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McD / Cutler mess (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
    No, Bus is a business man and he is looking out for Jays best interest. It may not be whats best for fans but its best for Jay.

    Remember for fans, the NFL is a sport/entertainment. For the Players its a business nothing more then a 9-5 job.

    Bus is 100% correct.
    I don't think using underhanded (if not fraudulent) tactics to strong-arm your client's way out of a binding contract is his job. He should look out for his client, but could easily choose to do so within the bounds of ethics; instead, he uses these scorched-earth PR games to undermine the credibility of a new head coach and disrupt the well-being of an entire organization to get himself a fat payday (or so the argument goes).


    • Originally posted by AyanBronco View Post
      You can't just tag a person with the amount of money they're making compared to you.

      people in third world countries work for a 1$ a day, should they just tell you to shut the hell up and be a fan?
      LOL, so very true.


      • Why was this thread bumped 20 days later?

        Just in case some moron tries the "You complain about it then you bump it yourself with your comment." It was just posted in a few minutes ago, so it was already high on the first page whether I posted this or not.
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        • Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
          Some people would definitely say that we should have held onto Cutler (and I think they'd be right).

          The problem is reality. I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that if Jay Cutler is not our QB this season, it's because Jay Cutler no longer wants to be a Bronco. Regardless of what brought us to this point, it's reasonably clear now that the team wants him to come back, so the only person who can prevent us from having #6 under center again is #6. It's Jay's choice, but the ball is in his court; if he wants out, I don't know if the organization could justify keeping him here.

          If he ultimately chooses not to be a Bronco, I don't think it's really fair to chastise the front office for letting him go; that would kinda be like talking about how stupid the Colts were for trading Elway away, when it was clear he was never going to play a down in a Colts uniform anyway.
          The Broncos may or may not REALLY want to keep Cutler at this point, I don't think any of us actually know that. They could easily be saying that to get the trade offers to be better and better.


          • Not to mention, his client (whom he is supposed to be looking out for) is coming across to the rest of the league as a whiner. Every analyst I've seen says Cutler has the talent to be pursued by 75% of the teams in the NFL, but many are now worried about his attitude problem. How is that helping Jay?

            But I guess that doesn't matter when he cashes the check.


            • God knows I love John but this was very politically neutral, politically correct positive statement and it will take more than his minor input to fix this mess! If he privately thought less of either Bowlen or Cutler there is no way that he would ever voice it to the press. The "top 5 QB" comment is hardly a serious evaluation and should just be taken with a grain of salt.

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              • Originally posted by BroncsSB#3 View Post
                The majority of NFL analysts on ESPN and NFL Network agree that Cutler is a top talent and/or that he is irreplaceable. Now Elway gives his take on the situation and says Jay is top 5.

                Obviously, this made the people who think Cutler is just average (based on his Win/loss record) angry/sad, because it completely contradicts their opinions and it makes it worse that most of these analysts that praised Cutler knew the NFL well enough to be good in the NFL, so their opinions carry a lot more weight than the average couch-potato fan.
                Ha ha ha I love your pic that is to funny the jerk himself in a dress that's great stuff!!!!


                • I think an apology is nec but I do think that they need to settle the thing and I do think they may need to get hima new contract. 19 Other quarterback including a few backups are paid better. Get a new contract let him have a clause for the trade in the contract and get on with it.
                  think its sad we could start 6 - 0 then end 2-8 in our last 10.
                  Fire McDaniels

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                  • When and if either or both sides extend apologies (and I believe they should and they will - on both sides) it will be very private; as it should be.

                    The sooner they stop talking through the press and start talking to each other, the better off we all are.

                    Frankly, the less I eventually have to know about this situation I think the better off we are. It would be an indication that the fences are being mended internally, where they matter most.

                    Much like situations in the past, the only reason we'd ever know the details is if there was a total breakdown and the two sides couldn't ever come back together. We're only just now hearing many of the details about Sharpe and Shanahan. Hopefully, one day we'll all be surprised at the depth of disagreement that exists in the current situation as well.

                    My hope is that we find out years after the fact, and are shocked by it all.

                    If we learn what's going on right now, it will be because everything else breaks down, and I don't want that to happen.

                    I do think apologies are due, and I also think they're hard to muster in the NFL at times. I also have confidence that the less we (the common folk) hear about it, the better things are going.


                    • regardless of how this turns out, mcdaniels has learned a very valuable lesson...hopefully, for his sake and ours, this one mistake hasn;t cost him a career as a head coach in the nfl


                      • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post

                        It's ok for the Broncos to be disloyal to Jay and tried to trade him behind is back. That's business.

                        But when Jay decides he can't take being lied to anymore nor play under people he can't trust and formally requests a trade, that's disloyal and not being a good team player.

                        It's ridiculous that fans want it both ways.

                        let me ask you, did McDaniels pick up the phone and call the other teams and ask them to take jay off there hands. no

                        did he say that they were trading him, no

                        this is what happened the phone rang, he picked it up just to see what he could get. just like when a telemarketer calls, you pick it up to see what the deal is going to be at that time

                        Every team goes through this. requesting a trade would mean that they wanted to trade him. he picked up the freakin phone and listened thats all.
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                        • Originally posted by floridabroncos View Post
                          Well, this country has slowly been inching away from a capitalist society, so don't act surprised that people hate on a guy due to the salary he makes. Frankly I find it funny that people have never complained about the salary that Jay makes until now, when in fact he currently is going to make less this year than his backup.

                          And those same people complaining about Jay's salary would apparently have no problem with Cassel making 14 million.


                          • That's where I think jay is definetely gonna be traded. I mean think about it the FO could end this mess if they wanted to. An apology (a cup of soup and coffee) and a new contract. But maybe there not trying to mend things because a trade is in the forecast?

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                            • Originally posted by MNBroncs85 View Post
                              That's where I think jay is definetely gonna be traded. I mean think about it the FO could end this mess if they wanted to. An apology (a cup of soup and coffee) and a new contract. But maybe there not trying to mend things because a trade is in the forecast?

                              I don't know... The quieter the two sides are, the better off we are. I think it means they're talking to each other.

                              I think.

                              If they're not talking to the media, I think it means they're talking to each other. So my hope is that since it has suddenly got quiet, they're talking to each other.

                              No news is good news for right now I think, and we're getting no news.

                              Maybe I'm a wishful thinker, but that's my hope.


                              • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                                I didn't say it was a mistake to examine the trade offer. It was a mistake to secretly pursue Cassel after telling Cutler that it was important to him to establish a trusting relationship between the two. And it was a mistake to then lie about it to cover himself.

                                Neither Cutler nor Bus Cook have blown this up. They just want McDaniels to tell Cutler he's the guy he wants to run his offense, and McDaniels won't.

                                For a guy who is supposed to be in charge and make tough decisions, he sure seems totally clueless and unsure about what to do with Cutler.
                                Yet again as i mentioned earlier, and referenced in the King Article, how hard do you believe they pursued cassle when they have admitted that these transactions are the ones that were more important.

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                                Would appear to me that McDainels told the truth and answered the phone and listened, because if he had WANTED to trade Jay these transactions which were completed on day one would have been put on the back burner to land the guy you think "he really wanted"

                                The "deal" was a passing figmant, that never had legs until the media, and Jay got a hold of it. McDaniels wants Jay or he would be gone.

                                Jay doesn't want to know that he is the QB, and that McDaniels trusts him, that has been said many times.

                                Jay wants an appoligy for being mentioned in trade, McDaniles says everone is tradeable, and Jay wants this showed by a huge contract which McDaniels can't give because they are still trying to patch holes left by shanny.