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What will our D's front 7 depth chart look like?

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    Originally posted by Twizlers View Post
    What evidence do you have that Davis will be a solid ILB, even an upgrade over Webster? And about Fields being a stop-gap DT? Idk about that. Just because they come to Denver doesn't mean they will automatically start succeeding when they haven't in recent years.
    I agree with you on fields, but I think Davis can be good.

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      Originally posted by Twizlers View Post
      Alright, we sign Hill, Goodman, and Dawkins to pair with Bailey in our secondary. Will it even be better than last year?

      Honestly Goodman is just an average corner. With Bailey playing on the opposite side, Goodman will get thrown to A LOT. I would say he's around the same area as Bly, just a little bit worse but a lot cheaper. I hope we have a respectable line next year for Goodman's sake.

      Renaldo Hill was also an average safety. His stats didn't wow me off my seat. I don't know how much of an impact he will have.

      Brian Dawkins is the only guy I have faith in. He brings leadership and skill, but nevertheless, is getting slower and older. He may bring us one good season, perhaps 2.

      I don't even know what to say about our current front 7 signings.
      Andra Davis: Guy can't even tackle, does not have good power, and, according to Brown's fans, is a terrible leader. Hopefully he's just for depth. Our ILB hole is not solved as of now.

      Ronald Fields: Another backup signed. At least I hope so. This guy did barely anything in SF. He doesn't have the skill to be a full-fledged starter. Idk why we signed him for so much.

      *sigh* we may have improved from last year, but only cause of Dawkins. We need to sign TALENT...can't wait till the draft.
      it cant be as bad as last year, and besides we got Dawkins that will improve our D, and im hoping that we pick up some quality defensive players in the draft so i think that after FA and the draft are over our D will be vastly improved :go: