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  • Originally posted by Jamal View Post
    Yeah i think it's 7...
    If he continues that average for his whole career, assuming he has a 15 year career if he stays healthy and stays in the league, that would put him at 35 4th Qt comebacks. Not a bad job. Not on the same level as Elway, but then again, Elway did have the luxury (or should I say burden) of a horrible team around him. That being said, I don't know that Elway's record will be broken any time soon, he just never knew the word quit. Now, if Cutler got to play 16 seasons like Elway did, that'd bump up his potential average to 40. Still 8 short of the Comeback Kid.
    Fire Rick Dennison - This Signature will stay until the worst playcaller in the NFL is gone.


    • Originally posted by Taos_Broncomaniac View Post
      Stupidity huh, Interestingly enough I was at the 2005 wild card game against the Patriots and never saw Portis, Sharpe or McCaffrey. Rod (love him) looked and ran like a 40 year old and Plummer remains a proven winner in Denver until someone other than Elway shows me different.

      Cutlers problem is he believes the media and his agent, Think for yourself Vandy boy. We'd love to have the grown up version of you this year.

      Jake was a failure before he got here, he was brought up to be AVERAGE at best but it was proven that without a top 5 Defense no way he could win a ring...

      Average QB's need a top 5 D to win a SB, and if one can win one without a top 5 D its dumb luck.

      So far Cutler despite having a ranked 29 defense has proven to be a major upgrade over Jake.

      Hell put Jake in here he would have a 2-14 and a 3-13 season. with a rank 29th defense

      Hell the 06 d wasnt that bad AND he still floundered and flopped.... Jake was never that good, He was Average at best.
      McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

      Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


      • Originally posted by oldster View Post
        I would really like to see Jay mature a bit and stay in Denver. That being said how many 4th quarter comebacks were necessary because of Jay's turnovers leading to opponents scores?
        Probably less than 4th quarter comebacks due to the defense putting on the Benny Hill Show.
        Fire Rick Dennison - This Signature will stay until the worst playcaller in the NFL is gone.


        • Originally posted by Momentum View Post
          Are we going to ignore the fact that Cutler demanded 3 trades? I guess so.
          No he didn't. I think you might have some facts mistaken here.....


          • Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
            Let's Remember one thing here: We are ALL Bronco fans here!
            Does this include jcdavey ? .... I think it does ....
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            • Originally posted by LarryDean View Post
              Does this include jcdavey ? .... I think it does ....
              I owe some CP for that but I need to spread some first.

              It would include some of our other famous closet Bronco fans.


              • Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
                I don't know how McDaniels is breaking the franchise. He is trying to fix it. He's only breaking the blind faith of spoiled fans, and that's part of the process. I always suspected that Jay Cutler did not like to be a Bronco. Now, it is being reported that he wanted to be traded after Bated went to USC. Of course McDaniels would run the offense, so Bated left. What's wrong? If Cutler thought about being traded back then, why wouldn't McDaniels consider listen offers involving Matt Cassel? If Cutler really cared about the Broncos, its fans and his teammates, then he would show up in Denver, take control of things and say that he will prove who is the franchise quarterback. That's what Kyle Orton said when asked about the possibility of Cutler being traded to Chicago. That's what Trent Green told him to do. That's what Deion Sanders told him to do. Are you the team captain? Prove it. If he is now treating the whole thing just like a business, then Cutler is no better than Bowlen and McDaniels.
                How exactly is he "breaking the blind faith of spoiled fans"? I didn't know we were spoiled since the last several years haven't been that great. Is he trying to break that by getting rid of the best player we have on the team? If that's his plan then he is not a good judge of talent and he has no business being a head coach.

                Since you "suspected that Jay Cutler did not like to be a Bronco". the voices in your head tell you that, because I don't think even Jay haters believe that.

                We never heard a word that Jay wanted out until he was put on the block for trade. You have a warped sense of reality to have convinced yourself that Jay wanted out from day one, and that McD is a trying to "fix" something that wasn't broken.


                • This topic is in every MSB..


                  • Originally posted by Den615 View Post
                    I mostly agree with you, but you have to question the fanhood of the "fans" that submit the same thread every day (the "i am done with the broncos thread")
                    I used to say the same thing. People can question those who do or don't support Cutler or those that do or don't support McFailure.

                    We are all different in our fanhood of the team. Some younger some older. But we are all fans. No big deal really.


                    • I agree with you. We are all Broncos fans. I have decided to direct my contempt not at Cutler or McD, but at Cook. I will always be a Broncos fan, long after Cutler and McDaniels are gone.


                      • Originally posted by Binary Bolt Fan View Post
                        ...speaking of missing the point....

                        For the life of me, I don't understand the level of support you fans are giving to Jay Cutler?

                        Do you not believe the reports that Jay was upset that Shanny was let go and decided he wanted out long before this trade conversation came up?
                        He stated that he was disappointed, but he never made a bigger deal out of it than any player that has lost a coach. Do you remember how much LT missed Schottenheimer when he was fired? He stated that he hated that Marty was fired. After the Chargers lost several in a row, he said in an interview that he called Marty, and Marty told him it was time to let it go, and he had to move on. THats nothing against LT, and Cutler saying he was disappointed about Shanahan being fired is nothing against Jay.

                        But the RUMORS that Jay wanted a trade after Shanahan was fired is just that.. Rumors. Even Bowlen stated that he never heard of anything. The reports have come out that the talk of Jay asking for a trade was completely and totally false.

                        At the Pro-bowl, Jay was interviewed and stated that although he was disappointed in the firing of Shanahan, he was veyr much looking forward to working with McDaniels. He said that they have talked on a few occasions, and that although he doesn't know Josh, and they will have to get together and work on getting to know each other and develop that bond and trust, he was excited about it.

                        Do you think that the offensive-minded McDaniels was going to take over the team and let the old OC run the same offense? That dude HAD to find another job because the writing was on the wall. (IMO)
                        This wasn't a shock to anyone really.

                        I'm blown away that so many of you have Jay's back on this whole deal.
                        Yeah.. its pretty shocking to see a Chargers fan be shocked by this :eyeroll:

                        He's got a great arm and was the heart of your offense, no doubt. But the fact is, he has tended to get a little bone stuck in his throat when the going gets tough...
                        See.. you again have your facts mixed up. Jay was excellent in the fourth quarter, and was always playing from behind. Being only one of only TWO QBs to ever lead his team to an 8 win or better record when his defense gave up 400+ points. I think he had something like 11 drives THIS season alone where he took the lead in teh fourth quarter.

                        On top of it, Jay has been paid some serious $$'s already and now seems to be a crappy time to go try and get another deal. What is agent seems to be doing is really chipping away at Jay's teflon image. He's done nothing more than rack up a bunch of yards while winning next to nothing. (and please don't tell me about your D! ...I know already, but that is another discussion)
                        Please.. anyone that wants to talk about records is completely missing the play of the actual player. This is just lame smack talk from someone that really doesn't even know whats going on. For one, the agent hastn't been public with anything really. Two... This is NOT about money. You really have no clue what this is about, do you?

                        Are you supporting Jay because you fear what the offense will be without him, or are you supporting Jay because you really think he's been treated worse than any other football player?
                        How about the simple fact that you don't, as a football FRANCHISE... get rid of the best player on your team. If there was ONE position that we were set at on this team, it was QB. Jay is a stud, and its HARD to get stud QBs in the NFL. Once you have one, just going into his fourth year after having a pro-bowl season.... you dont' go and trade him away for some friggin back-up.... and one that we would have had to GIVE HIGH draft choices for?? are you kidding me? Its stupid.

                        So the fear is.. the fear is that we have a YOUNG coach that is making some very colossal mistakes right from the get-go.

                        I think he's screwing over Denver and his teammates and have to believe most of you are supporting him because, and ONLY because, you think the team can't win without him.
                        Really? So what you are saying that if he was traded away, it would be different than if he asked to be traded???

                        I know.. Jay has to accept its business, but when Jay asks to be traded its his loyalty that isn't in the right place.... right? I mean, its business for the owners and GMs/coaches.. but its all about loyalty for the players. They can't act as if its a business.. unless its a coach telling them they are traded away after being told just how excited the coach is to work with you... then they have to take it as 'business.' Jay isn't "screwing over" anything. This is purely a tainted perspective you have.

                        Josh McDaniels is likely to be a hell of a coach!

                        Good luck Denver fans... I'm not trying to be an idiot here. I'm just trying to understand why more of you aren't ready to burn down that house of his?
                        He could be. That doesn't mean he's earned that right to simply look away at his HUGE mistakes before he's even coached a single game.

                        personallly.. I think McDaniels house should be the one burned down before an idiot of this size decides to breed.


                        • Originally posted by Go_Bolts04 View Post
                          Lie? Lies? Prove it. What lie by the way? McDaniels entertained thoughts of trading Cutler. May not have been the brightest move, but it was a move well within his rights to make. McDaniels has owend up to that. Where is the lie? McDaniels told Cutler that no one is above being traded if it benefits the organization. Cutlet may not have wanted to hear that, but again, where's the lie?
                          You are behind in the times.

                          The lies that are being talked about are several.

                          1) Josh tells Jay just how excited he is to work with him, and that the two of them are going to do great things together

                          2) He tries to attempt a trade behind Jay's back

                          3) He then refuses to talk to the media when asked about it the DAY of the trade, and then refuses to answer phone calls from Jay and his agent. THEN.. then he tells the media he was "only answering phone calls." Thats not true.

                          Not only did he lie to Jay.. but he lied to everyone else and simply expected us to accept his lame excuse. He stuck with that story up until recently when he met with Jay in colorado, and said that he tried to trade Jay for cassel. Jay of course already knew this..everyone did... but he continued with his story and tried to make Jay out to be the 'over reacting' player instead of just owning up to his own mistake of actually believing he could try a three-way trade involving his pro-bowl franchise QB, and it be kept a secret.

                          As far as not talking to Bowlen... thats funny. Because Bowlen just RECENTLY said that he doesn't remember talkign with Jay, but in an interview last week he commented on his conversation he had with Jay. So far there are no such confirmations on this "not returning" Bowlen's phone calls whatsoever.

                          See.. the problem with you.. is that you are forming your ignorant opinion based on incorrect facts and without knowing at all whats going on. Not surprising considering the team you choose to follow


                          • Originally posted by kmcgough25 View Post
                            Your user name is probably the most disturbing and concerning that I have ever seen on these boards!!

                            Kudos to you!!
                            thanks, i'm glad you like it.:go:


                            • Deion Sanders can say ****!! Why is everyone asking Jay to "man up" and stop being a "cry baby" when that jackass McDaniels told him that he's NOT HIS GUY???!!

                              How the heck is Jay supposed to lead that team, when the HC himself is NOT giving him any trust or confidence in him?! Business or no business, i mean gimme a break, you gotta have some senses worked out here.

                              Terrel Davis and Walcots made a much better and more realistic (less btchey of course) statement about the whole situation.
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                              • Originally posted by Momentum View Post
                                Are we going to ignore the fact that Cutler demanded 3 trades? I guess so.
                                Please post legit links and facts before you open your mouth momentum.... you just make yourself an easy target to rebuttal..

                                then again you seem not to learn.
                                McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

                                Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.