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    To delete on Cutler here...sheesh.
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    • The Lions trade with two draft picks would be the only trade that keeps me from hanging myself in the shower... BUT, I do believe that Jay will quarterback our team in 09.


      • Carucci is so full of crap its not even funny.

        When even last year Cutler admitted that he and Bates mimic some plays from the NE playbook last year.

        Carucci has his head so far up the proverbial a$$ of Patriots its not even funny...

        FYI for Carucci the "patriots way" failed 3 times outside of NE... This also seem more of an insult to Jay's intelligence from Carucci thinking he cant run the NE system
        McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

        Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


        • Mr. Bowlen Read My Lips "we Want Jay!"

          I don't know what anybody else is saying....but if it is anything besides McDaniels is an idiot than you are not a true Broncos fan. I understand Jay is not acting very mature either but put yourself in his shoes. I watched every second of every game last year and let me tell you something.....Jay is one of the only reasons we even won any games. Then they fire his head coach....the guy who believed in him and drafted him...then they let the Offensive coordinator and QB coach go who Mr Bowlen promised jay would stay. Then he has to hear through the rumor mill his 32 yr old new head coach is trying to shop him for some mediocre 1 season wonder, because "he's more comfortable with his system"....oh and then the coach lies to him about it at first and then comes clean with no remorse at all. Jay is a Pro Bowl QB that teams are chomping at the bit to get a hold of now....and Pat Bowlen is going to let that happen because of some unproven new head coach with a hard head that can't admit when he messed up. If he thinks that he can only coach his old players then what does that say about his coaching ability. Any other candidate would have been happy to come into his situation....and he is screwing it all up. I have been a Broncos my whole life but if this plays out I think I will get nauseas everytime I watch a game. I'm even more upset that more Broncos fans are not really pissed off and letting everyone know about it. If I lived in Denver I would start a petition and march it right up to Pat Bowlens office.....I wish he would read these posts.:cutler: Jay I hope you stay a Bronco for life!!


          • If this was the case...

            Why exactly was Jay excited about learning the new offense and studying it for two weeks strait before this trade mess?

            Stupid article.

            Also... Tony could easily convert to a WR in the spread and do damn well.


            • Originally posted by BroncoRy View Post
              Of course I am no scout but based on the two games I saw I would rather have Trent Edwards. He seems like the better qb. He's been in an archaic offensive system the past few years. He could very well be the guy in McD's offense.

              I have no basis to back this assumption.Its just my feeling if CUTLER has to go ( and i hope this can be fixed somehow still) Id rather see Edwards here.
              See, you're one of those people that I wonder about their Mental well being.


              • Um... Bowlen doesn't care.

                He already put his blessing behind McDaniels and has cast off Jay to the point where he doesn't even attend meetings involving him.

                Face it. It's up to McDaniels to get Jay back or he's gone.


                • I don't think he reads the forums.



                  • Vic Carucci is a ******, he is like every other sports writer out there, he wants the Broncos to trade Cutler to their home town team, then when the Broncos do trade Cutler, these same writers will slam the Broncos for screwing up big time.
                    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."sigpic


                    • I have been a Broncos fan since I was 8 and that will never change. :go:


                      • Wake up people.......Jay isn't in Denver because HE chooses not to be. The Broncos want him. The ball is in Jay's court and he doesn't want to be here. Everyone keeps talking about "If the Broncos trade Jay Cutler, then they are idiots" HE IS THE ONE ASKING FOR A TRADE. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!!!!!!


                        • Originally posted by Legendary30 View Post
                          Wake up people.......Jay isn't in Denver because HE chooses not to be. The Broncos want him. The ball is in Jay's court and he doesn't want to be here. Everyone keeps talking about "If the Broncos trade Jay Cutler, then they are idiots" HE IS THE ONE ASKING FOR A TRADE. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!!!!!!
                          Right on, good post.


                          • Originally posted by EddieRoyalFan View Post
                            I often ask my self that very question. Why do teams want Jay Cutler? His winning record is below 500. He's immature, and from what I got from it, he's a trash talker to other players (Philip Rivers fiasco).

                            I've read your others post too, your a Cutler fan boy, it's cool. I understand how you think Jay is a QB that comes around every 10 years. But how do you know he's that talented of a QB, it might just be cause he's surrounded by a great receiving core.
                            It's because he has the physical intangibles that make a great QB. Also you forget that last year since we had no running game, other teams were playing with 7-8 of their 11 players on D in coverage.

                            His winning record doesn't mean crap. He's 12-0 when the Broncos hold a team to 20 points or below. He actually has a better winnning percentage than Elway against teams when his team gives up 30+ points (I also believe he also has 14 of his 20 losses giving up 30+ points). The defense is why he hasn't "won." The 7 RB's on the IR last year only helped this happen. Did you know we had 11 Turnovers on D last year. Champ had 10 interceptions in 2006. We were abysmal on D.

                            Did you know that Elway had 23 interceptions in his 3rd year and his Defense still was middle of the pack. Did you know that in Elway's 2nd season his defense was the 2nd best in the ENTIRE NFL? That's why he "won" in his early years even though his stats were pathetic compared to Cutlers across the board, from completion %, to TD's, to INT's.

                            Cutler is a stud talent. But just because I appreciate finally having a QB who is an amazing franchise worthy talent doesn't mean I'm a total fanboy for him. I think he needs to shut the hell up and get over to the Broncos facility since it's clear McDaniels will never back off. He needs to just show up, work hard, and prove to everyone that he is the face of the team through his play.

                            Arguing he has a good receiving core making him look good is fruitless. By that standard Peyton Manning is overrated for having had Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, and Dallas Clark for so long. You could go on and on with other QB's and their receivers too. Kurt Warner in Arizona? Perhaps John Elway was overrated for having Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey and Shannon Sharpe? etc.
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                            • How aobut it Mr. B

                              Hold up the SB trophy and say this ones for John and John says this is for the Fans of Colorado. What is the Broncos or any team without their fans???

                              I went to the HOF the year when Cleveland lost their team. (owmer took them out of town). The was a mueral (painting) covering a 15' by 25' wall of the dog pound. I really had to stop and pay attention. It stuck me through the heart.

                              Don't take the game, the passion, out of Bronco Football for business sake.

                              Jay - we want you here, you are a winner..

                              Josh- we want you to enjoy a winning team.

                              Bus - Catch a bus to someone elses money.
                              This is the NFL!!

                              Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

                              Go Broncos!!!!!!!


                              • ??

                       obviosly didn't read what I said...yes Jay does want out but that is because McDumba55 made is star QB feel like he doesn't belong......I love how supposed broncos fans are showing more loyalty to a Belicheat spawn than their pro bowl QB.....way to go...