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    What? No Bus Cook & Bill Belichick fans out there?

    Remember, you can vote for more than one. :go:
    Winter is Coming!


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      Cutler,Dawkins and Shanny yes Shanny :cutler:
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        Had to pass on the vote, since Eddie Royal and Peyton Hillis weren't listed.


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          Originally posted by broncoscards View Post
          Had to pass on the vote, since Eddie Royal and Peyton Hillis weren't listed.

          Yeah, I wanted to keep the poll options limited to those connected to the latest unfortunate series of events. I admit that some are listed only by proxy (Dawkins) and others by rumor (Belichick). But Eddie & Hillis would get my vote too.

          What's very interesting here is that the newest Bronco, and the one with the least ties to the McD/JayC flop, Brian Dawkins, is currently in the lead!!!

          I think this speaks volumes about the damage that's been done.
          Winter is Coming!


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            I'm Eddie and Champ.
            The Bronco fan pledge;
            I am a Broncos Fan and I believe
            I believe in Mile High Magic and bleed Orange and Blue.
            I celebrate the Orange Crush, The Drive, and the Mile High Salute.
            I create the THUNDER, share the common dream, and will forever be a proud citizen of
            Bronco's Country.

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              I chose Jay, of course. I love my boy and always will.
              I also chose Shanahan. He would have never put Jay in this mess, so there.


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                Okay, who's the Pats lover?

                The only person more unpopular than Belichick?

                :cutler:'s agent: Bus Cook :paper:


                Seriously, a recent additon that has yet to play a down with the Broncos is now more popular than Jay, seriously???

                Strange days indeed!
                Winter is Coming!


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                  I voted for all the Broncos except for X.
                  :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:



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                    No surprise here that Bus Cook has yet to receive a single vote.

                    From here...
                    "I do think under the circumstances it was very poor on their part if in fact they were trying to trade Jay," Cook (Jay's agent) said before Tuesday's developments. "You don't know what's true and what's not true. Depends on what you read. It's unfortunate because Jay was getting in the groove out there in Denver, and all this just threw him out of kilter."

                    "You don't know what's true and what's not true. Depends on what you read." ????

                    "...if IN FACT they were trying to trade Jay"??? x2

                    So, let me get this straight. Cutler "heard" that he was still on the trading block. Who did he hear that from? Hmmm... I was assuming Bus Cook told him (and still do), but his comments above seem to imply that he didn't know exactly what was going on. So, it appears here, that Cutler's agent stirred up a lot of this mess by passing information on to his client that wasn't verified. What an ass!!!

                    Way to go, Bus Cook. :salute!: For that you get ZERO votes!!!

                    Thanks for voting everybody! :go:
                    Winter is Coming!


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                      Everybody except Cook and Bill


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                        hillis, clady, royal, soon to add orakpo:salute!::salute!:
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                          i voted other for champ