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    Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
    Well bout 90% of that list is east coast bias.
    East coast bias???? Is there such a thing???????:salute!:
    Haze gray and underway!


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      Still don't get it

      drug users "oh ya they need to be in there"

      but a guy that was loved in Denver and was rising has a star.... "nah his name is not big enough"

      ya that makes sense

      If D- will was still here alive we would not be worrying a future replacement when Champ hangs it up


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        Originally posted by TheComeBackKid View Post
        Really?? Dale Earnhadt Sr. was the most shocking death in sports history? He drives a car made of plastic in speeds excess of 150 miles per hour, and this is the most shocking death? I bet whomever wrote that article was also shocked that Siegfried and Roy were attacked by that tiger. But more importantly, is NASCAR even a sport?
        It is relative. Obviously you don't know much about Nascar, Dale Earnhardt and the history behind it, yet your ignorance shouldn't be an excuse for your stupidity...
        I've started with almost nothing and still got most of it


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          Dale Earnhardt should not be on this list. He fell asleep in a race a year earlier and lived. He got back in the car knowing that from there forward he would be a hazard to himself and everyone else on the track, everybody knew this. I don't see why his death is such a surprise. I told my wife to watch for it. I used to be in the pits(many moons ago) and our driver was kicking some a$$, think he was running second at the time. He pulled into the pits unscheduled and got out of the car. I asked him what the hell, we can win this. His answer was that coming out of turn 4 he was thinking of what he had for breakfast and not the race. He didn't want to kill anyone. Guy never raced again.