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  • Originally posted by KeepItReal View Post
    LOL at the shot at a Bolt fan

    Cmon man, the 2007 Patriots went 16-0 and were a fluky David Tyree catch away from the first perfect season in NFL history.

    The point pertaining to QB play is that the 2007 Patriot offense and passing game particularly, was virtually unstoppable.
    The point pertaining to QB play is that their job is to win SB's, not get killer stats. Isn't that what all you dolts keep saying? No matter how good Jay is and how bad our team is, it is all Jay being bad that has us 17-20 with him as starter? You can't have it both ways here dolt boy.

    Brady's best seasons where the seasons he won the SB. You want verification, ask him. I guarantee you he says the same thing.


    • Originally posted by Shsonline View Post
      Cutler is a grown *** man with a Vanderbilt education. I refuse to place no accountability on him for his actions.
      Dont worry, I was putting the blame squarely on Cutler and his agent for the esculation of this drama.


      • Originally posted by velly4 View Post
        yeah i understand the hole money thing but who said we have to use that #1 pick! we could trade that pick to and still have two first round picks and get Ray from USC and that DT from Boston college hell thats what we need why hope and wait that he is wtill there when we are up to pick
        The #1 pick is very hard to trade away nowadays. Most teams don't want anything to do with the #1 overall, so almost always it is not traded. I cannot even remember the last time the #1 overall pick was traded to another team (not counting a guy getting drafted and then traded, which would be Eli Manning IIRC).
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        • Denver Post: Nobody Wins in the high stakes game

          Jay Cutler blinked.

          The seemingly-soon-to-be ex-Broncos quarterback pushed all in and demanded a trade on Sunday night in a Mile High-stakes game.

          There is no winner.

          Everybody loses.

          And the Broncos are the worst for it. An organization that used to be one of the classiest and most successful in professional sports has displaced Dallas and overtaken Oakland as the most diss-informational, dysfunctional franchise in football.

          After a weekend at Pigeon Valley, where the testosterone and tension were so thick you could cut it with a Popeil butter knife, the Broncos and Cutler were finished.

          Coach Josh McDaniels wanted to get rid of Cutler two weeks ago. Cutler now wants to rid himself of McDaniels.

          Each of the foolish four has liability (and probably lie-ability), responsibility and accountability.

          Start at the top (the owner) and end up at the bottom (an agent).

          Pat Bowlen wanted control of his team again when he fired Mike Shan- ahan. But he didn't take control, and the Broncos have raced completely out of control.

          In his press conference on the last day of 2008, Bowlen said, "I run the show."

          That day Bowlen said of Cutler, "Obviously, he is the man around here now."

          Not any more.

          And Bowlen is running a dog-and-pony show.

          Bowlen told The Post's Mike Klis on Sunday afternoon: "I'm very disappointed. I'm disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback."

          "Disappointed" doesn't cover it, and "might lose" doesn't get it.

          Bowlen was mad that Cutler didn't back his hiring of McDaniels and didn't answer his phone calls when McDaniels considered trading the quarterback to acquire Matt Cassel. Bowlen could have gotten on a plane to Nashville with his coach, or he could have ordered his quarterback to come to Denver. Instead, the owner became a role player, not the lead player, in the feud between McD and Jay-C.

          In the end, Bowlen wasn't in on the Broncos Summit on Saturday, sources said, and appeared powerless to stop the billion-dollar franchise from blowing up in his face.

          (This deteriorating affair has more leaks than a cheap sink.)

          Bowlen should have brought McD and Jay-C into his office and ordered them to stay there, Road Warrior Thunderdome-like, until the feud was settled. If they didn't, he could have made a decision as difficult as the one to fire Shanahan — fire another coach or trade the player. The decision was made for Bowlen.

          He has lost.

          McDaniels created the original conflict by exploring the trade shortly after claiming publicly he was "excited" about coaching Cutler, had spent time with the quarterback going over the team's new playbook, then discussed a deal on the day the quarterback left town. The new coach then went into denial and has not once had the nerve to address the media and the fans — until late Sunday. His lack of experience, and his background in New England, and his slips are showing.

          What does McDaniels do? He and Bowlen could try to keep Cutler in Denver, but that won't work. He will try to trade Cutler, but will that work? The Broncos won't get a quarterback of equal value, and they'll probably end up with a couple of draft choices — and Chris Simms, who hasn't thrown a pass in anger in two seasons, as the starting quarterback.

          He has lost.

          Cutler must share the blame. He did react immaturely to the firing of Shanahan and Jeremy Bates, the hiring of McDaniels and, of course, the trade. His prolonged snit was unbecoming. His refusal to return to Denver last week, then his Harpo act in the meeting on Saturday were characteristics of the bad and ugly types in the NFL. He will go somewhere else, but his future home likely won't be an upgrade.

          He has lost.

          Bus Cook, Cutler's agent, is the most evil player in the melodrama. The former "personal injury attorney" from Hattiesburg, Miss., added insult to injury by being a source for the trade rumors and other recent stories.

          He served as the lightning rod for Cutler's fire and ire. His and Cutler's rigid stance could have been a ploy to get Cutler a renegotiated, extended, larger contract or the trade to another team.

          Why wouldn't Cook's past representations of other high-profile NFL players make newspapers, websites and Broncos loyalists have reservations about his intentions? Didn't Brett Favre, Steve McNair, Randy Moss and other Cook clients have contractual issues, disputes and salaries that ended up with splintered teams and the players in other cities? The troublemaker, not peacemaker, was only interested in manipulating the event that became a national joke.

          He has lost.

          Josh, Jay, Pat and Bus got the Broncos into this mess. They couldn't pull the Broncos out of it.

          They should have blinked together this morning. Instead, they can go blank in the night. Denver deserves better.


          • Originally posted by floridabroncos View Post
            The #1 pick is very hard to trade away nowadays. Most teams don't want anything to do with the #1 overall, so almost always it is not traded. I cannot even remember the last time the #1 overall pick was traded to another team (not counting a guy getting drafted and then traded, which would be Eli Manning IIRC).
            yeah but I don't think Detroit even wants to trade us their number one pick. The speculation is that they will take one of the LTs in the league with that and if we do work out a trade, I presume it will be with their 2nd pick in the draft.

            And as I've been saying, we don't need a QB in this draft. We draft impact D players this year, get a 1st rounder next year for Cutty, and then draft Bradford.
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            • All the top level prospect QB's in the draft are rather average and it would prob benefit the Broncos more getting 2010 picks if they want to draft another QB, then they can get McCoy or Bradford.


              • Although this has already been stated by me and others here, you are correct IMHO.


                • Originally posted by Mile High Jedi View Post
                  This is something that any player should do in his position, given the change in coaching personel and offensive schemes.

                  That's being a professional athelete, not an emotional leader. Everyone else seems to regcognize this opportunity for Jay to show his team, his coach, and his fans that this is HIS team to lead- regardless of the speculation and hearsey.

                  Jay appears to be letting his ego and financial concerns outweigh his loyalties (at least to his fans and his team) and that's the current posterboy of our beloved Broncos franchise.

                  Oh... I see.

                  An emotional leader? Well, I don't think that's the quarterbacks job. I believe it's the coach's job. How's Josh working out as an emotional leader for you? I'd ask Mike Leach but I don't know his number.

                  Still awaiting your response on the McD interview. You really should read the article. It's the first time McD's side is presented. You might find some real ammo for your argument there.

                  However, believing McLiar's story is another issue and is already being discussed on the 1000 other threads on the board.


                  • Originally posted by KyLewin View Post
                    Perhaps that was what he was trying to do when he entertained trade suggestions involving Cutler. He thought he could get something better (doing his job) or was at least willing to listen in case he could. Cutler got hurt and started crying about it, but McDaniels was (I assume) just trying to do his job. It isn't his fault his starting QB can't take the thought of being considered in a trade option.

                    Not that hard to understand...
                    Or maybe he was just trying to bring in his best buddy because he felt all alone in Denver, even at the risk of weakening the team.

                    Regardless of how he did it, it's now his job to make sure Cutler stays on the team or else trade him for someone atleast as good.

                    If he doesn't and ends up screwing up the team, is his excuse going to be "hey I was only trying to do my job"? That'll only get him fired, and we get set back a few years. Not only do we have a crappy team now, we also don't have a QB.

                    Originally posted by Shsonline View Post
                    I'm sorry but this is the NFL. Teams win games, not QBs. You give me a team with a talented running game, a system QB and a good defense and I will take that EVERY time over a team with a diva QB with a big arm, a bad defense and a bad running game.
                    Are you suggesting that if we were to swap Cutler out for a less-talented system QB, that our defense and running game would somehow become better?
                    Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


                    • Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
                      So many keep accusing McDaniels of lying--so apparently we can't trust him.

                      Yet now your beef is that he told Jay what you might believe is the truth regarding his attitude about Cutler? So McD should have lied and told Cutler what he wanted to hear, regardless of whether it was true?

                      Seems to me that more and more, Josh McDaniels just can't win with some of you, no matter what he does.

                      I agree. Some folks have given up trying to see both sides. As for McD anti-fans, I have stated this elsewhere......before the draft, write down every player you like, and then when McD picks one of them, don't freak out with the old "stupid pick" trick.

                      I also suggest that a high % of the posts in BC are only partially substantiated. You know the deal, facts and knowledge remove fear and dislike (I don't like the "hate" word). There is a whole lot of speculation going on. Before we tear someone apart, maybe we should be sure of what we are will come in handy for the real world.


                      • I don't buy it. If Cutler wanted out after Bates left, we would have heard about it 6 weeks ago, and a deal for Jay would have been done a month ago. And, MCD probably would have gotten Cassell. Plus, the Broncos would be using this information to bring fans to their side.


                        • The Broncos will move on. Bowlen, McDaniels, Xanders, the other coaches, everyone is getting ready for the upcoming season. The ones who care about the team are there, working and learning. The only exception is Wiegmann who deserves a rest because of his age.


                          • Originally posted by Shadow7ax View Post
                            And has it ocurred to you that the players have no other choice but to suck on this? Not to mention that's not the way he spoke to Cutler.
                            man shadow, that cat clip is SO hilarious to me for some reason!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaa...


                            • Originally posted by kmcgough25 View Post
                              I love how people are already seeing the future.

                              What happens when the stadium is still sold out?

                              I was going to ask this in another thread. Someone, and I don't remember who and I don't want to remember who, asserted that we wouldn't sell out every game any more if Cutler left.

                              People like this annoy me and I was going to call them out on it and quote it and come back and haunt them with it - just to drive a lesson home... But I ultimately opted not to.

                              I do wish people would find some reality and reason in their commentary though.

                              What we say on this board could have impact, and once upon a time it did. That has long since ceased being the case however because of the nature of asininity that's expressed here sometimes. I kind of went off on this in another thread today.

                              When the people on this board constantly say, "He's a moron, he's the Devil, FIRE HIM!"

                              When they say it about everyone and every thing, it diminishes the value of it - so that when they're really pissed off no one cares because they've heard it 1000 times before and it never made sense in the past.

                              "Crying wolf" is the term I used I think. "Chicken little" would be another that fits.

                              Anyway, yeah. I saw someone make this exact claim in another thread; that we wouldn't sell out our home games if Cutler got traded...

                              I did ultimately decide not to be a jerk to that person and I forgot who they were and I don't want to remember. But I do remember thinking, "Oh yeah. This person is very gifted in hyperbole and dramatizing things - or simply doesn't have the first damned clue what they're talking about. This person isn't educated or rational and can't be reasoned with. We're done here."

                              I let it drop and I moved on. But that kind of stuff is exactly what I mean by people who want to be heard - but who keep saying things that have zero credibility.

                              Simply put, this board needs a Toxx Clause.


                              • Originally posted by horsehead41 View Post
                                All of you who believe these distorted and out of context press reports need to really find reality and check in... this is a stunt cooked up by culter's agent to get a new contract and more money.... thats all.. it has nothing to do with the coach, it has nothing to do with all the perceived soap opera BS going on that has been made up by the agent with the help of the moronic press... this is all orchestrated drama in pursuit of money money money.... it is really quite pathetic that it ends up this way most of the time... agents=scumbaggs....
                                you are full of sh*t