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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by Pilfin View Post
    LOL, ok let me give you the special ed version:

    Probability we will win a superbowl this year with Cutler:
    between 5% and 7.7%

    Probability we will win a superbowl this year with Simms (or some other game manager):
    between .05% and 2.1%
    We've had Cutler the last 3 years and have not had a winning season. Cutler =/= Broncos.

    Let me help you out with what I think you are trying to say

    Probability we will win a SB this year with a good team and good coach:
    between 5% and 7.7%

    Probability we will win with a bad team and a bad coach:
    between .05% and 2.1%
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    • Originally posted by Crush77 View Post
      Great idea! Wish I was in Denver right now as I would be outside holding a sign saying Cutler over McDoofus
      Why does everything have to be so adversarial? Why can't it just be a show of support for Cutler without being an anti-McDaniels rally? I still believe that if these two can get beyond this rocky beginning, they can be great together.


      • Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post




        • Because so far he looks like the Denver version of Rich Kotite.


          • now for all you blind cutler fans, appernetly you forgot every player on the team is expandable. the HC outranks the qb. Mcdaniels never made any trade proposals all he did was entertain proposals given to him which he still turned down. bus cook has caused about 5 of these broken relationships in the nfl over the past 4 years. cassel and Mcdaniels relationship was also attempted to be taken advantage of by both other teams in the trade, i mean cmon hes (bus cook) gonna end up having the same result on sheffler.
            go broncos


            • If I wasn't stuck in PATSY country I would be there in an instant. :cutler: :cutler::cutler:

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              Formerly CutlerEra


              • Originally posted by KWHIT97
                These people are not real fans anyway, they can all go be a dingleberry on Jay Cutler's Nu***ck for the rest of their pathetic lives!

                If these people really think Jay Cutler is worth leaving your team for, they are clowns and might as well be Charger fans!
                Honestly, comments and sentiment like this is why people around the league are hysterically laughing at the pathetic Bronco fans.

                But I almost don't care, do ya Sparky?? ;-)

                Gerry Phipps, 2-14, vertical striped socks......ah the nostalgia of being a loser team in the cellar of the NFL for 20 years. Breathe deep, sucka, breathe deep. Cause that's the smell of Bowlen inhaling all your cash........sucka!!! ;-)

                "Pride goeth before the fall."

                And now the Bronco fans turn on their own.....then again, that's what rats do in a panic. :cutler:

                and btw, good afternoon. Now hurry up and get out of here and down to the Pro Shop. Those supplies of Chrissy Simms jerseys aren't gonna last forever, you know. Hurry!!! Run, Sparky, run......get that Simms jersey before the hordes of Bronco fans beat you to the punch.

                Run!!! Run,!!!!


                • Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
                  Why does everything have to be so adversarial? Why can't it just be a show of support for Cutler without being an anti-McDaniels rally? I still believe that if these two can get beyond this rocky beginning, they can be great together.

                  Fair enough, I agree... Still have very little support for our new HC though...
                  Cutler 2008:
                  » He was No. 3 in the NFL in 3rd down efficiency. NFL avg teams converted 39.5 percent of its third downs; Cutler converted 47.5 percent.
                  »Threw for more yards than Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger.
                  » He had eight games of 300-plus passing yards (five of those at 350 or more), connecting for 15 TD's
                  » 4th quarter of games Cutler completed 100 of 167 passes for 1,212 yards and 11 TD's with just four int's


                  • Cutler Followers: Would you come back if team does great?

                    To all those who say they'd no longer be fans of the broncos if Cutler goes or feel they are disenfranchised with the team right now...

                    Would you go right back to being a huge fan if McDaniels changes create a playoff/superbowl team in 2009?


                    • Cutler has followers?


                      • people are just upset and rightfully so, no reason to instigate a divide in Bronco Country.
                        Bronco Fan from DC (previously Baltimore)


                        • That is true.. Never would have thought this could happen. Thought Cutler would be in Denver for a few more seasons at least


                          • if people are really changing teams over this, then they are not real fans of the broncos, they are fans of jay, which i am also, but not before im a bronco fan


                            • You would have a power swap if he remained because of pressure...anyone who has played professional team sports or understands hierarchy of a team knows that can never happen..its has never worked and never will....


                              • Originally posted by broncofanatik View Post
                                Everyone keeps saying McDaniels lied to Cutler. This all seems speculation to me. I have yet to see one source prove he lied. He has not once denied looking at offers to trade Cutler. All you guys just seem intent on condemning this guy without any kind of proof. Sure it's you're opinion but don't act like Cutler is the best thing since slice bread either. EVERY nfl analyst is admitting that Cutler needs to grow a pair and play.
                                This isn’t entirely true. There is direct evidence that McDaniels has lied. In his own words:

                                “We don't want to trade Jay. We NEVER did. He's our quarterback.” – Josh McDaniels, March 1st

                                Yet, from the Peter King article yesterday:

                                McDaniels did pursue a deal with New England on the first day of free agency, but not intensely, (McDaniels) said, because he and Broncos general manager Brian Xanders were in the middle of doing six free-agent negotiations in the opening two days of free-agency. "I think we were too late to the dance,'' he said.

                                If the Broncos NEVER wanted to trade Cutler, why were they even trying to get to the dance? Oh right, because on March 1st, McDaniels was lying.

                                More from the King article, in McDaniels’ own words:

                                ‘It keeps coming out like I want my own guy. Thinking we want to trade him now is totally opposite what we've been trying to do here.’

                                Let’s analyze this. The Broncos were reported ready to part with Jay Cutler plus their own 12th pick in the draft for Cassel, Tampa Bay’s 1st (#19) and Tampa Bay’s 3rd (#81). A quick look at the draft value chart says that the Broncos’ #1 (1200) is greater than Tampa’s #1 (875) + #3 (185) … or 1200 > 1060. That by roughly a mid-4th round pick. So, McDaniels was willing to give up the better QB AND the better draft position. Seems an awful lot like he really wanted his guy – doesn’t it?

                                It's only reasonable to assume that these are the same messages that McDaniels is feeding to Cutler - who isn't buying it. I wouldn't either ...