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    a 4th and 7th round pick to the browns for Shuan Rodgers


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      Originally posted by Denver-Sports614 View Post
      Scheffler a 4th and ATLs 7th to Browns for Nose Shaun Rodgers

      Seems like a good move seeing they just lost K.W.2.
      and Rodgers wants to leave

      would anyody be mad about this trade??
      We'd be making a HUGE mistake by getting rid of Sheffler. He is such an offensive talent that creates mismatches for the defense. Quite honestly, lining him up as a WR is a whole lot better than the backup WRs we have


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        Originally posted by Denver-Sports614 View Post
        a 4th and 7th round pick to the browns for Shuan Rodgers

        (ten characters)


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          I still like #12 and Tony to Philly


          #21 and #28 picks

          Tony a third round value in this scenario.

          R Ayers - B Cofield - A Haynesworth - CJ ohnson
          J Anderson - J Beason - DJ Williams
          R Bailey - P Amukamara - R Hill - A Goodman


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            Staying on the team.


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              I can only imagine Hillis competing in training camp against Buckhalter and Jordan... He's got to be our RB.


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                Originally posted by JerseyAdam View Post
                Staying on the team.
                I don't know the Medical bills are worth something.


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                  Originally posted by Denver-Sports614 View Post
                  do you wanna know whats in common with both of the teams you named

                  Both Teams are losing team

                  you put T.O. on a team that goes 13-3 and wins the superbowl and he will be as silent as a deaf kid in the library
                  my point is
                  but rodgers on a 12-4 team and he will not speak
                  it takes a character guy to go through the bad times, which can happen with an injury to a key player.

                  It is silly to invest in a fair weather player because you never know when the bad times will hit.

                  Look at TO, last offseason when they were winning he signed a 3 year 24ish million dollar extension. This year what happened to Dallas? Romo got hurt and they missed the playoffs and TO was *****ing the entire year. What are the rumours you hear out of Dallas now adays? Cut TO, hes a cancer in the locker room.

                  Trying to recruit a player that is just going to ***** when things arent going his way is a waste of a draft pick on our side because you arent going to get your value out of him.
                  Thanks Shanahan for the 2 SB's, but its time to move on. With McDaniels I hope to see at least one more, bringing back solid, fundamental football to Denver.


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                    Originally posted by roushmartin6 View Post
                    Why shop Scheffler. Does McDaniels not realize you need more than one freakin tight end on a team? Not to mention the guy can line up as a wide reciever and has done so many times. I just don't know what goes through this guys freakin head. Hey lets trade a great wide reciever and sign a freakin long snapper.
                    He is good no doubt, but after his inactivity last year I think I would be willing to trade Scheffler for a DLine man


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                      Originally posted by RodSmithRules View Post
                      Maybe Josh should tweak his system to allow the, God forbid, TWO tight end set. Why would you throw away such a valuable young tight end just because you already have one? Plus, Scheffler and Cutler work so well together. This isn't a smart idea.

                      :cutler:HE IS MY QUARTERBACK!:cutler:
                      Because Josh McDaniels is the biggest new coach there is. what a waste of a talent. Graham goes down and then what?


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                        Joshs' next boneheaded move, trading Sheffler

                        In an offseason filled with adding two injury-prone RBs, a $5.3million LS, and trading our franchise QB; McDaniels can even contemplate trading Tony Sheffler..

                        Sheffler is better than all the backup WRs lined up out wide. With the mismatches he creates for the defense and the amazing catches he has had the past three seasons, we'd be wasting such a huge talent.

                        Way to tear apart a prolific offense Josh Mcdaniels.


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                          Originally posted by JHoward View Post
                          So not only is Jay upset about all this trade talk hoopla. The team is talking about trading one of his closest friends since he has been a Bronco. This will not be good news for Jay as he is coming in to attempt to mend his relationship with the front office (if Jay is willing to mend it that is). This is not a good situation. I wont be surprized if Jay comes out of this "meeting" still pissed and possibly wanting out of Denver.
                          Since when was Jay a God where we had to appease him with every trade we do? We'll trade him if it's better for the team, it doesn't matter if he's Jay "close friend", he can make more "close friends". It's a business not a social networking website.


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                            He is a UFA after 2009 am i correct? With contract extensions coming up (B-Marsh, Cutler) i think Tony would be the odd man out. So why not try to get something for him while we can?


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                              Jesus on a cracker, these posts are just getting better and better.
                              In Manning I trust.


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                                We get it you hate mcdaniels. Could you not post this in one of the other 1000 "I hate mcdaniels" threads?