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How can we be so attached to B-Marsh and Cutler?

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    jay and brandon have both been sensational this past season, past couple seasons actually. they both backpacked the team as far as they could.. talk to the defense


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      Originally posted by JDAcord View Post
      Cutler is acting like he is three. And the bottom line is he has'nt produce results. I'm simply saying fans will turn on him if he continues this way.
      Who is this three that you refer to? Is He a famous football player?
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        Originally posted by JDAcord View Post
        Ok Shanahan is completely understandable, face of the franchise won our first Super Bowl...

        But Cutler and Marshall? don't get me wrong I like both of them and I have jerseys for both but they simply haven't lived up to there so called Superstar status.

        And if you wanna get technical B-Marsh has performed 100% better than Cutler on the field. Cutler is taking strides to be better but where would he be without Marshall?

        I know there is a sentimental factor too but the NFL could give a crap about sentimental ask Brian Dawkins. Cutler has not produced results and the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" league and here lately his way of going about things is whiping that Pro Bowl year from the minds of fans.

        My loyalties always have and always will ly with Denver Broncos Football. No matter who is playing for them (I can not stand Bubby Brister and I cheered for him while he was in the Orange and Blue.) So I ask why with a collapse like Denver had last year, B-Marsh arrests, Cutlers over all record and rookie quarterbacks taking their teams to the playoffs (something Cutler has yet to do) why are we so attached?

        Denver used to have some integrity and not stand for players like Marshall. And if people are willin to give a franchise player back to Denver plus some draft picks including a first I say why the hell not. Lets do it and enjoy the ride, get all Bull ish out of Denver.

        Bring back the Mile High Pride and Integrity to the Denver Bronco Orginization.

        I'm not sure what team you've been watching because yeah they have lived up their billing on the field. A quarterback that throws for 4500 yards, 25 tds, and completes over 60% of his passes is preforming quite well. Also a receiver that has has back to back season of 100 plus catches and two consecutive 1000 yards in receptions is also doing his job. Is there room for improvement? Always. However to say they are not living to expectations is far from the truth.
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          I'm not the slightest attached to Marshall. I new he was going to be a top notch WR, but I also had a bad feeling about his off the field crap. I say trade him now while he's worth something. If he didn't lead the league in drops last year he had to be close.

          As for Cutler... You act as if Cutlers been in the league for 7 years. He only has 2.5 years under his belt and made the Probowl if you have forgotten. So many of you blame Cutler for his bad decisions. If you remember, Elway wasn't so great in his first few years. Go ahead and toss in a defense that has pretty much stunk for Cutler's entire career... doesn't make it easy. When you feel like you have to win games all by yourself you're going to make mistakes. Give Cutler Pittsburgh's D and you would have seen a very different QB. Do you honesty think Ben Worthlesburger is a better QB than Cutler? I think not...

          We Bronco fans have been waiting 8 years for someone to come along and fill the void that Elway left. I'm not in any way saying Cutler is the next Elway, but his young, gun slinging attitude won so many of us over. Even with the awful defense last year, the $240 I spent on Sunday ticket was well worth it. You don't get to watch a QB (in my opinion) mold into a Superstar QB very often. I enjoyed watching Cutler play last season... good with the bad.

          Cutler has done a few things that are questionable... like the remarks about his arm vs. Elways arm and the lastest stuff about being traded. But he's young and cocky and sometimes that is what you need in your QB.
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            I'm a big fan of Marshall's and I'm a BIG fan of Cutler's. Why shouldn't I be?? We FINALLY have an elite WR and an elite QB on the team, and teh fans here act as if they grow on trees and we should just 'trash' 'em.

            BULL! Lets be realistic.... people aren't perfect... players aren't perfect, and you don't find perfect in the NFL.

            I'll take the 'wins' over this "fantasy" of having pure angels on the team at all positions.

            Damn Right I'm a cutler fan. He's the best thing that has happened to this franchise in 10 years. Marshall too, and any that dont' see it MUST be blind.


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              Because we finally have STARS and PLAYMAKERS at our position after YEARS of searching.

              Hell... lets just go back to Brian Griese and Jake Plummer....

              Let's go back to Ashely Lelie, Darius Watts.

              These two guys are both YOUNG and a TOP talent in the league at their respective positions.


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                Originally posted by JDAcord View Post
                Look it up about Marshall 4 arrests in 3 years. Its a fact someone vouch that for me.

                And second about McDaniels it could be chalked up to a rookie mistake but, they both need to act like professionals and resolve this thing.
                So what, one phone call can get you arrested if placed by the right person. He had a crazy GF, and almost everyone here is aware of BMarsh's arrests. But without convictions and with all the cases being thrown out but the DUI, means he only did one thing wrong. That's the DUI.

                If neither ever even gives this a second thought and it never effects them on or off the field. Then problem solved.

                People just like to make mountains out of mole hills.
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