its well known that Mcdaniels wanted cassel. Then he siad Jay is our guy and he will not be traded. Now he is tradeable.

                            When you have this much gray area, it can only mean one thing. McDaniels=BULLSHH!T
                            If this is so obvious, show me one quote from McDaniels, Xanders, or Bowlen saying they WANT(ED) to trade Jay Cutler.

                            Not, "sources say..." or "rumor has it...", but an actual quote from them directly...

                            just one...

                            Now show me one example of Cutler's willingness to do what it takes to step up and be the emotional leader of this team since the off-season began...

                            just one...

                            Now consider who has more responsibility to make this TEAM sucessful; the team's management or the QB?...

                            Take your time, I'll wait...

                            Now consider how rational your argument sounds...
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                            • Originally posted by thehoot79 View Post
                              How did McDaniels goof it up again? He didn't commit to Jay Cutler as the Broncos QB of the future. Why should he? He's never worked with Jay at any level and he's starting this team on a whole new slate. At this point, with the way Jay has been, why the hell would McDaniels commit to him at all?

                              In my personal life, I'm an executive and I'll tell you right now, if I take over a new department, I'm not just going to magically commit to the best producing employee simply because that's what he/she is. Employee's have to prove themselves to the employer, not the other way around. Regardless of how long they've been there or what their perceived value is.
                              One of the fundamental tenets of management is that you manage according to the environment you are in. I have had multiple colleagues who, had they quit their erstwhile jobs, would have had multiple offers lined up within a week. Not only did those guys not tolerate any BS from their bosses, their bosses (some very hard-nosed individuals) tried hard to appease these geniuses (who often made more money than their bosses). Managing skilled employees is very different from managing a burger joint.

                              McDaniels job is to put the best possible team on the field. At present, the best possible team includes Cutler playing QB. By alienating Cutler, McDaniels will be putting a sub-optimal team on the field. That's how he is goofing up.

                              If Cutler is traded, it will be to a coach who commits to him (or they wouldn't trade for him) and puts him in a position to succeed (if Cutler could do well with what he had here in Denver, he will do well in most places). McDaniels will have a hard time finding a QB who is better for the Broncos that Cutler is right now. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but is quite unlikely.
                              Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


                              • Couple of things I caught in the interviews: At one point I think Peterson alluded to "Jay and his group" that implys to me that players think its not just Jay. Another thing that I caught was how Eddie referred to Jay in the past tense.

                                Another thing was that the camera man is in fact a man. LOL